Ch19 – Unwanted help
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Ch19 - Unwanted help


Knock knock~

[Come in.]

After a deep and rough voice sound out, we opened the door and went into the room.

The room is neat and tidy, unlike Jun's room which was scattered with documents. The books are organized neatly in the bookshelves and the documents stacked up neatly on the table. The room gives off this olden day's classic old man feel and of course, the person that greeted us in the room is an old man around his forties wearing shirt and vest. He looks like what people will refer to as a dandy old man. He is seated behind the table with his chin resting on the back of both his hands.

[Welcome. My name is Gerard, the guild master of Yokke village guild branch and also a S rank hunter. You must be Kalia-san, the one Milguard mentioned in the letter.]

[Y-Yes. I'm Kalia, nice to meet you!]

Uwaaah… I stuttered a bit. That's embarrassing... Looks like the nervousness of meeting a high ranking official finally caught up to me. Not counting Lily and Jun since I already know them.

[Um, nice to meet you too and I see that Liliane-san is with you as well.] 

[Yup, Gerard-jiisan, it's nice to see you again]

Lily replied with a smile. Looks like they already know each other but isn't calling him jiisan a bit rude? I mean he still looks like he is in his prime. Gerard-san just kindly smiled back at Lily before moving on his focus onto the last individual in the room.

[And who might this gentleman be?]

[Hi there, my name is Taki. Nice to meet you Gerard-san.]

Taki introduced himself while doing a forty-five degree bow, his right hand on his chest. Taki is acting formally? That gave me goosebumps, it actually suits his appearance but maybe I'm just not used to seeing him like this. He is usually the type that messes around in the party so seeing him like this made me think that he may be a bit cool. A BIT, not that I like him or anything. I am no gay. Oh no, my face feels hot from embarrassment for actually thinking that Taki is cool. I shook my head for a bit, trying to shake off the nonsense that was filling up in my head.

[Ohh. So you were the person that Kalia-san was supposed to find. I guess that is mission accomplished then. Milguard actually asked me to help Kalia-san out. He even gave me very detailed instructions like try not to have crowds around her, help her find a comfortable inn with lesser people and having me to assist her is enough while not introducing too many people to her if possible. So, Kalia-san, what exactly is your relationship with Milguard? Are you his secret girlfriend or something?]

Nani?! (a.n. Nani is what) Jun, seriously?! Wait… Is all this written in the letter?! Then the village guard and guild clerk had seen it too! I should have read it before I passed to the guard! My face is so hot that I think smoke can be seen coming out from on top of my head. I feel like I am dying from embarrassment!

[N-n-n-NO! I am not his girlfriend.]

I managed to squeeze out a line before I broke down.

[Oh no, Onee-chan, if the instructions were written in the letter then, didn't the guard and guild clerk also read it?]

Lily voiced out what I was thinking earlier just that, why is she displaying an innocent face like she has no idea what is going on?! On the other hand, why do Taki look unfazed at what is happening? He has been wearing this poker face since a while ago. Is he trying to act cool?!



(Good job Milguard!)

Is what Taki is thinking while laughing inside his head.



[Hahahaha! You don't have to worry about that. The instructions were on a letter sent earlier in time. The letter you passed to the guild clerk is just an introductory letter to refer you to me.]

After hearing what Gerard-san said, I felt more relieved. However, it's still embarrassing to have a full set of instructions on how to help me! It's like I am a needy child or something. Jun, why?!




Meanwhile, in the office of Distodia guild building.

[Is someone talking about me?]



[So, when will you guys be leaving Yokke village? Since you had already completed your objective, I doubt you will stay for long.]

[That's right, we are planning to leave latest by this evening.]

Lily replied to Gerard-san's question. Finally some serious talk after going sidetrack for a while. 

[That's rather fast, I guess I will let you guys leave your baggage here first when you are going out. If you guys need anything, do tell me since Milguard did instruct me to assist Kalia-san.]

Gerard-san said and chuckled a bit at the end of his sentence. 

We thank Gerard-san for his assistance, left our baggage in his office and proceeded to stock up our supplies around the village.



Author's note:

Here is what was written in the letter Kalia was holding:

Dear sir/ma'am,

Kindly refer the person that is holding this letter to the guild master of Yokke village, Gerard. 

Just a side note to whoever is reading this letter. Do not disclose any information about the person that is holding this letter. Do not talk about them be it their appearance or their activities. Any information found leaked will be investigated and dealt with accordingly. 

Yours sincerely, 


The guild master of Distodia

Leader of S rank

--letter end--


Thoughts of village guard after reading the letter:

(What the… Is this a threat? Just who is this beauty? Milguard-sama's lover? Damn… The strong guys always get the good chicks.)


Thoughts of guild clerk after reading the letter:

(Uwaaaa! She is so cute! Her and Milguard-sama might just be the perfect match! But I better keep my mouth shut if I want to live longer…)


Sorry for the late update!! im busy wif a few projects at hand now so de updates may still b delayed a little... So same as before, next update will be about 4 days also.