Ch18 – Yokke village
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Ch18 - Yokke village


[Ehhhh?! Yokke village was right beside us this whole time?]

I shouted when the gate of Yokke village entered our sight. The village is surrounded by walls made of wood and there are two soldiers standing guard by the gate. They are wearing a set of metal armour with a sword sheathed on their waist.  We just walked for about fifteen minutes from our campsite to where we are now, to be exact Lily and I are riding our horses while Taki is the one walking beside us.

[Why didn't you tell us?]

I questioned Taki, giving him a face that looks like my feelings were betrayed. I could have gotten a good night sleep yesterday. I could have taken a proper bath too!

[You didn't ask.]

Taki instantly replied. That's a fair answer that I can't refute.

[Then why did you even camp in the forest when you could have just gone to Yokke village?]

Lily intercepted with a simple and logical question. Why didn't I think of that? Ugh… I'm just too tired to think.

[Well… I was planning to head to Yokke village but I found marshmallows so I decided to camp out instead.]

Seriously?! Well… It is marshmallows so I can relate. 



As we are nearing the entrance, I pulled up the hoodie from my cape and moved behind Taki and Lily.

[Onee-chan? Really? I thought you are trying to change?]

With that, Lily started pushing me to the front.


I tried to fight back but it was in vain and now, I am face to face with one of the entrance guards. Taki can be seen chuckling at a side. For a moment, the guard just stares at me, stunned. 

[C-can I have your entrance permit please.]

The guard asked. Even though he stuttered a bit in the beginning, he still managed to complete his sentence. I then walk over to Kuro, take out the permit and a letter given to us by Jun from the bag, walk back to where the guard is and handed him both the items while avoiding eye contact.

[Ehhh?! A direct meeting with the guild master in Yokke village?! Hold on for a moment, I will arrange for someone to guide you all to the guild.]

With that said, he quickly disappeared behind the gates. The other guard just observed the whole process in confusion before following behind the first guard.

[Good job making them flustered. That cute embarrassed looks of yours, even if it was me…]


Taki said with a grin while Lily just leaked out a sound of amazement. 



After a short while, the two guards from before came back with another soldier to guide us to the guild. Before entering the gates, I bowed and thanked the two guards. After taking down our baggage, our horses were then brought over to the stable near the village gate.

The whole trip to the guild was silent and before you know it, we are already at the guild entrance. The guild building is made of wood just like the rest of the structures in Yokke village, the only difference is that the guild building is a lot bigger than the other buildings around it. Before I can thank the guide, he dashed away after telling us to pass the letter to a guild attendant.

[Alright, let's go in.]

I said while adjusting my hoodie, making sure that it covers my face before opening the door.

The scene before us is just like the guild in Distodia, bustling with hunters but just not as many as in Distodia. Some of them are picking out a quest since the day just started and some of them are drinking beer even though the day just started. When we entered, all of them shifted their gaze onto us. The worst part is, their attention is clearly on me! Being the shy person I am, I looked down while adjusting my hoodie again. Lily then shifted closer to me and whispered right beside my ear.

[(What did you expect? A suspicious character wearing a hoodie coming in together with a S rank hunter. Of course people will be curious.)]

She got a point right there, at least they can't see my face. Taki just smiled at me when I glanced at his direction. Ignoring all of the gazes, we moved straight to the counter.

[Good morning, welcome to the guild. How may I help you?]

The guild clerk greeted us with a business smile when we arrive at the counter. The guild clerk is a girl around her early twenties wearing the guild white and blue uniform. Her looks is quite beautiful, I bet she must be really popular with the guys in the guild. Snapping out of my thoughts, I replied good morning with a smile before I handed the letter over to her. After getting a full view of my face, she can be seen blushing for a bit before receiving my letter.



(She is so beautiful I think my heart skipped a beat. Wait, I am very sure I don't swing that way.) < Is what the guild clerk thought.



After the guild clerk read through the letter, a surprised look can be seen on her face. Is it just me or the people in this world are very expressive? 

[Please wait a moment while I go and inform the guild master.]

I nodded to her before she dashed off to a door behind the counter. Not long after, she got back and instructed us to follow her into the room she got out from. Looks like the room right behind the counter is the staff lounge. There are other doors in the room which I guess some are the staff changing room. We were lead to the biggest door at the back decorated with a guild emblem.

[Please enter. The guild master is inside. Have a nice day]

She said with a bow. This time, I thanked her properly before she left. Guess it's time to meet the guild master of Yokke village. I have no idea what to expect, I mean, I am pushed here the moment I reached Yokke village. I don't even know why I am meeting the guild master. Since Jun is the one that prepared all this, I guess I have no choice but to trust his decision. Bracing myself, I knocked on the door before entering. 



Author's note: 

If there is the skill 'appraisal', this will be the description of Kalia:

Kalia is a beautiful and shy person. People that saw her were always unable to control their expressions because of how beautiful she looks. The occasional blush and shyness made it even more effective which will actually cause people to faint with a flushed face. We call this phenomena the cuteness overdose.

An extra chapter as promise if yall guessed right on the previous poll~

Next chapter will be about 4 days, no promises... mayb earlier mayb later... I alr did my best for this double release :))