Chapter 2
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Lyn was not even sure what she was feeling right now, "He... Hello Un... Uncle Ley... I... I'm fine." she was strutting and trembling the whole time.


An amuse gaze fell on her, Zhao Ley let a deep chuckle of laughter out, Lyn was dancing off her skin when she heard it. Lyn was flustered with his attention on her. She tried to step away from him but she felt giddy and suddenly tripping on her feet. But that hand that still holding her fulled her in his embrace the warmth and a manly fragrance can be smell off from him.


"It's been a long time since the last time we saw each other, Mm? Did Uncle scare you? How old are you now Lyn'er?"


"Yes... Un... Uncle it's been so many years like 5... I.... I'm already 17 years old and was about to graduate high school next month... I'm not scared of uncle just a little surprise from lots of blood."


"Mm... Don't worry my little princess no spot will be left behind. How about you work for me Little Lyn'er? Or do you already have any plans going to college?"


Lyn'er look at her father who gave her a nod of agreement and permission to work. She really still don't have any plan that time in what she wants to take in college. Maybe a little working would let her know what she wants to do.


"Work... I'd like to work under Uncle Ley..."


A small rise of his lips was seen indicating that his mode had improve tremendously the chill on the air around him lessen everyone at his back sighed in relief.


"Alright... My Little Lyn'er I'll come and fetch you after your graduation. I'll let my assistant to some basic introduction on what work you'll do."


After that the Young master Ley turned and left, her legs gave out, she slip to the floor. For the first time in her life Chen Lyn felt both scared but shamefulness because the one standing more than fear was lust.


She was so ashamed on what she felt, Chen Lyn knows she was attracted to those older than her by a decade but this attraction to the young master is much more than she could handle. She was so flushed and flustered, so breathless with her hunger for him. A deep longing for his touch when Zhao Ley let her go.


Back to the present....


Now was the day that her uncle Ley would fetch her to work for him. She was given a brief introduction by his assistant and was trained by them to so she won't be a hindrance to his work when she started. Chen Lyn's main priority is to attend to Zhao Ley need, her job will vary from the young master's morning wake up call until Ley's return home and fall asleep. Especially his sexual needs are under my care. Chen Lyn's parents were the one who instructed her about those things. She was so embarrassed to learn how to pleasures her uncle Ley with her parents teaching.


She wasn't really sure why her parents were so enthusiastic to teach her those moves they're even want to demonstrate it in front of her that she vehemently refuse. [email protected] who would want to watch their own parents eat each other in front of them.


Zhao Ley had already ask her hands in marriage, after the incident. Chen Lyn's parent were not really against it, it's just that they have a condition that her opinion was needed and if Ley was not able to convince her to marry him then Ley should respect her decision. Zhao Ley gave his agreement and ask if they would agree to let her attend to him as a form of him making her fall for him.


She's somewhat puzzle by her work, all she could understand was that every second of the day she needs to be beside Young master Ley as to attend what ever he needs or do whatever he instruct. His sexual needs, she will cross the bridge when they are there, remembering her talked with her parents, she blushed like an apple. She is still confuse on all the agreement that was talk about before they go to his office.


During the ride in the car Chen Lyn was somehow restless, she feels suffocated by her feelings that are running rampant, she was about to burst by her own desire but trying her best to keep her arousal in check.


Zhao Ley narrowed his eyes he could smell someone's arousal that was thick in the air, looking at the restless little lamb beside him a small smile graze his lips, thinking he should start his plan to make her fall for him. He signal the driver to close the compartment of the car and change their direction to his house.


He turns to his side and said:"Little Lyn... Come here..."


Lyn jerk from the sound beside her, she was doubtful but still slowly made her way near Ley. Ley was a little impatient that's why he pulled her on his lap making her straddle him, he circled his arms around her tiny waist.


"Un... Uncle?"


"Mm... Don't call me uncle I feel so old. Don't you used to sit in my lap when you were young?"


"Eh... Bu... But that would be when I was still small. What should I call you then? Sir?"


"Your still small for me... Not sir how about you just call me Ley?"


"Hump... I'm already so old... No I can't do that Ley is just to informal your still my employer others would think of troublesome things if they heard me, how about I call you Master Ley?"




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