0017 – Under the Rug
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For now, Yun Feng actually doesn't have any actual plan of what to do with Lin Wanyun. She will think up a plan when she has gotten some more info about her from Screenhawk later.

Bored of just walking on the streets Yun Feng starts her journey back to Long Jin's penthouse.

When she arrives at the penthouse she finds it empty, but that's how it should be since Long Jin should probably still be out working.

He probably didn't only have their winery to manage but also have to help his father managing the Long corporation. To begin with, their company was only a way to prepare him for entering the Long corporation and to test him.

Yun Feng doesn't have to wait for long in the penthouse before she got a message from Screenhawk on her new phone.

'Battleflower, this Lin Wanyun is amazing in a sense. She might be an agent of the country but she has done many shady things, including giving information to an enemy country.

To take your place she not only tried to make up a plan to kill you but she has also tried to take down other agents that had the potential to take your place. The thing is she was too careless when trying to hide all this so she left some pieces of evidence on the net. I'll send them to you right now for you to look over.

Of course, after you have looked through them I can anonymously send them over to the higher-ups in the government if you want me too. Extra service just for u (0v<).

Even though you didn't ask me of this but I have also tried to gather information about your death. As expected, I found nothing.'

Yun Feng rolls her eyes at the emoticon and then looks at the last part of Screenhawk's message before sending a response.

'Of course, you found nothing, the one who was able to kill me off should be a capable person, no way close to Lin Wanyun's level.'

Just a second after that she receives another playful message from Screenhawk.

'Battleflower is bragging (OoO)'

After another second she received the files containing the pieces of evidence of Lin Wanyun's crimes. While looking at the list Yun Feng actually gets impressed.

Lin Wanyun had sold information to over 10 countries, planned the murders of 55 agents, had a hand in smuggling drugs countless times and other various illegal stuff. It was a wonder of how she wasn't caught yet.

But when Yun Feng turned the page she knew why. Someone was backing her, pulling her illegal stuff under the rug, in exchange for Lin Wamyun's body. Quite a classic deal in Yun Feng's opinion.

But did Lin Wanyun really think she could get someone like Long Jin when she is like that? From what Yun Feng knows about him he will never take someone who sells herself like that as a wife. Lin Wanyun's wish to get to be his wife is but a pipe dream.

Screenhawk was really amazing to be able to get this much info on her. Some of this info can't even be found on the net. He must have asked some pals of his to do some deep digging.

Yun Feng really thinks he needs some rewards for being able to gather this much and put it all in a document. Maybe she would give him an item from that world, he knows about it after all and she knows that she can trust him to not spread it.

Since he is a hacker she imagines that he doesn't move around too much so she should probably give him something that helps his physique. With him staying inside an internet cafe for that long he really did look thin and pale. Not that she really cared for him but she should just give him a reward.

Yun Feng let her spiritual energy enter her space ring and picked out a white jade bottle. The bottle contained a body refining liquid she had made a long time ago. To her, it was long useless but hopefully, it would do Screenhawk some good.

She also wrote a user manual so that it wouldn't be used wrongly, with Screenhawk's weak physique he could only add one drop in his bath and then soak in it. If he didn't follow that then he would get something way worse than a weak constitution.