Chapter 1: Is it wrong to start directly with the elf?
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’When was the last time I laid on my back just to watch the sky, I wonder...?’

I hadn't done that in who knows how much time. To feel the refreshing wind caressing my skin. It was like one of those rare moments when you slow down for a moment, diverting your attention from your usual routine just to reflect on your life. Maybe to reflect upon the choices you made that brought you up to that point...

The sky was blue. I was lucky since I got a clear blue sky without a single cloud to admire while reflecting on my choices in life.

It wasn't a nice and relaxing day though... The multitude of little sparks that stained my perfect blue sky confirmed the exact opposite. 

Not that it bothered me too much. The night sky had its own charm as well. Some people might argue that the night sky was even prettier. Though, that wasn't the real problem there.

What bothered me was the beautiful dark-blue moon. It was also the reason I was contemplating irrelevant things right now trying to dodge reality. 

’Still blue, huh?’

No matter how much I thought about it, the anomaly that was right in front of me didn't change. And that was a moon-sized anomaly. Pretty hard to ignore or brush away such a huge anomaly. 

Like how the moon I knew from the moment I was born had some craters on the surface; this one had some darker, circular ripples instead. I had to admit that the overall picture was mesmerizing. 

No matter how much I tried to find a rational explanation, my mind was unable to find one for the strange phenomena. No matter how much I searched through my memories, there was no such thing as a blue moon.

On the other hand, I should have questioned myself for even trying to find something like that in the first place. 

But the fact that I was still watching the beautiful dark-blue moon didn't change. 

I wasn't under the effect of questionable substances either. My train of thoughts was too clear, too detailed to be a dream either. I even tried to inflict some pain on myself the way I saw it on the TV. I pinched myself. 

And nothing happened.

The pain was still there, but outside of that, nothing else happened. In the back of my mind, I was already aware that nothing would happen, but there was that last sliver of hope we all have despite the obvious. But just like that, the last hope died tragically. 

Bringing myself back to reality— since I could not deny it forever— a new question popped into my mind.

’How the hell did I ended up like this...’

A perfect and logical question. To respond to my own question in the simplest and shortest way: I just chose to try again.

It didn't make much sense at that time, and it wasn't making any sense right now. Back then, I was as confused as I was at the moment. Maybe even more...

Searching my hazy memories of the event— even though it happened moments earlier— I could barely recall a blue screen asking me if I wanted to try again

I did not remember exactly what happened after that but I assumed that I accepted the proposal. Why would I be here if not? Staying on my back... Watching the blue moon... Casually taking my time to think it though...

In the end, a picture formed in my mind.

’Holy crap... Thanks to all the Gods that I was in the mood of trying again at that time...’  Me on my back, watching the blue moon should have been a result of that. I didn't even want to know what would have happened if I didn't choose to try again...

Now that the dots were connected and a kind of theory started to sprout in my mind, I could safely unravel the other irregularities graciously ignored up to this point. Besides the blue moon, of course...

The next tormenting thing on the list was the existence of my breasts.

’At least, my breast weren't blue or something.’  It seemed that whoever put me in this situation still had some common sense. They were ordinary breasts, probably... Your day-to-day, normal-looking, average boobs.

Actually, the size was quite impressive. I had to take my time to check this for the sake of accuracy. Definitely not for other reasons.

But back to the main issue... The real problem was that I wasn't supposed to have such things in the first place.


A sigh escaped from my mouth together with the irony of the situation. 

’Who knows... Maybe I finally got insane...’

The funny thing was that the probability of me going insane was less laughable— or dire— than the one I arrived at. Unfortunately, the reality seemed to agree with my one despite the odds.

No matter how much I thought about it, that was not the moon I know of, and this body was not my own either. I wasn't even a male anymore. 


’Should I try the theory with the dream again? Or maybe I'll be able to get something else to fit in if I try hard enough...’


’Or maybe not... Why am I even trying to deny it at this point...’

My breasts were amazing by the way. How could a girl get bored of this bliss...It was like how that ball for stress was working to erase your stress, but somehow even better. Exactly what I needed at that point.

I could already picture in my head what kind of expression someone would make if said person were to see me at this moment.

With some reluctance, I stopped that purely-for-asserting-the-situation and definitely-not-for-satisfying-my-own-curiosity groping and continued to examine the situation further. 

I had some clothes on me at least. A simple gray shirt and some pants. On my feet, I was wearing some kind of strange sandals with colorful patterns on them. It seemed that my new body came equipped with a full set of clothes at least.

I wasn't saying that that was bad. On the contrary, I was very thankful for it. I didn't even want to imagine what should I do if I were to be naked. 


’Thanks to God that I'm not naked.’

I kind of wanted to know what was going on though... How and why was I in that situation... And for what reason...

I wasn't the most religious person you could find but when faced with the inexplicable...

’Soooo... What was it again? The Buddhist thing maybe... They had that theory with the reincarnation or something...’ 

I wasn't that knowledgeable in the field, to be honest. But even I was aware that you couldn't reincarnate if you didn't die first. That was the base for the reincarnation concept after all. Not having any memories of me dying or even being in a situation that could have pushed me to that wasn't helping.

But since there was a try again thing, at least I could safely assume that I failed to do something. Try again was not the script for when you win something. Applying it to my case, it was acceptable to assume that I died and for some reason got another chance to live... I was not making much sense but what other options did I have at that moment?

If for example, this was just a very elaborate dream, nothing would happen even if I tried to do something. But if that wasn't the case and everything was real, wouldn't that mean that I could lose the second chance to live? Even though I was yet to discover why was it given to me...

” Huuuh... ” Closing my eyes for a moment and taking a deep breath, I just let all it out accompanied by my mental tiredness. 

The strange, high-pitched, girly voice that came out of my mouth was sounding so strange, mainly because it was coming from my own mouth but I made an effort and ignored it for the moment. 

I had other things to be concerned with. I could not come to a conclusion just by laying on my back. 

I stood up slowly and looked at my surroundings just to be greeted by a huge plain of grassland. Because I didn't know how was I supposed to discern the cardinals at that moment, I just noted it in my head as a wast expanse of plains as far as you could see with the naked eye.

Not very helpful.

Turning around instead, I was greeted with something different. There was a vast forest at the base of what I assumed to be a mountain chain. 

Since it was night, I couldn't make much of it. More like... I was surprised that I was capable to see that far in the first place. 

’This is not looking too good... Not even a single trace of civilization.’

I didn't expect to magically find a city in this bare land, but at least a road or something. If I stayed to think about it, I didn't even know what kind of level of civilization I should expect from this place. 

As I was frantically looking for any clues around the place, I noticed something light and silvery flowing on my shoulders. 

And I froze. 

After some time of staring at what seemed to be my hair, I came to the most dreadful conclusion so far. And I freaked out.

’No... no, no, no, no... This is not possible.’

I grabbed a stand of it, looking closely at it. I turned around, analyzing the rest of my body...There was no extra hands or legs, the shape was okay, the color was fine too. Except for my hair, that was it.

I let another sigh in exhaustion. 

” Maybe... Maybe in this place, it is not weird to have colored hair. ”

Calmed down by my humanoid shape, I tried to reassure myself when I froze again. 

I touched my ears.

” T-This... this is definitely not something... something a human being is supposed to have. ” Now that I think about it, how did it took me so long to notice them. These ears were so long after all...

” He... Hehehe... Pfffehehee... Haaaaaaah... But an elf, huh...? Actually, you know what? Fuck it! Fuck! It! ”

At least I wasn't some sort of animal. That was something I was grateful for. Seeing how not just my gender was changed but even my race, turning into an animal or who knows what else should have been possible. 

” Maybe I can even use magic if that exists here. ” Nodding to myself in approval, a small smile formed on my lips. If fantastic creatures like elves and blue moons were a thing in this place, then magic should have been a thing too.

And if that was the case...

” Hehehe... Magic, here I came! ” I started giggling at the prospect.

After all, who the hell had seen an elf that couldn't use magic? That was absurd.

Hi there! Author here :)

I finally decided to rewrite the early chapters due to the lots and lots of mistakes I made when I first started to write. I do not plan to change the plot but I still want to flesh out some scenes and make the reading flow better.



The initial estimation for chapters that needed to be rewritten was around 15-20. It turned out just for the first 17 of them to be needed a little bit more work and changes. 

[Progress: 17 out of 17.] (Finished)

The plot was not touched much. Just a small change here and there... Well, I plan to continue to make small changes to the rest of the chapters as well. What was hard was done already. I just liked the way I was keeping a progress bar here so I would do the same for the rest of the editing process as well.

[Latest chapter edited: Chapter 38.]


I would also appreciate to know what do you guys think about my story, especially now, after the rewrite. Any kind of reasonable critique is welcomed. Especially reviews. I noticed that these are kind of rare on ScribbleHub so it would really help writing one after a couple more chapters. If not, even a simple rating would be great.