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[System Announcement: Europe city Achievement; For being among the first 10 players to enter Europe City]

[Reward: 30 slot inventory bag]

We just arrived and we already claimed an achievement, this could not have been any better. The group had been on edge since the last dungeon, they only relaxed as soon as the transfer to Europe City was completed, with the addition of the system announcement.

Mia: “Everyone, we should find a place to relax, have a good meal and freshen up.”

“I think that is a good idea?” Loody mentioned

“A nice warm bath will be nice” Silver and Srebrna agreed with Maya’s comment.

The transfer gate was right in the middle of the square on a raised platform made entirely of marbles. There were also AI NPC’s present at the transfer gate, each of them dressed in golden armour with a number 200 glowing right above their heads.

This is where it all begins, the lawlessness will start here in this City.

Mia: “Let's go look around, there should be a place to stay, similar to an inn. If you look at those 4 guards at the gate, I think that 200 on their head is their level.”

“That is what I thought also. But I don't see any other guards in this city” Srebrna asked as she pointed into the open streets. The roads were paved and all interconnected. There were buildings standing with numerous doors. A large store could also be seen from the location where she was pointing to.

Mia: “Once again, I did get a bit more information regarding this city compared to you guys. This city is called Europe City, it is named after the continent of Europe from old earth.”

“Old Earth?” Silver asked

Mia: “ Yes, Old Earth. The earth we knew is gone, this is a newer version of earth. Trust me you will understand what I mean soon. This City has been built to house 10 billion people.

“10 billion people, is that not the whole earth” Maya exclaimed!

Mia: “Exactly 10 billion people, I also don't know how this will be possible, there must be some spatial arrangements in place. The City will not be controlled by the system, so you can imagine the power struggle. Every facility in this city apart from the class halls and training ground will be run by humans. So it allows for a currency system to be set up. There are 3 other Cities but the level requirements are very strict.”

Everyone was amazed, everything had changed. Some were very hopeful when they found out they would be sent to Europe City, they were expecting to be sent back to the old earth.

[World Announcement: We are {Candy Shop} and soon to be a guild. This is a message to all who want to fight for their survival, The system mentioned that only the perfect race will be allowed to gain its freedom. Join us if you feel that we humans have what it takes to stand on the pinnacle. I will be waiting for you all in Europe City]

The announcement rang out in every tutorial town, every person now knew the next city was called Europe City.

[System: Welcome to the Hotspot Hotel, since there are no staff members yet. I will be your host. Since you are the first customers of the Hotel, your first stay is free.]

Mia: “We need 5 rooms, each room should have 2 beds.”

[System: Okay, your room key has been generated]

Mia: “Okay, everyone let's get 3 hours rest”


Mia: “How was your rest?”

“It was great, It feels like it has been months since we took a proper bath” Silver replied

“I took a nap” Loody replied as he stretched his shoulders and arms

Mia: “While you all were sleeping, I found out some more information regarding our next steps. We need to upgrade our classes, Silver and I are already holders of a hidden class; but the 3 of you need to try to acquire a hidden class also. There are some achievements for being the first to visit your class trainers, if the information I received is correct, it should be a hidden class.”

“That sounds like a plan” Everyone said

Mia: “I am not done, We need to register as a guild, and use the land deed. We need to recruit members, this will allow our party size to increase to 10 members”

“Mia Rose since you have all the information, we trust you to complete the registration and the selection of the Land Deed,” Loody said after some thoughts. This was also acknowledged by the ladies.

Mia: “Ok, let's get the classes upgraded. Loody, you visit the warrior trainer before I get there, that way you claim the achievement for visiting him first. After I upgrade my skills, we will be upgrading into a guild. Let's go”

One by one the party scattered in different directions, leaving me behind in the inn.

Mia: ‘I think I should be able to get those attack skills of the warrior class now, I should invest in a few, low stamina skills.’


*Faction Chat*

Loody: “Mia, I have been transported into a trial ground”

Mia: “Ok, I will make my way there”

Mia: ‘What skill should I learn’

I learnt my level 10 class skill <Shield Bash> and brought it to max level. I also learnt the warrior skills <Force Strike> and <Rush>, using the remainder of my SP to getting them to the maximum level also. Since it was a result of using my passive the rage cost was converted to mana but that did not apply to me.


*Faction Chat*

Silver: “Mia, I can now learn some new buffs, should I get something defensive or offensive?”

Mia: “OFFENSIVE, we have me for defence. We need to increase your casting speed or the group's attack speed.”

Silver: “I fully upgraded <Haste> that gives a 10% increase to attack speed and casting speed. I will get the offensive buff then, thanks”

Mia: “Srebrna, Maya did you two get a hidden class also?”

Srebrna: “Yes, It's going to be a secret”

Maya: “Yes, you will be shocked at our upgrade”

Mia: “Ok, I look forward to seeing your power-up. I will head off to the city hall. Everyone is ok with Candy Shop as the guild name right?”

Loody: “Yes”

Silver: “Yes”

Srebrna: “Yes”

Maya: “Yes”

I walked through the familiar but empty streets, the shop where I spent most of my time earning enough money to learn spells when I first came to Europe City. The street I died in when I was part of the peacekeeping force. All the memories I had of Europe City from my last life slowly flooded my mind, without realising I was already standing in front of the gigantic white building with the sign City hall on it.

[System: Welcome to the City Hall]

[System: Would you like to:

  1. Register a Guild
  2. Change your name
  3. Buy a house 
  4. Register a trade
  5. Buy a shop
  6. Join the peacekeeping force
  7. Run for president]

Mia: “Register a Guild”

[System: Do you have a token or will you be buying one]

I pulled out the legendary token in my inventory.

Mia: “I have a token”

[System: You will have to pay 150g to complete the registration of a Legendary Guild]

The party was fairly rich after completing the hell mode dungeon, after taking out the money for new skills, the rest of the money was in my bags. 150g was a lot at this stage but we had more than enough.

[System: You need 5 members to register a guild, please enter the member's names]

Mia: “Mia Rose, Silver, Loody, Srebrna and Maya”

[System: Enter Guild Name]

Mia: “ Candy Shop”

[System: Choose an abbreviation]

Mia: “CS”

[System: Candy Shop {CS} is that correct?]

Mia: “Yes”

[System: Your Faction has been dissolved, Faction points have been converted to guild points. You have 100 guild points.]

[System: Guild created, further information can be found in the guilds panel]

Something that was very important to have at the start of any guild was the caravan and guards perk. This perk allowed members of a guild to hire a caravan and a few armed guards to protect only the content of the caravan. The amount of space in each person's bags was not enough for long travels and expeditions, this is where this perk came in very useful.

I chose to unlock the guild caravan and guards with the points that we had. 

[System: Caravan and Guards Perk has been purchased.]

[System Announcement: First Guild Achievement: Congratulation to Candy Shop {CS} guild for being the first created guild]

[Reward: Guild Permanent Buff 5% EXP]


*Guild Chat*

Silver: “WOW! Look at all these buffs, we are going to be very famous”

Mia: “You only see what the new members will see. I will make you guys all officers. This will allow you to see the good stuff :)”

Mia: “System!”

[System: How can I help?]

Mia: “Can I pay to leave a message?”

[System: 25g per message]

Mia: “Deduct 250g from my bag. Can you inform the next 10 guilds registered that I have valuable information and would like to have a gathering! I will be staying at the Hotspot Hotel.”

I opened up the guild panel, it was time to see what the buffs were


Guild Name: 

Candy Shop {CS}

Level: 1/10

Population: 5/300


Movement Speed


Exp (Reward)




Discount (System)


All Attributes 

+5 (Upgradable)

City Affiliation:


Guild Hall: 



Mia: ‘WHAT IS THIS? How come the stats are so broken?’

I could not believe my eyes, I had to double-check the guild bonus that was shown on the panel. I finally understood Silvers comment about us being famous. In my past life, I was never a member of a legendary guild, even worse, I never heard any information about a guild with this type of stats at level 1. These were probably secrets the top guilds fought to keep hidden at all cost.

It took a while before the guild members started typing, they liked the bonus but I still felt they didn’t know how much of a good thing they had going, I guess they will find out when other guilds have been created.

Mia: “Let's claim that land now.”


25/04 Edited Fraction for Faction.


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