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/ Series / Rebirth of the Legendary Tank
Rebirth of the Legendary Tank
Rebirth of the Legendary Tank
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What will you do if you are given the chance to rewrite your ending?

Watch me as I rewrite mine

Note: This is a rewrite of the novel I uploaded in the past.

Please leave feedback if possible.

*********** Image was Edited but not designed by me - All credit to the designer*****************

I will try to release a chapter every Sunday!

ActionAdventureFantasyLitRPGMartial ArtsTragedy
Accelerated Growth Apocalypse Battle Competition Character Growth Clan Building Crafting Dungeons Female Protagonist Game Elements Game Ranking System Grinding Guilds Level System Pets Post-apocalyptic Reincarnation Saving the World Skill Books Skill Creation Survival Survival Game Teamwork Time Skip
Table of Contents 18
  1. Land ClaimApr 25, 2021
  2. Europe CityApr 19, 2021
  3. Join Us!Apr 5, 2021
  4. Level 10Apr 4, 2021
  5. Second AchievementApr 4, 2021
  6. TaskmasterApr 4, 2021
  7. Dungeon RunApr 4, 2021
  8. Rapid LevellingApr 4, 2021
  9. QuestsApr 4, 2021
  10. FactionsApr 3, 2021
  11. Old TownApr 3, 2021
  12. Warrior Village 6Apr 3, 2021
  13. TutorialApr 3, 2021
  14. Hidden ClassApr 3, 2021
  15. Planning AheadApr 2, 2021
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