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I was once again standing in my square tile in the now-empty hall of selection. Movement in the square was not restricted but surrounding the square was a sort of transparent forcefield. Since I could not walk around the hall, I sat down. It was going to take a while for 10 billion people to complete the test.

At the beginning of the game in my previous life, people helped one another. Information was being shared about the tutorials and hidden skill. This was also a sort of advertisement people used to attract a good guild. As a ruler in the past, I made sure I was aware of all types of information; be it legitimate or rumours. 

The information I have on this part of the tutorial…

Yes, there is only 1 legendary quality reward, the rest were 10 epic quality rewards, 50 rare quality rewards, 100 uncommon quality rewards, every other person either received a common or poor quality reward. Since I had bagged the only legendary quality reward, it looked like my starting point this time was going to be different from my previous life.

In my previous life, after struggling for 3 days fighting the goblin in the test area, I had been lucky to be amongst the 100 people who received uncommon quality rewards. This might look like a bad start, but out of 10 billion people, I had managed to get an uncommon quality reward. That uncommon random chest gave me a mana crystal. With this reward as my foundation, I excelled as a mage. It later became the core of my magical floating castle which was the last castle in earth's last stand before I died.

It was still strange to think that I died once.

‘My start is better; I must succeed,’ I thought to myself.

Mia: Open chest!

[You have opened a legendary random chest; you have received a permanent upgrade: Unlimited Mana.]

[“Mankind’s Hope” title active: You have been given one chance to create a skill.]

[Status has now been unlocked.]

Mia: Status!

Name: Mia Rose

Class: <None>

Profession: <None>

Race: Terra Human

 <Active> Title: Mankind’s Hope

<Inactive> Title: Last human standing of a fallen race

Attribute Point: 5




















The majority of the population on earth started with an average attribute of 5, and only the elite human beings who spent time developing their bodies and minds since the first physical evolution had numbers higher than 5.

This inactive title seemed to be the reason I got sent back in time, I was not going crazy. From the look of things, the effect was for one trip only, so I must make the most of this life with the knowledge I have from the previous life.

Role composition became imbalanced right after the testing phase, a lot of people chose to be damage dealers with only a select few as healers. The healers later on founding the [GODs] guild. They were a bunch of role-playing snubs who treated everything as a business transaction. It got to a stage where healers were threatened until they joined [GODs]. That is something that has to change this time around.

Tank as a role was something that only a few people chose. Most who chose this role either died early or had to use the class-change potion. I looked up at the sky, ceiling or whatever it was as I thought about what earth really lacked in my previous life.

What earth needs the most is a strong tank. Someone who could hold his own in a fight even without a healer. This should be my path, blessed gods of RNG have given me a permanent upgrade, I would not have to worry about mana for passive skills. I was going to be a legendary tank for the earth, and this time we were not going down without a proper fight.


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