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I returned to my Square and checked my status to see if my class had changed to Legendary Bunker Warrior. I sat on the floor reviewing the description for the class.

Legendary Bunker Warrior

DEX is converted to Defence (DEF)

Gain 1 AP to VIT and DEF per level

Gain 1 extra Attribute Point per level for legendary class

3 Skill Points (SP) per level


·     Skilled Tank – Skills available only for tanking

·     Shields available for every attack

·     Passive Threat generation

·     Great Crowd control

·     +1 DEF for Tank Role


·     High Mana requirement

·     Slow movement speed

·     High SP requirement

·     Reduced number of skills available



Name: Mia Rose

Class: Legendary Bunker Warrior

Profession: <None>

Race: Terra Human

<Active> Title: -

<Inactive> Title: Last human standing of a fallen race, Mankind’s Hope

Attribute Point: 0


Skill Point: 0





<Ignore Pain>




















[Times UP]

Billions of squares lit up one after the other, immediately everyone was kicked out of the testing area; not all completed the test and not all were lucky enough to have survived the goblins attack. Each person had an unlimited number of tries, in addition to time being different in the test area. What seemed like a few hours in the hall of selection was probably weeks to some others in the testing area. After a few minutes of waiting all the privacy squares were taken down but no one was allowed out of their square.

[The testing and selection phase is now completed!]

[Congratulations on being upgraded from “Very Weak” to “Weak”]

[Now listen to the rules before I send you all to the tutorial]


[Terra – Earth 9428, which you all call earth, is part of an experiment to create the perfect race. To get the freedom you so desire, you must compete against other versions of Earth to prove that Terra humans are the perfect ones.]

[I must say out of all the other Earths, 9428 is the most uninteresting. No biological modification, No Artificial intelligence, No strongest race, No overlords or powerhouses. Absolutely Useless! Because you all are boring peace lovers, you will be sent to a tutorial for conditioning.]

[Like your games on earth, everyone will be starting at Level 1. You will be sent to a tutorial; where you will learn  about combat and professions.]

[Important things to remember: if and when you die in the tutorial, you will be given the option to revive.] 

[Is that not nice, no more true death.] 

[Each death will cost you a level and a random attribute point which will not be returned.]

[Suicide will not work either; if your level drops to 0, you get into negative levels and negative attributes.]

[There are more rules but none of them matters right now.] 

[Remember, the humans which you all thought you were when you arrived here do not exist anymore! You are now Terra humans, hungry for power and freedom.] 

[Go into this New World and show us your perfection.]

[Retrieve your starter pack to exit the Hall of Selection.]

I checked my starter pack. It contained a Sword made of iron and Shield, a Terra Human racial skill called <Adaptability>, a utility skill called <Inventory> which came with a 20-slot bag, and a class skill called <Bunker>.


<Terra Human Race>


Description: Ability to adjust to changes in the environment.

 There is no terrain that they can’t enter.






Description: Space for storing

 Bags must be used to increase the space.






50 mana / Sec



Generate 25% threat constantly.

DEF +5 when active. Movement speed is reduced by 10% when this skill is active.