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The party dealt with the remaining parts of the dungeon very quickly. The party welcomed the addition of two damage dealers, the fire dragon pet which was like having another mage in the party and the elite wolf. I was taking more risk with larger monster group pulls, I made sure to always use <Petrify> off cooldown.

I stood in front of the door leading into the room where the final boss was. It was easy to see that the power-up had increased the confidence of the party, but it was times like this that a leader was required to keep the group alert.

'The next fight will be hard. The fight with the boss itself is simple but the mechanics requires a lot of attention. Because of the mechanics, the difficulty of this fight for the party is very high.

Mia: Guys, I believe we have reached the end of the dungeon. Behind this door should be the final boss. Since we all have upgraded our skills, I suggest that I fight the boss for the first-minute solo. We need to learn the mechanics of the fight, so please pay attention to my movements. After a minute, you can start attacking.

“Mia, I know you are probably the strongest tank in this Old Town, but is it not too much to solo the last boss for a minute” Loody spoke out, he was a little doubtful on the feasibility of the plan.

The others also acknowledged the point that Loody raised.

Mia: My DEF at the moment unbuffed is 28 with my buffs and skills I have 54 attributes into defence. I also have a 60% damage reduction skill. I also have <Petrify> with its +30 DEF which can be reactivated after 2 seconds. I believe my attributes are a lot higher than the requirement for this dungeon. That is not to say I cannot die, but my chance of surviving is the highest in this party.

Mia: Let me try it, Silver can resurrect me if I die. I will learn the mechanics during this minute. When you start attacking, note that If I draw your attention to a skill or mechanic, please stop your attack and respond immediately. We are not competing for damage but trying to survive.

We slowly entered the room, the party was uneasy. They were going to watch me risk everything so that they can figure out how to clear the dungeon. If they only knew!


The door to the room shut behind us after we walked into the room.

Mia: let's begin!

Silver: <Prayer of Mending>; this was used on me

I left the party close to the door, out of range from the room's mechanic.

I ran towards the boss.

Seeing me the boss who was seated on what looked like a treasure chest got up and was about to scream. She was an obese dark-skinned goblin, rolls of fat covered her body and her huge fingers adorned with jewels of all kinds that sparkled. In her right hand, she held a spiked club.

Mia: <Anchor> 


I ran behind the boss, got into my stance quickly trapping her between myself and her large treasure chest.

Soon axes fell from the ceiling in every direction except the gate which was too far away from the fight and the other side of the chest from where I was tanking the boss.

After a little while, more axes fell from the ceiling again. This time they fell everywhere but the other side of the chest from where I was tanking. 

Mia: Everyone should have noticed it. It was either everyone having to gather on the other side of the chest or running to my side of the chest to be safe.

Mia: Attack!

Following the pattern, the damage to the boss was constant. The boss kept increasing the speed at which the mechanics occurred every 10% of health he lost, mistakes did happen like a badly timed <Rush> and <Whirlwind> from Loody or a <Concussion Arrow> from Maya. Apart from the small hiccups which were easily managed by me, the party fought on.


At 5% health, the boss became enraged. The entire room was set on fire except for a little section behind the chest. Srebrna was a little too slow to react to my notification and was losing health rapidly.

Srebrna: <Sacrifice> 

This was a skill that came with the upgraded <Fire Dragon>, it allows the user to swap their position with the fire dragon pet. She had always left the pet near the chest in case something did happen and right now it was her only lifesaver. She survived in place of her pet.

Silver: <Medic>; she used her heal over time skill on Srebrna.

Mia: Keep the DPS up, we are almost there.






As the boss died, a white light radiated from the entire party. 

[Level up]

[You are now Level 10]

[World Announcement: Congratulations to {Candy Shop}: Mia Rose, Silver, Loody, Srebrna and Maya for achieving First Clear Hell Mode of Margaret’s Prison]

[Reward: Land Deed, 10 AP, 5 SP, 100 Faction point, 1000 Terra Human points towards reputation]

[System Announcement: First Run Hell Mode Achievement: Margaret's Disco - Avoid getting hit by any of the mechanics during the last boss fight!] 

[Reward: Level 10 Epic Weapon]

[World Announcement: Congratulations to Mia Rose for being the first human to reach level 10]

[Reward: level 10 Defensive Juggernaut set]

[System Announcement: Ranking is now open for players level 10+]

Everyone was a little overwhelmed by the number of announcements. This could not hide the excitement they were feeling. As they threw their hands up in the air yelling in the now-empty dungeon.


Mia: Sorry guys, I stole the level 10 announcement and reward.

“Mia there is nothing to be sorry about, although only your name got mentioned in the announcement. I received a reward, and I am guessing it is the same for everyone else, right?” Silver replied

“Yes,” the others confirmed that they also received a reward.

“Hahaha, I, We are famous now!” Loody said happily.

Mia: That is true, but the scary part is what comes after we leave the dungeon.

The others could not understand what I meant, but Loody seemed to have thought of something as he got serious once again.

Mia: Don't worry about it,  let's gear up first, loot the corpse, upgrade our skills before heading out. That way we can fight to our heart's content, without regrets!

Because the Bunker Warrior class is considered as a true tank, with no attack skills, everything is for defence. I noticed the slow debuff the <Bunker> added to me, was starting to affect my movement. Although I possess a haste accessory it still had to level up for it to completely counter the effects. The juggernaut set was just what I needed. Putting on the complete set gave me a haste buff. The only condition was to remain in motion, the moment I stopped moving, I had to rebuild momentum. This set will be later on known as Wrecking Ball set based on the song by Miley Cyrus.

After taking some time to sort out their status bars and equipment, everyone was ready.

Srebrna looked like a real pyromancer now with fiery balls circling around her. In her hand, she held a wand with another fiery gem equipped.

Maya almost faded from view with the fake death effect on her set. I could see a new bow and quiver also.

Loody looked like he had grown a foot or two taller. He looked like a miniature version of the rage giant I met during the class-training phase. He also had a giant axe behind his back.

Silver had swapped her staff for a grimoire and her white robe had changed. The new robe radiated holiness. I could guess that the set improves the user's healing over time.

I looked at my inventory to see what weapon I received. It was a spiked shield that gave a bleeding effect to enemies as damage over time (DOT).

‘I still have to buy a sword, I am not playing as a shieldbearer’ I thought to myself.


Mia: Come on, Let's loot the chest!

After getting all that announcement and rewards the loot was very anticlimactic. We obtained [1x Chest key], [200g] and [Epic Skill book: Off-Hand Wield].

Mia: WHAT! Guys please can I have this skill book.

Unanimously it was agreed that the skill book will be given to me.

Mia: With this skill book, I will be able to join you all on the attack.

As I spoke, I used learnt the skill

[<Off-Hand Wield> [1/10] learnt]

I quickly added the remaining 9 SP to fully upgrade the skill.

<Off Hand Wield> [10/10] (Passively improves the proficiency of using weapons in your off-hand)

Mia: Thank you again guys

“No, you have worked hard for us. This is the only thing we can do for now” Maya said, in agreement with everyone else.

“I think we should try that key on the huge chest in the middle of the room” Srebrna said as she pointed to the chest that was used for the mechanics during the boss fight.

[Chest open]

[5 SP]

[??? Ore]

After looting the chest each member received 5 skill points and uncommon material towards our profession.


Name: Mia Rose

Class: Legendary Bunker Warrior

Profession: Mining

Race: Terra Human

Level: 10

<Active> Title: -

<Inactive> Title: Last human standing of a fallen race, Mankind’s Hope

Attribute Point: 0


Skill Point: 10





<Ignore Pain>*









30 (+26)



<Off-Hand Wield> **