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Mia: Wait, don't attack yet!

I ran leading the pack of blue-eyed, grey-furred wolves until I was in the attack range of the 3 party members on the rock. I didn't want to be too close for them to Over Threat (OT). 

OT refers to when a DPS or healer class pulls more aggression from the monster than the tank.

I pulled out my shield, placing it in front of me as I slashed my sword at the closest wolf. Due to my class being a legendary tanking class, all my skills were tailored to tanking which reduced my overall attack power. But I was not going to let that stop me from whacking a few of these wolves.

With my buffs and high defence, the attacks of the wolves barely did any damage.




Mia: Attack now! I have their aggro!”

Aggro means to have aggression

Loody used a combo of <Rush>, normal axe swings and <Forced Strike>. 

‘He is a generic warrior type player. I will have to show him some better combinations to maximize his melee damage.’ I thought

As previously instructed, 3 Fireballs exploded in front of me every 10 seconds. This was a tactic that had not yet been discovered. The splash damage from the explosion was enough to serve as Area of Effect (AOE) damage at this stage of Terria. 

Splash Damage refers to the damage taken by players or objects in the area surrounding a point of impact.

20 seconds later, the 10 grey wolves were dead, and I could finally skin them for pieces of wolf leather. After skinning the corpses of the wolves slowly dissolved and disappeared. A pouch was left on the floor where the wolf had disappeared from. This was something everyone already termed Loot bag. As per the contract, all looted coins from hunting went to Loody’s team.

“Holy Cow! Mia, How did you do that? I have seen Tanks hold aggro on one or two grey wolves at a time, but I have never seen one who could hold 10. If we continue like this, we will be able to increase our levelling speed” Loody asked excitedly, he was still under the effect of his skill, even though he was excited, he was a bit forceful under the effect of rage. He was fully amazed at what he and this makeshift party had just accomplished, but he knew this was only possible because of the Tank.

Hearing the exciting questions and remarks from Loody, I wasn't in a rush to reply. They signed a contract with me so our cooperation will be ending after it ends. I was not one to start blabbing my secrets. The tactics I had shown could be taken as a bonus.

Instead, I looked at Silver. 

Mia: Silver, have you made up your mind? It will be a waste to continue the way you have been. My Tanking and your healing are very compatible.

“Sure, Mia. I am already a member of the faction, I have no plans to leave” Silver replied with a smile. Technically she was a founding member of the faction. Seeing how easily things were with 10 wolves, she could only imagine how great the party could rise.

Mia: Great! Once again welcomed on board.

I turned to Loody and the others.

Mia: I am also giving you guys an offer to become permanent members of my faction. The choice is yours, but I won't be able to share any more tactics or tips I found out with any of you. Our relationship will only be based on the contract.

It didn't take long to get their response. This party had just accomplished with ease, something that had never been done or thought off in the past 3 weeks. The future prospects of the party, faction then guild was something they wanted to bet on. After a short discussion, all 3 of them decided to join {Candy Shop}, hence terminating the mercenary contract.


Faction Name: {Candy Shop}

Faction Level: 1

Members: 5/10


Mia: Welcome on board! Now we can start grinding. We will continue for a few hours clearing out this place, we will stop when our fatigue is almost maximum. 

Fatigue was one of the elements that made you realize this was not a game world. You needed to eat, drink, attend to your body’s needs, even sleep. Similar to how one felt after doing a workout, the body needed to rest.

I repeated the same tactic, pulling 10 grey wolves along and killing them with the party. After killing 50 wolves, my body and Silvers flashed with a golden light, this was the sign of levelling up.

Finally Level 2; My attributes increased +1 VIT, +1 DEF, as for my extra point, I put it into STR.

Using this moment to rest, the party waiting until our fatigue meters were full, it was time to continue the farming. At the end of the day, we had killed 500 wolves (500 pieces of wolf leather) and made 5 gold coins.

100 bronze (b) = 1 Silver, 100 Silver (s) = 1 Gold (g)