Rapid Levelling
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The group made it back into the town, the devastated wasteland was a barely inhabitable place. We looked for an inn and got a good meal and much-needed rest.

After an hour. The party was standing in front of the Tanning House. After becoming a faction, I shared my repeatable quest with Loody, Srebrna and Maya. Each person had with them enough pieces of wolf leather to get them to level 5.

We walked into the shop. 

The NPC leatherworker ran to us saying, “Young adventurers! Did you get me 25 pieces of wolf leather? I really need it to increase my leatherworking skill,” 

I handed him 25 pieces of wolf leather.

[Quest Complete: 500 XP!]

“Young adventurers! Did you get me 25 pieces of wolf leather? I really need it to increase my leatherworking skill,”

[New Quest: Collect 25  pieces of wolf leather]

[Quest Complete: 500 XP!]

It was a boring and repetitive process but we all handed the skinned wolf leathers bringing all our levels to 5. The others were excited, this rapid levelling was unheard off


Name: Mia Rose

Class: Legendary Bunker Warrior

Profession: Skinning

Race: Terra Human

Level: 5

<Active> Title: -

<Inactive> Title: Last human standing of a fallen race, Mankind’s Hope

Attribute Point: 0


Skill Point: 12





<Ignore Pain>









19 (+5)










[New Quest: Visit the Warrior Class trainer]

Achieving our goal and receiving our class quests, we walked out of the Tanning house. It was not that we didn't want to continue with the rapid levelling, but the repeatable quest was only available for anyone under level 5.

Mia: Don't be too happy, we will be aiming for another rapid level increase, we will not be back to Old Town until we are level 10. Before we head out, we need to get a few things from the town. From our previous hunt, we gathered 5g. 

  • One gold can be used to buy a second bag for the inventory space, it should cost 20s each in the General store.
  • From the same store, we need to get food, drinks and an outdoor sleeping bag. We can keep our expenditure to under 1g 
  • Lastly, since we are all level 5. 20s will be given to each person for learning a new skill from their respective class trainers.

Class trainers were located in different areas of Old Town. Loody and I were warriors so we walked in the same direction.

“Hey Mia, what skill should I choose next?” Loody asked, he wanted to improve his damage, range attackers had it a bit easier as they could use the terrain to their advantage. While melee attackers had to get up close to the monster putting them at risk.

Mia: Let me think… I think you can choose a skill that has some AoE, something that can damage multiple targets.

[Quest Complete: 0 XP!]

The interface with the class trainer was the same as speaking to the system. It was a bit pointless having us walk all this way, just to speak to the system. But it's not like we could send a ticket to the game master or system administrator or something.

[Congratulations on reaching level 5]

[Choose a skill from the list below]

I looked at the list, where there was only one skill available: <Anchor>. Hovering over the skill a tooltip appeared.



100 mana per cast


Launch a chain to grasp and pull an enemy to you.

This attack cannot be dodged or reflected.

[20s has been deducted as payment for learning <Anchor>]

While I was still busy reading the skill description and working on how to use this skill, I received a PING  front he system.

‘Faction Chat?’ I thought. I had forgotten that when 5 members had joined a faction the chat would be unlocked.

Silver: Hey Mia, My profession is tailoring, does it have a repeatable quest like the one we just completed? 

Loody: Blacksmithing

Srebrna: Fishing

Maya: Herbalism

Mia: Honestly, I think we should all change our professions. I don't know how much you all thought into it before you chose it, but this is my opinion. One, we cannot be crafters. Most crafters will be players who have chosen to not go down the combat route, and just want to live in the game. So we should all get a gathering profession. Two, we need to get a profession that helps our combat class. Priest is Herbalism, Mage is Tailoring, Hunter/Ranger is Skinning, Warriors is mining. Fishing does not belong to any group but a Hunter/Ranger should excel at this.

Mia: When we form a guild, we can recruit crafters who can pick up the other professions; one profession we definitely must get early is a cook.

Mia: We should have 2g left, we should find the profession trainers 20s each should get us the gathering professions we want. The remaining 1g I suggest we spend it at the general goods store, we can buy a few level 5 items which will improve our survivability in the dungeons. 

Loody: Hahaha, I was wondering where we will be going next, it is actually a dungeon run. Can't wait boss!

Unlike the rest of the busy town, the south gate was empty. The system controlled NPC guards stood like statues with their full knight's armour guarding the gates. The party was now ready for a dungeon run.

Mia: Is everyone ready? Let's go make a name for our faction!