Chapter 2: Onee-san?
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I am begining to feel like a suspicious person now. More like that of a stalker. Well knowing that the Madonna's house is that of a rich girl's, my mind is nearly empty now.

After strolling around her house for a few times, I prepared my heart and dared to press the intercom. I heard a girl's voice from inside. It was a little deeper though.

"Who is it?"

"I am Ichinose Hayato. I am here to return her money and school bag which she left in the café."

"Ah! Oh? Please wait a minute."

I could hear some rustling noises from inside. Was it her, or her, mother? If it's someone else and they find that I made her cry, then I am gonna die.

I was looking at the sweets shop at the corner of the street. Was it a sweet shop? It's selling meat buns though.

"That's Oboro-oba-chan. She's so talented at cooking that she can even give Gordon Ramsay a run."

"Hiyaaah! Tachibana-san!? When did you!?"

The heck! Did she use some kind of jutsu or what? I couldn't even hear the door opening or her footsteps. But somehow she looks a little more grown up than her.

"Umm..... Tachibana-san, here it's your change money, the store owner gave it back and here's the assignments and your backpack........"

Why the heck am I getting nervous here? Am I a maiden in love or what!?

".....And I am sorry for what I said at the café. I didn't mean it in that way! I am so sorry for making you cry!"

I apologized but she's giving me a look that says, "Did something like that happen?"

"I-It's okay! Why don't you come in for now?"

"Ah, no no. I need to go buy some groceries. I want to go home early and then cook."

I am not trying to mean something special here. I'm just stating the truth. I mean I really can cook. Well it was the idea of my over-ecstatic father who said,"A man needs to be able to do all his chores, all by himself, then he would be called a man!" I myself don't understand this too.

Anyways trying to deny her, I kinda felt bad for her so I went along with her.

"P-pardon the intrusion!?"

"You needn't need to be polite like that. After all we are friends, rights."


Why does this feel weird? I am getting some weird feeling from this. Wasn't she angry with me, while we were in the school? While I was having some pretty weird thoughts here cookies and coffee arrived. It smells nice.

"So how's school?"


What the heck does she mean by that? Aren't you the one who always bot-, talks to me. You already know the answer to that question!

"S-sorry I phrased it wrong, so what do you think about, me?"

"What do I think?"

Honestly that's the question that confuses me the most. So let me seriously think something about that, now. What I feel now is just admiration, or more precisely a sense of inferiority.

"Think in what way?"

"Of course roman—"

"Huh!? Onee-chan, what are you doing with him? And in our house?"


A pair of Tachibana-san's were standing before me. They kinda looked alike, in every aspects and only diffefence was, the voice? Big sister? What is happening here?

"Tch! Don't disturb us. We are having a pretty much important conversation, right now."

"What might, that conversation be?"

"I just asked him, if he liked me. Romantically, of course."

"W-wha....!? What in the world are you doing to Ichinose-kun!? And you there why did you come here?!"

Eh!? Why you ask? I just came and apologized to you rig-........ Holy shit! That's her sister! I was late!

"Forget about her now. Let's continue, Ichinose-kun, okay?"

"You were her elder sister!?"

"Hah!? What do you mean? Don't I look like her?"

"No I wasn't talking about that......."

Honestly, I, think I just got played with. But......

".....she looks so young?"

"Ara, ara~ You are quite bold to compliment me like that. Shall we take this upstairs ♥?"

"By the way she's 23 and she's still without a lover."

"But I like younger guys, you know. Just like Ichi-kun here."

"Gross! Don't give him a nickname like that to him! And you how long are going to remain silent! Come with me."

My hand was grabbed and I was dragged into Tachibana(younger)'s room. Come to think of it, it'a my first time visiting a girl's room, besides my elder cousins.

"S-so what did you come here for?"

"I am sorry Tachibana-san! For what I said at the café! I really mean it!"

"It'a okay. I'm the one who misunderstood it, after all."


"Is that all......... You wanted to say?"

Come to think of it, I am all alone in the room of a girl and she's just annoyingly beautiful and then she's asking me for a topic to talk about?

"Your Onee-san, Tachibana-san is pretty funny. He he he."

Eh?! She looks down? Did I say something wrong to make her sad, right now? You have got to be kidding me! Girls's are tougher than playing games with hackers!

"....... Miku! You can call me that."


"You see, there are 2 Tachibana's here and I don't want to get some wrong ideas, okay?"

"Okay then, Miku?"

"Hiyaaah!? D-d-don't call me so suddenly!"

"Why? Aren't you the one who told me to call that!?"

"Only when we are alone!"

"But aren't we alone right now?"


She seems to have realized the truth a little later.