Epilogue – The Demon Lord
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Demon Lord Nazin rapidly paced back and forth in front of the throne room, his regal golden cape and green tunic crumpling as he moved. Running his hand through his black hair, he muttered, “What do I do? What can I do?”

Aultry chuckled. “Are you that worried, Son-in-law?”

“Of course!” Nazin rounded on Aultry and said, “Fighting off against an army of Angels, fine. Fighting off immortal bastards who cheat with divine protection, fine. I’m even okay with diving into that dark cavern in the Demon Realm and taking out the corrupted Demon Lord souls waiting there. But this…” He pulled at his hair and said, “What if something goes wrong? What if they’re hurt? What if the child is hurt?!”

Aultry shook his head. “If you were this worried, perhaps you shouldn’t have timed it so that all three of your wives would give birth at the same time?”

“You say that like I had a choice in the matter!”

Aultry scoffed. “Oh don’t play ignorant with me. I know exactly what sort of kinky and flamboyant positions-“

“That is way too much information. And what kind of perverted old man peeks on his daughters doing it with their husband?!”

“Oh?” Aultry raised an eyebrow. “I was merely stating an example off hand. So you admit to doing depraved acts with my daughters? No, from that phrasing… Did you enjoy two birds in the bush at once?”

Nazin froze and then flushed. “T-That’s not important! What’s more important is if something goes wrong!” He stopped and then swept both hands through his hair before crouching on the floor. “Gaaah! Why aren’t there any records of half-elf and half-dragon births in the library!? This is Alvheim, isn’t it? Shouldn’t there be records of those!?”

“So that is what you were doing these past few weeks… I was wondering why you decided to suddenly become a scholar.”

Nazin jumped to his feet and said, “Why aren’t you worried!? Two of those women are your daughters! And didn’t your wife die giving birth to Aria?!”

“She did.” Aultry nodded. “However, she was also quite old at the time. Truthfully, Aria’s birth was a divine miracle sent by Goddess Serena herself. In contrast, my two daughters are perfectly healthy and in the prime of their lives. Not only that, but they are giving birth to children not only blessed by the current god of this world, but children born within the protection of Yggdrasil herself. And as you are her darling champion, it would be impossible for anything to go wrong.”

Nazin paused. “That’s… right.” He let out a sigh. “Right. I forgot about that…”

“Of course, I cannot say as much for Lady Saphira. After all, she is not quite a divine dragon and not quite a human… it is quite possible that complications could arise.”

Nazin ran up to Aultry and grabbed his shirt. “Tell me shit like that sooner!”

Aultry chuckled.

“What? What’s so funny?!”

Aultry lightly pried off Nazin’s hands and said, “Nothing much. I am just amused at being on the other side of the event this time… I believe I finally understand why my parents were so amused at Titania’s birth.”

Nazin stepped back and crossed his arms. “Yeah, well lucky you! I’m stressed out of my mind here!”

“Do not be.” Aultry shook his head. “Again, it will be fine.”

“They were screaming! Crying out my name and begging me to help them!”

Aultry nodded. “As most women do during childbirth. And I did warn you to not go into the room.”

“That doesn’t make it better or make me feel any less guilty!”

Aultry raised an eyebrow. “…Should I make a call to the Grandmaster and the Heaven Seizer? Perhaps they will be able to ‘calm your nerves’?”

“And have that guy punch me in the face for making them hurt and then laugh at me for stressing out so much?! I’d rather die-“

“Oh. Speak of the devil.”

Nazin flinched and spun around… but saw no one there.

Aultry chuckled.

Nazin turned back to him and crossed his arms. “I hate you.”

The elven king nodded. “Oh, please do. I can empathize with that sentiment very well. And I am certain you will do the same in the future when you have sons.”

Nazin let out a long sigh and then sat down on the floor.

Aultry raised an eyebrow and said, “Should I get some tea?”

Nazin waved his hand. “I’ll be fine. Thanks for the offer… but I think I’d piss my pants out of worry if I drank anything right now…”

Aultry nodded. “Understandable.”

Silence. Nothing but the sound of a ticking clock and Aultry quietly sipping on a cup of tea-

Nazin blinked. “Wait. Where did you pull that out from?”

“Hm?” Aultry set his cup down on a saucer on his lap. “Oh, this? The Grandmaster left me quite a few trinkets before departing and restoring time the last time he visited. Among them is a selection of never-ending teas… It seems that he was apologetic about breaking my poor baby girl’s heart.”

Nazin paused and then said, “Right… That bastard did do that.”

Running away with his ‘Faithful Companion’ and then dragging Nazin out and tossing him to clean up the mess of a harem he left behind… Not to mention that other guy who was living it up back on Earth with Serena- No, he supposed it was actually Rena.

Still! Those bastards didn’t have to deal with stress like he did!

Gritting his teeth, Nazin said, “One day. I’m going to-“

“Hey, hey! Mister Weird!” A childish female voice.

Nazin looked up and saw a young girl floating in the air next to me. Short, light green hair and bright emerald eyes. A dark brown dress and a peaceful aura radiating off of her… Iggy, the Spirit of Yggdrasil. Or rather, Yggdrasil herself.

“Iggy?” Nazin stood up and said, “What’s wrong?”

“Silly guy! Nothing’s wrong! In fact, it’s the opposite!”


She flew down and grabbed his arm. “Come on! The babies are adorable!”

“W-Wait, babies? Is it over already?” Nazin’s eyes widened. “Are they safe? In pain? Did it go well?”

Iggy rolled her eyes. “You ask too many questions! Just see for yourself!” With that, she flew through the air, pulling Nazin along with her.

A gap opened where she flew, Yggdrasil itself giving way… although that was obvious considering who was moving through it.

From behind, Aultry said, “Best of wishes, Son-in-law! I’ll stop by for the baby shower later!”

The house at the top of Yggdrasil. The place that Nazin now called home.

Iggy dropped him off at the door way and then pushed him in. “Go on! They’re waiting for you.”

“W-Wait, I’m not ready just yet. Give me a moment to-“

Before he could protest anymore, Iggy shoved him inside. She even removed the door so that he wouldn’t have an excuse to stop.

Awkwardly stumbling inside, he saw an elven woman with long violet hair standing there. She was cleaning her hands with a cloth, but smiled when Nazin walked in.

“Oh, so the father finally arrives after his wives screamed their heads off in pain, does he?”

Nazin flinched. “T-That’s…”

The woman… Maria, the one that Titania and Aria called their aunt, laughed and walked over, slapping Nazin’s shoulder. “I’m just messing with you, Kid. They all did fine. You actually left at the worst part.”

“That… doesn’t make me feel better.”

“Then don’t faint the next time your wives give birth, you idiot.” Slapping his shoulder one more time, Maria said, “This old woman will see her way out now. Make sure to cuddle with your wives and children tonight, alright? Don’t be an idiot like Aultry was and get depressed when he didn’t get a son.”

“…That guy did that?”

“And I’ll never let him live it down. Now, hurry up.” Saying that, Maria pushed Nazin into the bedroom.

When he did, he was faced with three women holding an infant in their arms.

Titania, her honey-colored hair unraveled behind her and matted with sweat smiled, cradling a tiny baby girl with a small tuft of dark-orange hair and round ears.

Aria, her blonde hair as equally unkempt as her sisters, hugged a baby boy with brown hair and slightly pointed ears against her chest, staring at him in a daze.

And then there was Saphira. Unlike the others, she looked as she always did, her hair and clothes tidied up. And also unlike the others, she cradled a pair of infants in her arms, a baby boy and girl, the former with white hair and the latter with black. She also seemed smug for some reason.

Seeing all of that, Nazin walked into the room, a loss for words.

Four of them. Four children. Two daughters and two sons.

And him. A father. Not only that, but his wives were all mothers now too.

A family… One all to his own.

Saphira called out first. “What is it, Master? Are you disappointed?” Saying that, she subtly glanced at the elven princesses and smirked.

Aria rolled her eyes. “As if. He’s probably stunned at seeing that an old hag like you didn’t drop dead from childbirth.”

Saphira narrowed her eyes.

Titania shook her head. “Could we please not be like this today? Think of the children.”

“Ah.” Aria shut her mouth and nodded. “Right…”

Saphira shifted her gaze as well. “…My apologies.”

Titania looked over at Nazin and smiled. “Welcome back, Dear. Now… come say hello to your children.”