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No One’s Story
No One’s Story
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4.2 (127 ratings)
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Volume 1 - Memories. Cover art done by Gelowaggle.
If you remember something but no one is around to see it, does it truly happen? And if memory makes up your identity, what happens when you give that identity up? That was what 'Nowun' had to determine after agreeing to be sent to another world. A piling of coincidences and misfortune, the choice of an unorthodox power. If he wanted to avoid playing on the strings of the Goddess, he would need to circumvent her powers. And to do that, he made a gamble.

Volume 2 - Sentiments. Cover art done by sasha_chii.
Zhan Xinxin was trapped. Cursed by heaven-defying beauty, bound by clan duty and an arranged marriage, she was desperate for a way out. And then one day she came across a mysterious young man while sneaking out from the clan. Without hesitation, she clung onto the nameless man as her only hope. However, that 'only hope' was a ruthless and nameless ghost who had his own agenda. Entrusting her fate to such a person... would Xinxin grow to regret her decision?

Volume 3 - Ego. Cover art done by Shirayuki/tamarin
What was right? What was wrong? Should he gather the strength to overcome the world itself, or be content in protecting those he loved? That was the question that split the nameless young man in half. The Demon Lord with nothing to his name and the Nameless One who was but a ghost of his past self. As the cosmic game of Fate continues, an inevitable confrontation draws near.

Available on and

A revised version with additional content to be available soon on Google Play Books and Amazon.

Accelerated Growth Amnesia Arranged Marriage Cold Protagonist Corruption Dao Comprehension Demon Lord Divine Protection Elves Enemies Become Allies Fantasy World Fated Lovers Game Elements Identity Crisis Interconnected Storylines Multiple POV Multiple Timelines Multiple Transported Individuals Past Plays a Big Role Personality Changes Skill Assimilation Time Manipulation Transplanted Memories Transported into Another World
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Table of Contents
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    Status: c31 double take

    The story has progressed so far I wonder why anyone hast written a review yet!

    The story is well handled! It doesnt feel rushed! Each chapter is long and gives a good pace! 

    I admit that there are many questions yet to be resolved and there are portions that can be better handled but the story has yet to end by the time of my review!

    Even so I say well written! It is a good story! Go! READ IT!

    For those looking for story based review here:

    We follow a man with no name. We arent given much about his past and mostly what we know of him is paved through his actions, words, and thoughts. However as the series progresses we lose his thought as we enter another character's POV and I think that was a good choice. Because this time we felt him more than we learnt.

    I particularly enjoyed this story.

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    Status: 30demon lord route – [ _____ ___ ]

    More of a 3.5 star but leaning more towards 4 stars.

    The novel is great and I love how the author doesn't serve everything to us on a silver platter leaving us to (sorta) figure stuff out on our own. 

    My issue with the novel is the same as its biggest strength if that makes any sense. While the author doesn't tell us much and its good to an extent, it stops being good when you have no f**king idea what going on and when you figure it out, there is another mystery that pops outta no where. Its getting to the point where its a chore to read tbh because nothing ever gets solved, and everything is a perpetual mystery.

    Also have a problem with how insufferably weak the MC is. His strength gets hyped up so much just to get sh*t on for no good reason. Its like ugh... after all that sh*t the first battle with him 'being strong' his powers don't work? like ok I get it because of the story and stuff but really? is it necessary for him to get sh*t on 

    e. v. e. r. y. t. i. m. e.

    Altough if your on edge about whether to read or not, just start reading and figure out if you like how the story is told or not.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: afterword

    You sir, are an absolute master at writing. There are very, very few stories that get on my 'blitzkrieg' list, and No one's story is one of them. 

    I would likely have jumped off a literal and figurative cliff had it not been completed already. Seriously, this story is a true 5 star. 

    If it was a published book the story of no one would be a best seller, as it deserves. It would likely form a new genre of 'Isekai', the perfect blend of Mystery, Psychological, and Isekai. But enough of my ramblings, if you aren't one of the thousand people reading, please. Give it a try, you may just find your favorite book of all time.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: afterword

    It is an enjoyable read That I recommend to everyone who likes the Isekai genre but wants something a bit different.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: 31 – double take

    Oh boy, what an amazing ending. Really, I'm so proud that I found this novel and got to see it ending. Most of the web novels do not have an ending and seeing one as good as yours has a closed and fantastic ending is more than satisfying. So here I am, updating my review.

      No One's Story is quite bizarre, a chaotic narrative, and not because it's not well written (quite the contrary, it's actually one of the best Grammarly speaking in scribblehub) but because it's a well-thought story, with an immense amount of twists and turns. Everything is so unpredictable that my face was always glued to the monitor, however, everything falls at the right place when it ends. I genuinely can't express the turmoil of emotions I got reading this, the amount of investment I've got for this novel is absurd, there were times where I laugh, where I cried, where I couldn't stop smiling, where I was hyped and so on. Thank you author for writing such an amazing piece. And as I said before, truly a must-read. 

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    Status: 58 – nameless one – vii

    There are many subtle hints strewn throughout each chapter that, while it may seem insignificant by itself, the hints accumulate into building a bigger picture of what is actually going on. As you read along, it is satisfying to see all the various bits and pieces being connected to each other piece by piece.

    There seems to be two main timelines that branch out from a certain chapter, although numerous (dead-end) timelines also exist. 

    The past and present is interlinked together with diverging timelines. 

    Chaos is everywhere and our MC seems to be on a one way path filled with danger and opportunity. 

    Whether that leads to glory or shame is unclear. 

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    Status: afterword

    This had been a fun ride, the story pacing, character development, and the emotion was well conveyed. This is one of the best time travel OC I have read in this site. Hope you continue making stories like this. Keep up the good work.

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    0 Likes · Like

    Only read a few of the chapters so far, I've gotta say it gives a lot of subtle hints in suspense. Clearly it can't fit with the larger audience of those who seek more straight to the point, rather than suspense. But that's up to you to decide. The first 20 chapters covers the Origin Story, while the proceeding is the Divergent Stories. They are not at all THAT connected, just subtly.

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