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Nothing Persists
Nothing Persists
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Nothing persists across time. Not life. Not society. Not even memories, no matter how much one clings to them. Instead, losses, despair, and hopelessness fills the world.

That was a truth that Gray acknowledged. All efforts in the end are meaningless. Nothing.

Even so, he continued moving as humanity did, even knowing that his actions were ultimately dust in the wind.

A promise that must be fulfilled. A hero that made a vow...

And a person whose existence in that world meant nothing at all.
Originally a super edgy isekai novel that I wrote a while back. Taking a second crack at it now that I'm a better writer. The original is also on RoyalRoad as "A Meaningless Hero" if you want to take a look, but this story should be quite a bit different...

Cautious Protagonist Destiny Devoted Love Interests Hidden Abilities Male Protagonist Programmer Transported into Another World Unconditional Love
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Table of Contents 7
  1. 7 – DevotionMar 15, 2021
  2. 6 – DespairMar 14, 2021
  3. 5 – DilemmaMar 14, 2021
  4. 4 – DescentMar 14, 2021
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