Chapter 387 – Family and acquaintances
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The group had returned to Sophia’s mansion and chatted there for a while longer. After a little bit, the tiger decided that she wanted to take a quick way out and get over with a lot of things. She grabbed Maya, and the two went to the castle. There, they told Kira they needed a whole day of the kings because there was lots to talk about. Afterward, the couple collected Anna and Ari to introduce the group's newcomers to them. They let out a few slightly important details about them, though.

“By the way,” Still in Sophia’s portal hub, Maya looked at Anna and Ari. “Things will get out of hand really quick soon. Try to keep it down, okay?”

“E-Eh?!” The jaguar didn’t like the sound of that. “What is going on?!”

“Chloe’s parents are… They are quite something.” The cat-girl wasn’t sure what to say.

“They make everything around me look normal in comparison!” Sophia had her very own explanation.

“There’s just no way that’s possible!” Ari got louder.

“She’s heavily downplaying it, as well...” Maya let out another sigh.

“M-My cramps are getting stronger again… I-I really need to go back and lie down…”

“Oh no, you don’t~.” Saying so with a smirk, the blonde put her hand on Ari’s lower abdomen, and it quickly started to shine in a pale blue light. “Here, I applied some healing magic~. With that, it should be over much sooner, and it's impossible to feel anything for the next while.”

“It’s true~.” Maya also smiled at the jaguar. “She’s the ABSOLUTE best when it comes to that. I can’t be without that anymore. I also haven’t been able to use my period as an excuse since meeting her anymore, though.”


“Alrighty, let’s get going!” Sophia grabbed Ari’s hand again and dragged the uncooperative girl through the portal to her mansion.

“I hate you…” It was all the black-haired girl could say in return before being forced through the portal.

"I'm still unsure if I love or hate the way the two get along…" Anna's expression turned a little complicated again.

“Ahaha…” Maya scratched her cheek. “Should I also hold your hand when we go through the portal?”

“That’s not the point!”

“Unless my point was to get a reaction out of you~.” The cat-girl smirked at her, then went ahead and grabbed her hand anyway, and the two also went through the portal.

“I hate you…” The princess had a rather similar reaction to her girlfriend.



“…” Arriving in the living room and noticing Fey, and much more so Mira, Anna and Ari had been rendered utterly speechless.

“Yup.” Chloe could only smile while slowly nodding a few times.

“S-Sophia!” The jaguar stared at the blonde with wide-open eyes. “W-Was that really healing magic you used on me earlier?! Because I think I’m hallucinating right now!”

“Everything you’re seeing right now is actually happening.”

“There’s just no way that can be possible!” She got louder. “M-Mira is sitting on that sofa there!” She pointed at the teal fox. “T-That’s the g-goddess of magic!”

Overseer of magic, my dear~.” The nine-tailed fox smiled at her.

“I-I’m very sorry!” Ari's entire body, from the tip of her tail all the way to her ears, flinched, and she quickly hid herself behind Sophia next to her. “W-Why is the o-overseer of magic here?!”

“Would you stop acting so adorable?” The blonde couldn’t believe how the slightly shivering girl was clutching her shoulders from behind while peeking her head over one side.

“S-Sophia…?” Anna didn’t seem much less shocked. “I-I, uhh… w-what?”

“Nice sentence.” Maya gave her a thumbs up.

“S-Shush!” Her face turned red. “T-This is Mira! Why is she here?! Why is the overseer of magic here?! Why do you know her?! EH?!”

“Better.” The cat-girl gave her a second thumbs up, as well.

“Chloe, would you do the honors and explain what is going on?” Sophia had no intention of doing that.

“W-Why me?!” The pink fox wasn’t a fan of the plan.

“Because you are the definite centerpiece of everything here. For once, I am innocent! I am absolutely and FULLY unrelated to all of this!” She sounded really happy about this.

“Urgh…” Chloe had nothing to defend herself with. It was true, after all. “Anna, Ari, this is my mother Feyfey.” She pointed at the full fox. “Or Fey, or her full name, Feyanis.”

“I am pleased to meet both of you.” She slightly nodded at both of them.

“L-Likewise…” The couple was completely overwhelmed.

“And, this, uhh…” The pink fox then gestured at the teal one and paused for a moment. "W-Well, this is Mira, the overseer of magic… It seems like you were aware of that already, though… It turned out that she’s also, err… my other mother.”

“I am also very pleased to meet you.” Mira smiled at the two. “I’m honored to meet such an important person as the first princess of this nation.” She was a playful one.

“…” The two went utterly silent.

“It’s not like I hid it, okay…?” Chloe tried to explain herself. "I also just found out about that myself. I’m still pretty angry, too!” She lightly glared at her parents before continuing. “If you are shocked, try to imagine how I feel about this!”

“We are deeply sorry…” Mira and Fey apologized again.


"Y-You really are trying to tell us that… that M-Mira is your mother…?” Ari right looked at her. “Wait… Fey… Feyanis… The coloring of her fur…” She changed her attention to the full fox next to Fen and Aura. “S-She also has statues in all the shrines dedicated to M-Mira I’ve seen so far!”

“And I still hate you for that…” The full fox stared at the teal one while slowly shaking her head.

"It's not like that was my idea, you know? It's also not my fault we look this good together that people felt the need to make statues of both of us."


“What is going on here?!” The jaguar finally snapped. “Mira is here?! You all know her?! Everyone’s acting like it’s the most natural thing ever?! Chloe is the daughter of an overseer?!”

“What she said!” Anna reacted with a couple of big nods. "I've never heard that overseers have children!"

“It is not something that is supposed to happen.” The teal fox looked at the princess. “At least, not like that.” Her eyes wandered between Chloe and Fey a few times. “Still, as I, thanks to my position, have absolute control over magic, Fey and I decided to bend the rules a little. I mean, I have to abide by most rules of magic, but I'm also responsible for making them and ensuring they are followed. So…" She didn’t finish her sentence.

“We also regret absolutely nothing.” Fey was glad they did what they did. “Well, maybe for the part where we kept it a secret… That was a bit of a mistake in retrospect.”

Maybe?!” The pink fox instantly got loud. "A bit of a mistake?!”

"A massive mistake!” The full fox changed her wording.

“Minus 17 points for that.” She got upset again.

"A-Ah…” Fey hung her head. “What is my score right now?”

"A negative eleven!”

“It can be negative?!” She raised her voice. “Also, what’s the math behind that?”

“It absolutely can! It’s negative eleven because I just said so!”

“I am deeply sorry…”


“Girls, focus!” The jaguar still had many questions.

“It is true.” Mira looked at her. “Chloe is the daughter of Fey and me. We wanted her so much that I bent my own rules a little. We also thought it would be best to keep it a secret because of the many implications it would have.”

“Minus 17 points for you, as well!”

“Why?!” The overseer didn’t like that. “I’m just explaining what happened!”

“Exactly! And you just made me hear it again!”

“I am deeply sorry…” She had the same reaction as Fey.


“As you can see,” The teal fox faced Ari again. “We’ve hurt her a lot with this decision. We wanted to protect her and tried to make her life easier by me not being a part of it, but…”


That.” Mira gestured at her daughter. “We made an inexcusable mistake, no matter how hard we’ll try, but I’m now here with her because I want to try my best and make up even a little for the pain I caused.”

“Wow.” Ari wasn’t sure what else to say.

“Is that the actual reason Chloe's magic has increased by so much lately?" Anna glanced at the girl in question. “As some sort of gift?”

“Indirectly, I guess…”

“What does that mean?” The princess tilted her head.

“Well,” She tilted her head. “I had also taken a liking to Steph and decided to bless her with a portion of your magic.”

“You’re also her daughter?!” Anna completely misunderstood it.

“No!” Steph shook her head. “I wouldn’t be dating Chloe, then!”

"A-Ah, right... F-Fair point."

“No, we aren’t related.” Mira smiled at the tall tiger. “I just found our dog here quite interesting and decided to let her have some more fun~.” She let out a lot of details.

“Wow.” Anna wasn’t sure what else to say. “Wait a moment!” She then focused her attention on the fellow tiger in the room.

“I have not been blessed by Mira.” The blonde already knew where this was going and cut her short.

“Ahh… It would’ve explained a lot, though.”

“Sophia.” Ari had recovered enough to notice something odd in her wording. “Who blessed you?”

“A-Ah…” She averted her face. “Err… Y-You wouldn’t know him… He’s an, uhh… a rather minor figure in the grand scheme of things…”

“Wait, it’s true?!” Anna sounded really surprised. “Who is it?! They’re an overseer, so they can’t be a minor figure!”

“He’s a bit of a pain and can really go on your nerves, so I doubt you can do anything with that information, but he’s called Ca… Huh, what was it again? Right, he’s called Canir or something like that.”

“?!” The couple couldn't react in spoken words any longer and just stared at her with gigantic eyes and wide-open mouths.








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