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/ Series / Boosted Restart – A new chance in a different world
Boosted Restart – A new chance in a different world
Boosted Restart – A new chance in a different world
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4.7 (542 ratings)
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The sequel, -Boosted Continuation-, is out!!!

Sophia wasn’t happy with her life after having made some wrong decisions. Introverted and shy to the point it even hindered her from having basic interactions, she felt lonely from being unable to talk with women at all, the only gender she’s interested in.

The girl wanted to better herself, but Sophia couldn’t do so without help after all this time. This changed when she got into an accident that led to the end of the life she hated so much.

Someone calling himself an ‘overseer of worlds’ decided to save her from certain death. He gave her a second chance in a different world where even magic exists. He also ‘blessed’ her with many so-called boosts to make her life easier. Sophia took this chance and asked him to become more outgoing, confident, and the likes.

The overseer didn’t stop there, though. He boosted every emotion and personality trait, whether positive or negative. Her physical stats were no exception, either. To make things worse, those boosts also weren’t overly reliable. They occasionally overcompensated or even failed.

Sophia worked hard to deal with her new and complicated situation while doing her best in the new world. Exploring places, learning magic, finally finding friends, and possibly more while having a slow and easygoing life overflowing with fluff.

Unfortunately, she learned magic from a highly overpowered, easygoing, and somewhat unreliable teacher who became the girl’s first friend. This not only destroyed the last bit of her common sense, but Sophia’s application of magic became rather sloppy, causing one weird incident after another.

She met many new friends and had an easygoing life filled with fluff 96% of the time. Still, her vast powers and the lack of common sense, combined with her being beyond carefree while rarely thinking about the consequences of her actions, made her life anything but slow.

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(Work in Progress, might be scuffed)

Most of the time, once you managed to get through the first ~20 chapters (and the parts where humans are involved), this story is the embodiment of FLUFF. Still, it can get a little suggestive without beating around the bush at times much later on. There's no actual NSFW stuff and nothing descriptive, either. Still, it will be clear that any couple has an active sex life that gets some mentions, including a few details, every now and then. The girls can be a little thirsty at times.

AdventureComedyFantasyGirls LoveIsekaiRomanceSlice of Life
Alternate World Animal Characteristics Appearance Changes Appearance Different from Actual Age Beast Companions Beastkin Bickering Couple Carefree Protagonist Cute Story Dense Protagonist Easy Going Life Fantasy World Female Protagonist Identity Crisis Lack of Common Sense Magic Misunderstandings Modern Knowledge Overpowered Protagonist Personality Changes Playful Protagonist Protagonist Loyal to Love Interest Transmigration Transported into Another World Unreliable Narrator
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    Status: chapter 66 – new sensations

    Let's see first disclaimer I don't write review options and try to keep them as objective as possible so my personal enjoyment isn't a huge factor in them. With that out of the way onto the review.

    Plot N/A:

    • Since this is a character driven slice of life I'm not going to include it in my rating. But if you want any details it's mostly used to further character development and give them direction and is overall unimportant to the story as a whole.

    Characters: 5 stars

    • Since this is a slice of life I'll be focusing on this subject a lot
    • Overall: All the characters minus the humans are at least likeable and I consider the characters a strong suit of the series. 
    • Humans: The humans are intentionally annoying and while exaggerated their superiority complex seems to stem from the fact that they're super weak and are overcompensating due to feeling of inferiority which makes sense in it's own way. 
    • Sophie: The protagonist of the series her over the top emotions are written in a way that makes them endearing rather than annoying and she's just plain cute overall. I find her struggles relatable due to my own experiences and that adds to my enjoyment of the series. While she is OP and tends to show it off due to her impulsiveness she doesn't let it go to her head and doesn't feel like a self insert due to having an ACTUAL PERSONALITY. Shocker am I right. Her outbursts come off as cute rather than annoying so I've gotta give props to the author for pulling that off as it's not easy to do so.
    • Female Lead: Without spoiling stuff the relationship between Sophie and the female lead is adorable and they are perfect for each other. There's none of the rampant (and often pointless) toxicity that is present in way to many romance novels. Even before they get together their relationship is great and fun to watch. More importantly it doesn't feel dragged out up to the confession like many romance novels do.
    • Fen: Despite being pretty much the third wheel once the female lead shows up he genuinely cares about sophie and the female lead and comes off as sort of a cool older brother type rather than a teacher.
    • Minor Characters: While not much time is spent on developing the minor characters they are all fun in their own right

    World 4 stars: 

    • Magic: The magic system is somewhat interesting but not super unique. Pretty much anything is possible with magic assuming you have enough magic energy and a good visualization as proven by Sophie numerous times but most people don't seem to get that. Even the female lead doesn't understand that until she runs into Fen and Sophie. Magic seems to be finicky in some ways in that it takes what you want to do very literally. I can't go into any details without spoilers but it does cause trouble for the MC a few times. 
    • Setting: It's your typical high fantasy setting, many races, castles, villages ect. So while not super creative it fits and it's not really meant to be the focus of the series anyways.

    Pacing: 5 stars

    • Pacing is an essential aspect of any story a poorly paced story can feel many times it's length or unnecessarily short. That being said the pacing is great it didn't give the whole "get on with it already" feel but didn't feel that rushed either. There were a few minor places where the pacing was off but overall it's a solid 5 stars.

    Spelling and Grammar: 4

    • I didn't notice any glaring typos and the grammar was solid. There were a few minor typos here and there but many of those were quickly corrected by the author when pointed out. The ones left over were so minor that they didn't really take away from the story or my ability to read smoothly.

    Speed and consistency of updates:  5

    • The author keeps up a solid pace of 1 chapter every 1-2 days and the chapters are a more than reasonable length and quality for that pace. Cliffhangers are kept to a minimum as well.

    Overall rating 4.6 / 5 rounded up to 5

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    30 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 65 – Itchy

    A fun novel to read. The main character is OP, but the interactions between her and the other characters makes it enjoyable (especially Maya). The romance takes quite a long time to get fully going but once it does it is worth it.

    One thing that I've heard that people don't like is that the "human race" in this novel are annoying. Basically, they are super arrogant and idiotic, despite, more or less, being the weakest race. Personally, though, I quite enjoyed that aspect. It made me feel the world more real - not every race is super positive and happy. It also makes it so there is overwhelmingly more fluff rather than normal humans in the story.

    Regarding personality changes - this is, for me, what made this novel stand out from the rest. These "overcompensating" personality lines made it much more fun to read Sophia's journey. How she sometimes got super embarrassed and her brain just turned into mush for a while was hilarious for me.

    I recommend you try reading it for yourself to see if you like it.

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    25 Likes · Like
    Status: the newest, with the power...

    I think that there could be many things that some people (especially those from RoyalRoad) would have to critique on this story. How it's "too OP", how the story is "shallow". But well, I think that this story is for a different audience, one which doesn't expect convoluted story lines and deep philosophical meaning.

    If you actually take your time to read it, you will notice how the story is just the scaffolding, just deep enough not to feel cheap and be actually kind of engaging, but remaining slow and in the background. The story is driven forward at their leisure, for it is only the support to the nice fluff. And honestly, a lot of stories suffer from the problem, that they HAVE to have an ending or devolve into a mockery of themselves without a LOT of balancing.

    This story denounces these distracting elements to mere background scenery. I honestly think that this could go on for a 1000 chapters and still be good. If there will not be personal problems for the author, this has the potential to be a very long running story.

    Before you read it, know your preferences. The fact that you like the story-heavy stories doesn't mean that you won't like this one, it can feel like a refresher. If you don't like it from the beginning, read about thirty chapters out, where the base power level is established and there the story picks up the pace that it keeps for the rest of it's run. If you like it at that point, continue. If you don't, well, you now know your personal preference.

    Anyway, very nice, great art, especially later on where @Teanam establishes a consistent artist.

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    24 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 121

    Fluff galore ✔️

    Funny juice ✔️

    Me likey

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    22 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 1 – prologue

    Simple concept and extremely  wholesome. Had some great laugh

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    17 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 98 – sophia and anna

    It's a good read If you enjoy other world OP MCs with humour and a bit of romance mixed in. No need to hesitate. Just Start reading. You wont be sorry

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    16 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 237 – cats and foxes

    This is a funny and fluffy story.

    The characters and tropes are all over exagareted but never feel like too much. Main character is OP to the point common sence gets destroyed. The bad humans are so bad and have a very weird look or reality, this makes them think they are on top of the food chain while in reality they get mistaken for insects, they are fun to read a couple of times and that is luckily How often they have been in the story in total (and most likely will be).

    Most of the cast exist out of wolves and feline-girls. Each with their own personality and likes and dislikes. Most of the cast members end up in a monogamious relationship with another of the main cast. Meaning that lots of flirting and fluff happens in the dialoge, yet it does not get anoying or irritating.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 136 – being hated stings

    actually as far as op characters go, she is op, yes, but she is amusing and has issues

    there are plenty of adorable moments

    cute is justice!

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 387

    The pace of this story is truly fantastic. It is an emotional rollercoaster in the best way possible and manages to keep the reader interested in the story. There is simply so much to praise it for that I feel any review I post would be inadequate.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 181 – heating ore

    5 Star all the way! Cuteness fluff heaven {^_^} Reality stays outside. 

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