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380.7k Views 4417 Favorites 163 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 1291 Readers 5 Reviews 528.3k Words Feb 14, 2020 bananapink
Waking up one morning and finding out that the ruin and rise of the kingdom is a choice that hers to make... Sterne could only think of one thing: Total headache!... more>>
316.7k Views 3435 Favorites 93 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 1344 Readers 4 Reviews 193.6k Words Jan 29, 2020 Azrie
Kuro, filled with regret; having a promise to accomplish. At the border of death he makes a wish. Waking up in a familiar but unfamiliar world.... more>>
272.5k Views 4949 Favorites 154 Chapters 4 Chapters/Week 977 Readers 5 Reviews 331.8k Words Feb 8, 2020 AhraManyu
The man who had been granted many names. They were not all bright. Some called him the Savior, others slandered him as the Devil.... more>>
226.3k Views 1939 Favorites 72 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 746 Readers 3 Reviews 106.3k Words Nov 2, 2019 LazyBoi
There existed nothing before the Great Dao. No time-space, no life only the eternal Void. For trillions and trillions of years, the void has always stayed empty. One day the void gave birth to one and only entity a boy.... more>>
179.3k Views 768 Favorites 158 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 419 Readers 1 Reviews 114.6k Words Jan 27, 2020 Immovable87
The Harem King. ^_^... more>>
166.9k Views 1601 Favorites 87 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 577 Readers 1 Reviews 76.5k Words Jan 12, 2020 Qiaoyi_Meili
Gu Jiao who always wish for familial love was extremely hardworking, acting as a well-behaved child in front of her father, while scheming against her elder brother, although her IQ was not high, with the help and coax of her mother, she was able to played dirty tricks. Constantly being encouraged by her mother's warm feelings, the braver she got. When she met with a mishap, her mother abandoned her, leaving her and her younger brother and escaped to a faraway place, leaving Gu Jiao alone to bear the crime and get kick out of the Li family. ... more>>
154.9k Views 2446 Favorites 72 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 816 Readers 1 Reviews 73k Words Jun 12, 2019 Khiricastares
Falling in love with a lesbian can be difficult. Especially when you’re a man and she’s also your boss. Sadly, looking like a woman doesn’t mean you are one and the consolation prize is a slow death. But, there is always someone watching from above and before death there is one last chance for a wish. Even if the being offering has a poor grip on reality and a penchant for nudity, a wish is a wish. How much of yourself would you give up to wish upon a star?
But please remember, fairy-tales don’t exist. They’re made.... more>>
134.4k Views 1071 Favorites 37 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 634 Readers 0 Reviews 64.4k Words Feb 2, 2020 Ruiso
I finally finished my character to start playing the first ever, full drive, vrmmojrpg, but when I was initializing, my game crashed and everything goes dark. When I came back, I was in middle of a forest, I have my character and my starting Items... Why is a Devil Fruit inside my dimmentional storage? There is another rainbow colored fruit and a seed, along with the normal stuff like the water bottle... What is going on...... more>>
122.4k Views 1208 Favorites 85 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 628 Readers 8 Reviews 172.9k Words Sep 24, 2019 Rapture_edge
An alien race invaded the Earth on June 6, 2128. At the midst of this war, many nations allied with the alien threat and the war nearly wiped out the rebelling humans of the planet. At the edge of mankind’s survival, the United Nations Army launched its forces to eliminate the immediate stellar threats that loomed over Earth.... more>>
77.7k Views 753 Favorites 34 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 585 Readers 3 Reviews 183.6k Words Feb 15, 2020 MagicalDucky
"Starting from today, I'm gonna have a carefree life in the capital."... more>>
63.1k Views 1236 Favorites 41 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 649 Readers 1 Reviews 96k Words Jan 24, 2020 PrinceCorwin
A young woman by the name of Elena wakes up one morning to a blue screen in front of her. ... more>>
44.1k Views 915 Favorites 101 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 348 Readers 2 Reviews 112.6k Words Feb 18, 2020 yansusustories
*updates every Tuesday and Thursday*
When the orphaned Yun Bei Fen becomes a disciple of the Teng Yong Sect and meets his senior martial brother... more>>
37.8k Views 365 Favorites 13 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 558 Readers 0 Reviews 70.8k Words Feb 6, 2020 migele
D&D 3.5 based Isekai.
A sum of all classes I ever played.
Plenty of Rules bending and some Homebrew.
A LitRPG where votes change the setting.
Generic Gender Bender with a salary man that does not care any more.
Genres and Tags will be added as choices are made and votes are cast.
The project is ready, the homunculus is about to be unleashed upon the world.... more>>
35k Views 637 Favorites 110 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 216 Readers 4 Reviews 199.1k Words Feb 17, 2020 mrandmrsmooncat
Meet Hana, a not-so young clumsy housewife, who got lost in a different world when she stepped out for a short grocery shopping session. How can this aunty survive without skills or even a 'golden finger'? What actually can a housewife do besides cooking and cleaning? There's nobody around at all, so she can't even scheme. Is she destined to die in a foreign place full of trees as a side character? Or will she step up and find her own 'edge' in order to survive? Follow her colorful journey and her struggles to carve up a humble abode (sojourn) which she could call her own while awaiting for the beloved of her life to... more>>
31.5k Views 447 Favorites 20 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 324 Readers 0 Reviews 29.1k Words Nov 10, 2019 Milk.Milkan
That sure sounds easy. Go where you want, do what you want. If you'll meet some goddess on a way - would be nice to... more>>
29.6k Views 386 Favorites 20 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 265 Readers 0 Reviews 85.7k Words Dec 7, 2019 MountTaiUnleashed
I am the alpha and the omega~... more>>
25k Views 339 Favorites 37 Chapters 4 Chapters/Week 293 Readers 0 Reviews 35.5k Words 5 hours ago 0xReki
Meet Swift Mittens who just got reincarnated as a 10-year-old catling after a traffic accident. Having just woken up in a new world with no real explanation, our kitten shows he lacks any common sense whatsoever while he tries to cope with his situation as good as he can: being alone in the middle of nowhere, with no shelter, no food — but with a kind of gaming interface and his not so helpful knowledge from playing MMOs. A good start to an adventure… or it would be an adventure if he didn’t hole himself up in the forest!... more>>
24.4k Views 392 Favorites 21 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 278 Readers 1 Reviews 63.5k Words Nov 22, 2019 tiaf
MAN X MAN you are warned!... more>>
24.1k Views 144 Favorites 44 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 286 Readers 0 Reviews 105.1k Words Feb 8, 2020 cud-b-better
This is a story about Yuichi Shiro a narcissistic idiot. Whom by a twist of fate is knocked down in a traffic accident (mostly caused by his own stupidity). His soul ends up in Purgatory, a place on the outskirts of the Underworld. There, he is greeted by a reaper, whom he must defeat in a game to win back his life. He succeeds. Now revived how will Yuichi handle the issues of his new life, and the friends and enemies that come along with it.... more>>
21.6k Views 253 Favorites 60 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 217 Readers 1 Reviews 62k Words 11 hours ago ark125x
Rebecca Thornson suddenly found herself in another world and must struggle to survive … except being in this otherworld is surprisingly easy? The diary of an otherworlder who bulldozes through problems easily becoming a reknowned hero. Magic? Simple to learn. Monsters? Delicious EXP. Enjoy a light story about a girl all too ready to take on the challenge of being a hero. ... more>>
21k Views 180 Favorites 16 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 165 Readers 6 Reviews 14.3k Words Feb 2, 2019 Bluebery
A Demon Lord got bored of his own world because he couldn’t find a worthy enemy, thus decided to go meet the God of Reincarnation himself.
He told the God that he wanted to be reborn in a different world as the member of the weakest race.
With an awesome cheatskill!
And unlimited plot armor and of course, the lack of common sense!... more>>
19.6k Views 153 Favorites 10 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 310 Readers 0 Reviews 16.9k Words Oct 9, 2019 abelousov
From New York to a cold river, James wakes up naked. He learns that unlimited power may not solve all his problems, but it does... more>>
17.3k Views 232 Favorites 20 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 228 Readers 0 Reviews 30.7k Words Feb 10, 2020 yobyoby18
In his first life, Daron was a nerd, in his second life he was an explorer, now in his third, he wanted to be powerful.... more>>
15.7k Views 161 Favorites 41 Chapters 6 Chapters/Week 123 Readers 2 Reviews 53.4k Words Feb 18, 2020 VictorWeismann
An earth mortal has reincarnated as heir to the Otsutsuki Clan. Accompany his journey in a celestial world that contains several characters from Animes. Follow your journey with your family in this world.... more>>
14.4k Views 24 Favorites 79 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 99 Readers 0 Reviews 170.9k Words Jan 28, 2019 Vertrex
A new baby is born into a fantasy world, and that baby is named Lakshman Reddy, whose nickname is Lucky. The story follows as the... more>>