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Life Hunter
Life Hunter
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4.2 (265 ratings)
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Arimane Blade was a living legend. He had been granted many names. They were not all bright. Some hailed him as a messiah, others slandered him as the Devil. A man that was feared by all even as a simple mortal.

One day like any other, decades after his retirement, an old god informed him that he had been killed by mistake and offered him a chance to start a new life with a younger body. Where? A place where fantasies are reality and where everything is possible.

This is where the story of the most legendary human started. People couldn't find a name for such a controversial being. Instead, they began to call him by his first and most fitting title: 'The Kind Demon'

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyIsekaiPsychologicalSchool LifeSupernatural
Ability Steal Accelerated Growth Adventurers Age Progression Alchemy Angels Animal Characteristics Antihero Protagonist Appearance Changes Appearance Different from Actual Age Brainwashing Calm Protagonist Carefree Protagonist Caring Protagonist Death Dragons Elves Evil Gods Gods Legends Mythology Strong to Stronger
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    Status: c10

    If you prefer novels that skip the process and jumps straight into the stage, the climax without buildup, this one is for you. 

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    Status: 113. “why not.”

    I really enjoyed this novel.

    The author managed to write an awesome novel with an interesting story containing an MC with an actual backstory which we can discover throughout the novel. The comrades of the MC are also well written with their own personalities.

    While the MC is indeed overpowered, he still feels like an actual person with a well written personality and a deep history, which is unfortunately hardly the case in most other novels with an op MC.

    The writing itself is pretty good. While there are some little grammatical errors or simple typing mistakes, they are so few that it does not have an impact on the immersion of the reader.

    Please note that this review only mirrors my personal opinion which might or might not differ from yours.

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    Status: c0

    I haven't read this story on this site, but I have read the full thing over on Webnovel. And I must say, it was superbly executed. The author takes your standard isekai trope and evolves it.

    In the first couple of chapters, you're lead on to believe that the MC is simply going to learn all of the secret techniques/crazy magical powers, and is now at the top of the universe. But then, the worldview expands. He meets new foes with similar, if not crazier power spectrums. The author never fails to make these foes uninteresting either. I won't say that all of these people elevated his purpose/abilities/character, but I liked them nonetheless.

    Also, for a character that originates on the whole 'isekai' premise, I honest to goodness love this guy. He's this quirky overpowered dude that carts around his reluctant party members, but at the same time, he's more than that. We later learn of his backstory, (which actually has relevance, which I love) and what he went through in the past. Later on in the book, he gets, what I call, a 'slap in the face from reality'. His friends note that his actions are wrong, and he reflects. His mental issues were addressed as well, and I would like to believe that they got better.

    Most importantly, the author represents his mental issues as not 'cool' or as a character trait, but as something that is an issue that can be addressed.

    The supporting characters have relevance to the overarching scheme of things, and they have clear cut personalities. (I personally like Layla a lot. Hahaha, I feel the hate coming.)

    I could go on and on, but I felt that these were some of my favorite aspects of the novel. I will not say that this is perfect, as I myself see this as an insult. But it was an extremely enjoyable piece of writing, full of plot twists and riveting plot points.

    (Sorry, this ended up being pretty long.)

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    Status: 17. “you’re not human.”

    It’s an OK story. 


    The dialogue is choppy and I feel like sometimes the story misses a few steps but moves on anyway.

    His magic is poorly explained, I feel it’d be better to say he used latin to project his will or intent of the spell into magic.

    He goes to this elven princess and says, “hey I read you want to be in an alliance with humans (even though they do their best to enslave you and you can’t do much about it if they are allowed to get even closer with you)... How about I help?” I felt this was kind of stupid to do in a novel you can do absolutely anything you want as a result of being the most powerful thing you’ve encounter so far. (His soul pet dragon was said to be rank seven for beasts and MC beat him with 50% of his power only using 20% of his mana). 

    I do enjoy the fantasy setting and will continue to read hoping for better quality.


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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: 39. “let’s begin.”

    This should probably be titled something like 'Life of a protagonist who is so overpowered there is absolutely nothing that can seriously threaten him'

    Seriously.... there is no sense of apprehension/suspense about 'how will he get through this'.... 

    Might as well read a story about going grocery shopping trying to get the best prices.. it might generate a bit more apprehension/suspense on how you would find them than this novel does on it's protagonist and his scenarios...

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: c70ish

    Been a while since I dropped this, but I saw it pop up in trending and had to write a review. The main character is the most badass of badasses in this setting and there is no comparison to him. There were some interesting aspects to the story, and if you are hard up for entertainment, it is definitely readable, but the content is pretty boring as the stakes are very low (or at least it feels that way). I like overpowered main characters, but this is beyond just being overpowered. It's silly.

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    3 Likes · Like

    just binged the 5 available chapters, gotta say that I enjoyed it. You forgo the tiresome "adjustment phase" that all reincarnation stories suffer from these days (e.x. MC asks stupid questions, is completely amazed at every little thing, or makes ridiculous and ret*rded choices) and the story is better for it. Its explained well that the MC is an apathetic, 130ish year old war veteran and nothing really ruffles his feathers.

    i did subtract 1 star tho because the MC seems almost uninterested in the crazy possibilities this new world offers, and there really is no motivation or plot for the MC to follow in the beginning either. The story kinda has an extremly abrupt entrance into his "new world" (wich I personaly enjoy)

    take that criticism with a grain of salt because its only 5 chapters in and everything can change.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: c81

    I love the story, its very entertaining and the MC is strong but isn't annoying. Great read I heavly recommend it.

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    Status: 34. “why are you here?”

    by this point "34" everything feels very flat and bland, MC is OP which is ok, problem is that this is pretty much pure action with nothing else, considering his OPness I am almost sure he wont lose or even get injured much, nothing a couple of days can't fix. He has a animal sidekick who could potentially add to the story but unfortunately only tells us how uncommon the MC is and OP, so can't care about him. Stories like these with OP protagonists have to have something else going for them since all fights are predictable, some stories focus on slice of life while others like One Punch Man have comedy and  shows other characters fighting and struggling considering that once Saitama punches its over. I feel it's unfair to rate this story while only reading a tenth of the total and I hope I get back to this and write a review after finishing it all, though I cant just binge read this, it just doesn't hook me in. 

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: a heart holds more meaning...

    Its a rinse and repeat type of novel. If the execution of the plot was different and unique I wouldve given 4 or 5 stars. 

    The idea is good. It has enough twists to make it interesting. The only poblem is the "get stronger and win" style is painstakingly used over and over again. 


    Personally though. I like the flashback arc the best and it carried the whole novel by itself. If there wasnt any flashback arc.. I wouldve dropped this and rated it 1 star.


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