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/ Series / A God Killed Me By Accident, But I Got The Chance To Reincarnate As The 4th Son Of A Marquis.
A God Killed Me By Accident, But I Got The Chance To Reincarnate As The 4th Son Of A Marquis.
A God Killed Me By Accident, But I Got The Chance To Reincarnate As The 4th Son Of A Marquis.
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4.5 (47 ratings)
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“Please Forgive me!!!”

In front of Luis Shin was a man of unparalleled beauty bowing his head down in forgiveness. He was killed due to a blunder by this man. However, he was given the chance to reincarnate in another world. A new world? That means there are new ingredients I can use!

*This is a slow paced and carefree novel I wrote.
*Also posting time would be the same as usual ^^
*Posting on royalroad as well

Academy Adventurers Business Management Carefree Protagonist Caring Protagonist Child Protagonist Childhood Friends Cooking Cute Protagonist Demi-Humans Demons Doting Older Siblings Doting Parents Dragons Dwarfs Elves Familial Love Familiars Heartwarming Male Protagonist Reincarnated into Another World Slow Romance Spirit Users Sword And Magic Time Skip
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    New ari-elle
    Status: volume 2 chapter 63: revolution explanation

    The premise is what I look for: heartwarming beginnings, family bonds, cute familiars, some sort of culture development. 

    But.. the execution or decisions made just doesn't keep up with the MC's abilities as a chef who has established restaurants and has had disciples. The cooking is limited to shock factor, without considerations of developing the actual food culture... esp as a Marquis Son. He has convenient magic powers. So much resources. But always suppressed to being a walking pantry, personal chef, unreachable star to non-estate members. Even the town is limited to a steak. For someone who wants to feed people, he doesnt feel bad that most of the towns folk eat poorly... esp with poor quality crops he could help with even without the blessing he has. And maybe it'll get there and ive only complained "too early". But the piled up repetition of revolutionizing elsewhere and flaunting all these badass skills with nothing much to show for in relation to his main job is disappointing... and has actually made me impatient and unwelcoming of other developments that only makes his food more inaccessible to those beyond the estate members.

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    Status: vol 1: chapter 34

    Whats in the novel right now? (Spoilers)

    • Spoiler


    • No romance shown yet. Only family love and stranger's admiration of the MC so far.
    • Mana has somewhat shown what it can do so far.
    • Age progression of MC so far goes from baby to 1 year old in the first 20 chapters (if you don't count the prologue), there is now 12 chapters so far of him being 8 years old.
    • Cooking is plain in the world. MC is a cook in his previous life and is pretty much able to blow anyone's mind away with simple dishes so far.
    • MC is genius at everything he does and is so attractive he gets comments on his appearance every chapter.
    • [collapse]

    Should I read this book?

    • If you are searching for a novel with deep plot, expansive world-building, and realism. Then this novel isn't what you should read.
    • If you are looking for a novel where you smile and laugh while reading a no drama/danger slice of life novel. Then this novel is what you should read. 

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    Status: v2c50

    It's good. It's a novel without any tension whatsoever, which I do enjoy most of the time.

    The novel is about cooking in medieval times. It's got a lot of fluff, and is generally just a feel good novel. Don't come into this expecting tension.

    Things go well the whole time. A little too well, in fact. The MC is born with God given talent, the best at basically everything since he's four, and everyone praises him endlessly. It's to the point where it's unrealistic. At the start, there were some signs that the family was cold, but it immediately disappeared. His brothers, who never got attention from their parents, aren't jealous when he's getting it, or when he's better than them at everything. It's unrealistic.

    The lack of tension and repeating characters make this a bit sloggy to read. The MC has basically already accomplished everything, and the progress is menial at best. Usually the most common format for these types of stories would be the MC building restaurants, innovating etc. And having fun with friends, but here it almost feels like the family gets in the way of his progression. They aren't there to offer anything, just endless praise that gets lame after 2 chapters. No one questions the MC, nor do they have anything decent to say most of the time.

    With all that, when we eventually see the princess, go to the academy and stuff is finally happening, it's like 'oh my God this is so awesome'. Makes me want more of that and less of, well, the sitting at home coming up with new recipes. Some of the chapters literally could be copy pastes with the food name changed and I wouldn't notice one bit.

    The characters... The brothers honestly feel like copy pastes. The father was interesting for a bit... And absolutely everyone else is a copy pasta telling the MC how cute he is.

    When it wants to be good, it's excellent. My problem is that there's too much of it feeling like a slog.

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    Status: c12

    Personal feelings 

    I come looking for about anything readable like a starving man eating about anything with nutrients I too similarly in a way look for anything to sink my 5 second attention span into as I await bad story after bad story to find something bearable to read unexpectedly finding gold in an unexpected piece of crap that is the average scribble hub stories but this is a PAIN not the usual pain though this is not the average short unfinished story I usually see that can be kicked to the side and forgotten about this is an actual good story in a way the story has the same traits as the main character but is painfully short although if this pace keeps up for even 15 days an acceptable amount of chapters will be their but as I have found this story in its infancy I have no choice but to elevate my standards of other things I can no longer look at everything I have been reading out of boredom for I see nothing but inferior quality normally I let something that has potential sit in a stasis state until I read it gaining more mass to be consumed at a later date but here I had a major miss calculation in my judgement to my fortune and misfortune I only can hope my passion filled review can inspire the author to indulge my greed with more chapters consistently

    actual rating/the good 


    normally a books first couple chapters are the equivalent of a essay's hook and literally has this hooked me the story might as well have impaled with several hundred hooks I have been covered in several nets every chapter seems to be seamlessly strung together as if planed and thought out heavily and perfectly written as if the creator has been ruminating consideration and maybe even pondering how to connect up every detail perfectly every way of writing has been done in perfectly normally one may use time skips to as the name implies skip the hard part instead of using it as it should be moving along the plot and boring recurring parts of a story this story so far seems to use this method use it bad however as I can no longer read this as of writing I can not continue reading as c12 is currently the last however I assume that it wont be the last

    actual rating/the bad

    It is a story based off some common plot points when summarized and rounded down to the bare bones while this may be a turn down to some if it is ok it is ok and not a problem while some things are uncommon such as the god being kind and remorseful it is not a bad uncommon and more of an strange artistic choice that separates this from other novels 


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    Status: volume 2 chapter 54: fashion show

    This is a wonderful story. Very wholesome in each chapter. No unnecessary family drama that sometimes comes in stories with nobility. 

    There are some known cliches like MC being praised by everyone all the time but I expected that before starting and I have throughly enjoyed this story. 

    This is more slice of life story. MC does have access to fantasy elements like sword and magic but it is not the focus at all till now. It's a very relaxed story just focused on how MC brings joy to people around him with his unique skills

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: c22

    I have read around 22 chapters. I must say, the novels is one of the most wholesome novels I have read. The period where he was a child was amazing, I usually dont like novels where the MC starts as a child. But this novel has changed my taste. Thanks for the new experience author! Best of luck with this novel. I hope you keep writing these amazing chapters...

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