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Inexorable Chaos
Inexorable Chaos
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4.5 (233 ratings)
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Gods are, generally speaking, not fans of directly putting their fingers on the scale. This is for a variety of reasons, ranging from cautioun to amusement, but is generally because after a few hundred millennia and enough prayers to fill a hollow Earth, you're bound to learn the art of delegation. Luckily, among the unwashed masses, there exist the exceptional, the gifted, those with the potential to become Heroes.

Useful pawns.

Thus, the Gods adopted a more laissez-faire policy.

Quasi Eludo has been a Hero. He did the whole "save the world” rigmarole, came home, and mulled over his magical journey. It was amazing! A whole lifetime as the destined savior, with magic and monsters, love and adventure, lifelong friendships and heartfelt goodbyes. There was so much, and yet, gone so soon.

It wasn’t enough. It was never enough. He wanted to do it again. And where wants coincide, there's a market, so he sold his services to the lazy, wanton Gods.
Quasi Eludo, Hero for Hire. [No world too big, no quest too small]

Now, after countless subjective centuries of Hero-ing, and several awkward conversations with the IRS, an odd God has come to Quasi with a unique request: Destroy a world, minimum payment of several million dollars on completion.

Quasi sees no reason not to accept.

*$50,000 USD minimum charge plus expenses for all fetch quests. Extermination requests subject to environmental review.

Parental Warning: Contains descriptions of nudity and lizard sex. No eldritch abominations were molested in the writing of this novel.

All characters are fictional. Any resemblance to actual Gods, Deities, or Discord server members is purely coincidental regardless of how accurately they are described.

Alternate World Antihero Protagonist Army Army Building Carefree Protagonist Childish Protagonist Cunning Protagonist Dragons Fantasy World Gods Heroes Multiple POV Necromancer Perverted Protagonist Summoned Hero Sword And Magic Weak to Strong Zombies
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 28

    This book is very VERY frustrating. The constant POV change makes the story pacing grind to a halt. There are so many POV changes that in the first 7 chapters there is 5 POV changes. And thats not counting the 3rd person narration sprinkled through out them chapters. The Author states that this book has constant POV changes but damn brah. It's not needed, at all.

    I stuck with this story for as long as I did because I love the premise and MC. I even like the MCs best friend. But the female side characters are trash. So trash that I started skipping their POV paragraphs entirely. And thats when I thought "why am I reading this book where I have to skip 2/3s of the chapter to make it enjoyable."

    So at chapter 28 I will be dropping this book.  My advice to the author: you don't need all the POV changes. Expecialy if the POV change is just a 2nd person perspective describing what the MC just did. We as the reader have to read the event twice which makes the pace of the book turn tedious.

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    Status: Chapter 201 – 75 Gaw: Accidents Happen

    The review would higher if the story could just focus on MCs story more.

    Honestly there are so many POVs and they just slow the mains story to a crawl because it'll be two or three chapters with the main character and then we take a 2+ chapter detour over and over. There are at least 3 other characters with constantly recurring POVs and I barely care about one of them because he has a pre-existing relationship with the MC. If the other two were completely trimmed that would be a massive improvement, though it would also cut almost 50% of the novel.

    Another problem with this is that with any Isekai novel there is the "getting used to the isekai world and its mechanics" portion. This gets repeated multiple times on mechanics of this new world for the characters in the different POVs. Now this makes sense that it needs to happen for those characters, but we don't need to be told the same concept over and over as the audience. Just let us assume they have been told this sh*t by someone at some point not included in the novel at some point so we don't have to be re-told over and over.

    If I were rating this as just MCs story I would probably give it 4/5 and if just his friends POV popped up 1/4th of the time or less I might be forgiving of it and not ding the score for it. However with the multiple characters POV popping up that at the time of introduction have little to nothing to do with the MC neither in their past nor present while dragging the story to a crawl is frustrating enough to ding off a full star putting it at 3/5 stars.

    Update for arc 2 Gods at War (GAW) :

    Good news you won't mind the other POVs anymore. They are still there, but the main story has degraded so much in quality that now the other POVs are no longer inferior and the whole story can't even pass off as somewhat enjoyable for the most part to just pretty much unenjoyable for the vast majority.

    There is a 2 year timeskip and we are told barely anything about what has happened and MC pretty much abandons everyone from arc 1 except Jessica and instead of taking responsibility he just goes from place to place bumming around.

    Also the "humour" is changed and increased. Now it is constant and there is barely a serious moment, the humour has also changed from us being supposed to laugh with MC to us being supposed to laugh at MC and all in all it has become painfully unfunny.

    With just how much it has changed between arc 1 and arc 2 I am left seriously wondering if this is even the same author behind arc 1. Because of this steep and persistent decline I had to subtract another star bringing this to 2/5 stars. I've literally been trudging through arc 2 with trepidation only in hopes that it picks up and we can at least get the MC POV back to the quality it was at during arc 1.

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    15 Likes · Like
    Status: c75

    Your story is quite good with a anti hero MC, plot between gods and loki as a wildcard.... but aside from MC's and his entourage, other heroes pov are boring af.... and they are very constant too, people would have liked it more as it would only have 1 or 2 for a volume... but that's the only bad thing I can say about this story... other than that, I love it ❤️

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    9 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 237 – 109 gaw: legal system

    i dont get the negative reviews on this.   Like, what are you expecting? Stephen King?  This is Scribble Hub.  You get to read a free book you ungrateful pr!cks.     For new people, this is probably one of the best novels on here, maybe even the best.   The comedy is really good and actually makes me laugh {which is rare}.  The Characters are usually pretty well written and feel very distinct, with their own motivations.  Monsters in this are pretty unique, and the fight scenes are engaging.     Sure, the story will rabbit trail to a side character for a while, but a good story is about more than just one person.   

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 192

    God this is good. This is easily my second favorite series till date but this series contains everything I enjoy reading about complete and utter anything he wants, there is no, protect this protect that. He does whatever the hell he wants and that makes him soo much more entertaining to read about. 

    For those who are reading the comments to see if you would like this series just read like the first 4 chapters. If you like them you will likely like the rest of the story, so celebrations to me reading this novel. 

    Hope the author continue this piece of art cuz its too beautiful

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    Status: c 100

    One of the best story on this site. The only reason the fanbase is small because it's new to this site.

    The multiple POV change is very good, adds depth to the story and makes it interesting, the world building is an added bonus.

    The MC is not presented as a perfect being but as a person full of flaws which is a good thing.

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    6 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 120: ultimate cliffhanger

    This story is the perfect example of why I hate comedy stories. You simply can't take anything about this story seriously its making a joke on its own expense, failing in comedy and in drawing you in. I regret the time I spend on reading it.

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    Status: c54

    This, so far, is a story about an egotistical genius who is thousands of years old and finds life boring, being summoned again as a hero for the 30th time (somewhere between 20-40). This time the world has litrpg elements implemented in it which he has not seen before which he finds interesting so he explores with "vigour". The story contains a lot of jokes which usually involve characters being in absurd situations or the MC doing crazy or weird things because he is an egotistical genius who has a bucket full of screws missing from his head.

    The story also switches between multi people, MC, priestess, General, Hero2, hero3 and some side characters near the main characters. I find the priestess is used to fill gaps in where the MC's POV would be boring which is very well done and enjoyable.

    the general and hero2 are currently separate stories which seems like they will eventually join the MCs group. Their POV stories are alright, I personally am more interested in MC but their stories are interesting but not enough to write a novel about them by themselves, which I guess is why there is multiple main characters.

    all in all I quite like this stroy and will be following it for new chapters

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: c0

    I love this story

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: c140

    I recommend to stop reading this story at chapter 126 after that point the story get worse than it already was not that it was terrible  at the begin I did read up till chapter 126 after that I was skimming chapters and I really hated what happened with the characters the MC is reduced to terrible comedy relief and he folds over and spreads for Jessica because he upgraded mule and is apparently terrified of it and Jessica threatens him every chance she can with it and the time skip was handled horribly but that’s just my preference but the whole story as a whole was flawed because of the multiple povs theirs more of those than MC pov and we know nothing about the MC as a result we know he’s insane and make dumb jokes because he’s a child in a grown man body and that’s it and I couldn’t give a sh$@ about the other people shown in the multiple pov I recommend to everyone to just save the time and skip this one

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