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/ Series / Local Netizen Elf’s Life In Another World
Local Netizen Elf’s Life In Another World
Local Netizen Elf’s Life In Another World
142.1k Views 4401 Favorites 64 Chapters 11 Chapters/Week 941 Readers
4.6 (54 ratings)
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Hanazawa Hanako was a young otaku girl, technically a hikikomori, a degenerate, and a netizen. She died though. (LOL)

So naturally she got yeeted to a fantasy world to save it from the demon king.

When asked what buff she want: ''Just give me the whole Internet then.''

Disclaimer: - First time writing.
- For fun, mostly.
- A light read, for the most part.
Artwork: I made it. Well I didn't make it, the AI did.
This story is currently on ScribbleHub and RoyalRoad. If you somehow see this somewhere else, you're tripping. Or I'm tripping. I don't know.
10 advanced chapters on Patreon:

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyGirls LoveHaremRomanceSmutSupernatural
Academy Aristocracy Army Building Assassins BDSM Beautiful Female Lead Carefree Protagonist Childhood Friends Clingy Lover Confident Protagonist Cunning Protagonist Devoted Love Interests Doting Love Interests Easy Going Life Elves Female Protagonist Firearms Futanari Hidden Abilities R-18
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    New Hasenpfote
    Status: case 57: agent emy and the...

    Very fluffy, slice of life, casual and simple while having great smut scenes and it's easy to immerse yourself. Everytime I finish a chapter I m like "already over? : ("

    The story is decent enough, but I like the bigger focus on characters and their interactions.

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