Case 1: Cannot without the Internet.
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Humanity's twenty-first century so far has seen exponential progress being made in the technological field.

There have been numerous achievements in engineering, communications, medicine, etc. Apart from these, we also witnessed the invention that changed so many things in human life: The Internet.

For most people, the Internet is a great tool for learning or trying out different forms of entertainment, and also for communicating, as there are a variety of social media platforms to choose from.

For the average shut-ins out there, they practically live in cyberspace and gradually have all forms of peculiar knowledge engraved in their brains. Games? Check. Anime? Check. The memes? Check. Hent*i? Check. Weird shitpost on all kinds of forums? Check.

Hanazawa Hanako is also like that, she's been on the Internet every day for almost 9 years, even though she's just a teenager at the age of 16.

But she has a pretty good reason for that: Stage 4 cancer. At this point, she has become the ultimate otaku NEET degenerate hikikomori after that much time spent online. But there's no end to learning, as someone probably said.

Unfortunately, though, cancer cells don't exactly appreciate learning, they eventually take the life of pitiful 16-year-old girl Hanako, determined to prevent her from descending even further into the abyss that is cyberspace. Ill-fated, but nothing can be done about it.


Suddenly waking up in a space of pure black, Hanako tries to move, but nothing happens.

Her whole body is just a ball, if she has to guess, it's probably her soul, or something similar.

As she drifts into the infinite void, she thinks about the final moment of her life that she can remember. It was the faces of her family members looking down at her from the side of the bed.

Her dad and mom were holding her skinny, bony hand, her brother standing slightly behind them. They were weeping.

'So I've died, huh.' Hanako realizes that she has perished, but this fact does not surprise her much. 'Haaa~ I only got 1 episode left before finishing [The eminence in shadow], damn it' 

Rather, she is upset because she didn't have enough time to finish the anime.

'But seeing that I'm somehow still thinking, did I really die? Or is it like one of those Isekai thingies I've seen in Anime and such?'

'Well, guess we'll see soon'

'Anytime now..'


Contrary to what she expected, it takes a whopping one month for anything other than darkness to appear in her field of view.

'...Let me out of here already.'

'Wait, what's that?'

From above, a giant white hand-looking thing is approaching her soul, it radiates some kind of aura that makes it seem somewhat holy, maybe, probably. She won't know.

'Am I finally getting out of here now!?' She is very tired of having to 'sit' here with nothing to do.

The hand, despite being at least 10 times bigger than her whole 'body' majestically misses her, sliding through her left side, keeps going for a little while before coming back, and this time, finally catches her 'body', dragging it upward.

This time, Hanako's soul arrives at a pure white space where there is mostly nothing except light, mostly, because there is a small gazebo in front of her.

'So fucking bright...' Hanako tries to bring her nonexistent hand to block the light from entering her nonexistent eyes.

Inside the gazebo sits a gorgeous woman with white hair and red eyes, wearing a one-piece white dress, appearing like an elegant noblelady.

''So we finally met, Miss Hanako'' The woman says softly. ''I am known as Eva, the one and only goddess of the realm [Aria].''

''Now, I am sure you are wondering why you are in this place.'' She continues. ''I want to make a deal with you, Miss Hanako.''

Seeing the beautiful and somewhat holy-looking woman say that, Hanako can only respond: ''Took you long enough, bozo.''

''Eh?'' The appearance of the beautiful and somewhat holy woman begins to crumble, her beautiful butterfly-like eyebrows twitching.

''Don't think I didn't notice you let me drift in that void for so long, aunty?'' Hanako lets out a painful sigh.

''I-It was so hard to find a single soul in that void, you know!? I forgot to check your situation on Earth for a moment and who expected you to die in that time...'' Eva blurts out. ''Also, I am Eva, not aunty.''

''Right, aunty, so what is the deal that you are saying?'' Hanako asks anyway.

''Ah, So... I want you to save my world from the soon-resurrected demon king. In exchange, you will have a second chance in life.'' Eva answers, regaining her composure.

''Typical reincarnation, huh, tell me more about it.'' Hanako sighs, but still very interested, after all, she can live another life. This time, a 'normal' one, hopefully.

Eva explains: ''My world is very similar to that of a fantasy world that you can find in mediums such as games and anime, this is one of the reasons why I chose you. You can choose which race you want to be reincarnated in, be it human, dwarf, elf, dragon, beastkin, or whatever you want to be. I can also grant you some kind of head start buff of your choice, an advantage, if you will. It cannot be too outrageous however.''

''Can't you just throw the buff onto one of your people in that world and let them go PvP with the demon king or something?'' Hanako voices her doubt, though she has an inkling as to why.

''Well, the thing I really need from you guys that the people of Aria do not have is your knowledge of advanced technology from Earth, not the combat, as people from here can do magic and fight just fine.''

''And yes, there is magic here, though not quite as diverse as some examples of those in your memory.'' Eva explains ''You can conjure fire or summon water balls using magic, you can also heal injuries, with high enough mastery, you can use pure magical energy and apply pressure onto space itself and unlock space magic, teleportation, and such.''

''Neat, so it somewhat feels like the same magic I know, very interesting indeed.'' Hanako's nonexistent eyes spark. ''Well, there's that, so how much time do I have till D-Day, sis?''

''It will be 35 years from now, well enough time for your growth, I would assume. Also just call me Eva, please.'' Eva's face slightly cringes.

''Fair enough, now moving onto my race, I think I want to be an elf, I heard they're very beautiful.''

''Well, they are beautiful, I will have you born as a princess, then. The elven royalty naturally has a higher aptitude for magic than normal elves and the majority of other races, which would be helpful for you.''

''But I also heard that they have small boobs, so can you make my boobs bigger than normal? I'm talking like E-F range.'' Hanako rightfully has a desire for big booba.

''...Fine, so what buff would you like to have? I can give you a magic affinity buff, battle instinct, slight intelligence buff or muscle growth buff, etc. You have to choose carefully, or if you want something, then tell me so I can think about it.''

''...Mhmm, it really is hard to choose...'' Hanako is thinking hard, using all three of her last brain cells.

'''' ... ''''

And then suddenly, she has a genius idea, if she is not smart enough to do all the inventing, then she can just leave that to smarter people!

So naturally she respond: ''Can you just give me access to the Internet? That would solve all of my and your problems, I think.''

Eva stares wide-eyed at Hanako, apparently, she has not thought about that at all. Turns out she is also living on her last three brain cells.

''Why didn't I...'' She mutters. ''W-Well, that also works, sure, I can establish a connection to the Internet on your planet and pluck it into your brain. You can use it by thinking about going online when you close your eyes.'' Eva says while bringing her hand to her chin, pretending to think, taking advantage of her elegant and serious looks.

''Yes! That would be great!" Although Hanako loves to fool around the Internet like any other otaku, she also realized the potential of it, having virtually all the information that one would need. Through reading and watching a lot of English content, she's pretty confident about her English as well, granting her even more available information.

''That should be all you need, I am sure.'' Seeing the excited ball of soul before her eyes, Eva lets out a little sigh. ''I am going to send you out now, Miss Hanako, we can talk more later when I have time.''

''Oh, alright, good day to you then ma'am!'' Hanako bows lightly to express her respect for this wonderful goddess. She doesn't have a neck though.

Eva frowns lightly, but still maintains her composure before finally prepares to send out Hanako: ''Then miss Hanako, [健闘を祈る]1[Good Luck], El Psy Kongroo.''

'Fuck, why is it always so bright?!' An intense light engulfs Hanako's soul. 'Wait, El Psy Kongroo? So you ARE an otaku like me after all, traitor!(?)'

Hanako loses consciousness.