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Jan 29, 2021

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Rising Author
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Joined: Jan 29, 2021
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Have fun reading my stories.

EthanPeh · Author · Oct 23, 2023

Will take my time writing this one. Don’t expect regular posts but it should be 1 chap every 2 weeks or so

Saberfang · Oct 14, 2023

Thanks for checking out my story. Hope you enjoy it! clear.png

EthanPeh · Author · Oct 15, 2023

I do enjoy eldritch stories

Kigol · Jun 18, 2023

Just wanna make sure your alive since ye haven't posted, you good?

EthanPeh · Author · Jun 18, 2023

I stopped for a while due to mental health and issues irl. But rn I am working on an original story. clear.png Thanks for asking. 

Liber8T · Jan 4, 2023

It seems we made you delay the next chap by giving so many suggestions and quests, you must hammering your brainclear.png

EthanPeh · Author · Jan 4, 2023

Hehe, I am currently really busy with irl stuff. I might need to post a notice about it soon. 

EthanPeh · Author · Dec 11, 2022

Ah I messed up the scheduling for today’s chapter. MHA: Be Quick chapter 4 will be out in 10 minutes or so. 

EthanPeh · Author · Dec 10, 2022

Next chapter of MHA: Be Quick will be tomorrow, same time as the previous post at Sunday 3am GMT!

Hop on early to get your quest and messages in first!clear.png
Do note that you comments on this chapter will be more than 30 comments delayed due to the surplus I got on the first chapter.clear.png

Meowknight · Dec 11, 2022


EthanPeh · Author · Dec 9, 2022

People! I have good and bad news. Bad news is that I got Covid againclear.png. Good news is now that I have time to write, next chapter of MHA: Be Quick might be published sooner!clear.png

werewolf1987 · Dec 9, 2022

lol i thought if u get those vaccine stuff ppl dont get covid again ,but who cares , we get chapters that is more important , but still hope you get better , ah but make sure we get out daily fix for chapters :D 

DiscoDream · Dec 9, 2022

So you're saying that qhen youreysick, you put out more chaoters? Give je your P.O. box, I have some Antra- happy powder to send to you. clear.png

EthanPeh · Author · Dec 9, 2022

Nah... I just have more time on my hands since I am sick. But I am probably much less efficient. clear.png

werewolf1987 · Dec 8, 2022

lol our birthday on the the same month and day

EthanPeh · Author · Dec 8, 2022


EthanPeh · Author · Dec 7, 2022

Just posted a new fiction!

MHA: Be Quick! (A Reader Interactive Fic)

This is a reader interactive story. You can speak to the main character and tell her how stupid she is yourself! You can tell her to quit whining! You can send her on quests! 

However, do note that the mc has feelings too!

This story may evolve into a multiverse fanfic if it does well.

EthanPeh · Author · Nov 22, 2022

Chapter 26 of visiting Pantheons while travelling has been released!

EthanPeh · Author · Nov 21, 2022

Chapter 25 of visiting Pantheons while travelling has been released!

EthanPeh · Author · Nov 21, 2022

My discord account just got disabled. Big sadclear.png 
Just sent an email through discord customer support to see if it can be reenabled.

EthanPeh · Author · Nov 21, 2022

Ah, it is sad that they just spontaneously did that. At least tell the user what exactly was the comment that got reported. I posted a lot of shit but most of them do not even go under the category I was disabled for. 

Irlina · Nov 21, 2022

Someone got reported for something and they haven't used discord for months... they are just ban happy right now. 

EthanPeh · Author · Nov 21, 2022

I haven't used discord in months and just came back on only a few days ago and yet...

Irlina · Nov 21, 2022

Ah. It sucks they are doing this...

EthanPeh · Author · Apr 16, 2022

The Chosen chapter 6 is scheduled for tomorrow!

I have decided to publish The Chosen 3 times a week. On Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, 4am GMT.clear.png

ForIAMRebORn · Apr 8, 2022

YaaY! Thanks for the review bro!! I really appreciate it!

EthanPeh · Author · Apr 8, 2022

No prob man. Love your story! Keep it up!clear.png

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    Have fun reading my stories.

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