Chapter 154 – Attack at the Station
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Heather picked up her mobile phone, calling her subordinates to immediately start a search by calling the many cab companies to find out who picked up the two ladies from the police station at such an early hour in the morning. 

At the same time, she instructed the officer in the CCTV room, Officer Lewis to trace back the tracks of those black creatures, to find out where they came from before the morgue. 

Using the many cameras, rewinding the tapes, they watched as as the two objects moved backwards, coming from the prison!

Just then another officer burst into the room.

"Captain Bluise!" he said

"Officer Tanner? What are you doing here" she asked, seeing the officer who was in charge of the prisons. 

"We found 2 dead bodies in the prison, but all our prisoners are accounted for !" he said

"Huh? Then where did the bodies come from? Who are they?" Heather asked

"That's what we have come here to see" Officer Tanner said

"Look!" the officer Lewis said as their eyes turned to the screen. 

Watching backwards, the black objects moved towards two dead bodies, two men in different cells. 

The cells were full of other prisoners, who were asleep so early in the morning. 

On the floor in the cells, one man was a deflated husk of skin with his skeleton. All the flesh were gone. 

The other was in two pieces, cut in two at the waist. 

As they watched in reverse, the black blob like object entered the deflated man's skin and reinflated up to normal, showing a bald muscular tattooed man. His tattoos went from his back all the way up his bald head and he even had tattoos on his face! He wore black leather pants.  

The other entered the severed man's waist, and the sharp spikes reattached back the top body to the waist. The man had tribal tattoos on his right arm from his shoulder all the way to his elbow. He was also wearing leather skin pants.

Just then, both of them disappeared into nothingness. 

Knowing that the video was on reverse, it means those two men appeared out of nowhere while everyone was asleep!

"Who are they?" Officer Lewis asked

"I don't know. As you saw, they weren't our prisoners and appeared out of nowhere" Officer Tanner said

"No, they are ours alright. Those are... were Jonathan Bruner and Raymond Leslie... they disappeared from our prisons weeks ago" Heather said. 


Heather ran to her office to get her files while Dr Adrian the coroner who was already there, went to take a look at the bodies. 

She pulled up the files on Jonathan Bruner and Raymond Leslie

Jonathan Bruner was in his cell awaiting trial for armed assault and robbery.

Raymond Leslie on the other hand was in the cell after being arrested for beating up an old lady, causing her to fall into a coma and eventually die. 

Both were thugs, and although they both didn't know each other, they both disappeared on the same night, literally vanishing in front of the CCTV recording.

This case was among the many Heather was investigating, and it seems they reappeared in the very same cell.

What was going on? Was this some sort of alien abduction? Maybe a supernatural event?

 Suddenly, there was a disturbance at the reception of the station.

There was lots of yelling and a scuffle, and suddenly, there were a few gunshots!

Heather pulled out her pistol and crouched to the floor, moving out to see what is going on. 

She turned the corner to see a man, moving swiftly through the building, cutting down officers with a sword!

They were firing at him, but they all seemed to miss as he expertly dispatched them, without being hurt

"I can't believe how easy this is! To think I used to be intimidated by cops" he laughed

"Stop playing around. We have to find them urgently" another guy said, his sword in his scabbard.

Lex frowned as although they didn't look familiar, they had fantasy weapons like that of the tower. 

Perhaps these are the disappeared people of this other "system" of the Celestials. 

"Freeze!" Heather said, aiming her gun at the guy who was cutting down the other officers like cabbages. 

"Oh? You're gonna shoot me?" he laughed


Heather fired at him, emptying her pistol at center mass. 

But he simply swiped his sword several times, deflecting all her bullets. 

Heather's eyes opened wide in shock as she hurriedly tried to reload. 

The man moved and in an instant, he was holding up Heather by her neck, with her legs dangling to the floor. 

"Oh! This one is pretty" the man smiled as his hand went up her skirt

"Rodney! Stop playing around!" the other guy said

"Fuck you Nathan! I've been in hell for months! I deserve some pleasure time" Rodney said as he pulled down Heather's panties. 

The other guy moved and knocked Rodney aside, letting Heather fall to the ground. 

She hurriedly pulled her panties back up. 

"We have no time! If those things get away, they will multiply and before we know it, it will end up like in Paradise" the man said

"Paradise?" Heather muttered as Lex simultaneously took note. 

"You! Have you seen two tattooed thugs in here?" Nathan, the man who rescued her asked Heather. 

"You mean Jonathan Bruner and Raymond Leslie?" Heather asked

"You know them! Where are they?" Nathan asked again 

"They're dead. Their bodies are in the morgue" Heather answered. 

The 3 people rushed to the morgue, leaving Heather behind.

She ran after them, but they were much too fast, moving at speeds far exceeding human limits

She huffed and puffed as she arrived, seeing them over the body of Dr Adrian on the floor.

Nathan was holding the skin of one of the dead bodies and spat on the floor

"We're too late. We have to make sure they don't reproduce" he said

"Dr Adrian!" Heather shouted. 

"You again!" Rodney said, licking his lips as he looked at her

"No time Rodney. Lets go" Nathan said, kicking the wall open, creating a hole to the outside

"Well then, adieu" Rodney smiled and suddenly slashed a downward slash and followed Nathan out

Heather stood stunned, as her blouse, front of her bra, her skirt and even her panties were perfectly sliced in two without cutting her

Her clothes split open showing her nudity, and she realized a clear line was cut in her blonde pubic hair!

She covered her body, looking stunned towards the hole in the wall.

Although Lex wasn't happy, he admired Rodney's still.