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/ Series / The Eternal Isekai
The Eternal Isekai
The Eternal Isekai
70.1k Views 1834 Favorites 166 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 212 Readers
2.4 (84 ratings)
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Meet Alex Marshall, US Marine stationed in the Middle East. All he hoped for, was to get his university tuition paid for, and to go back home safely after his tour of Afghanistan, and marry his childhood sweetheart Jasmine Lockhart, who was 2 years his junior.

If everything went according to plan, he would return and enter the same university in the same year, and hopefully graduate, get married and start a life together.

Unfortunately, things didn't go to plan. And Alex got killed... and found himself in another realm and dimension, in another man's body. Join in his story to rise to the top, only to die and resurrect in another body yet again... and again.. and again....

ActionAdultDramaFantasyIsekaiMartial ArtsMatureRomanceTragedy
Ability Steal Ancient Times Army Broken Engagement Fantasy World Genius Protagonist Multiple Realms Sword And Magic Sword Wielder
Table of Contents 166
Reviews 12
Table of Contents
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    Status: c77

    I can see that the author wanted to explore the concept of futility with this, but it is done in a really awful way. I can't recommend this and dropped it partway. 

    Since the chapters are short and don't really carry over, all of the fights and s*x scene are pitifully short and lack detail. I feel like it is really lacking almost anywhere. The concept isn't even original reminding me of an ntr fueled groundhog day of isekai.  But it is incredibly underdeveloped. 

    This feels less of telling a story and more of a reaction piece by shoving topics like ntr and betrayal down people's throats so they ignore his subpar clickbaity story. It's honestly a trap. 

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    Status: --

    I don't want to be mean to the author (you could delete this after) but, I read this at 12 at night and I am trying to sleep. I feel like I have to rant because this story is so infuriating. I hope that the author could just kill off Jasmine. She is a disgusting person in my opinion and should be burnt on a stake. Even though no one ever got burned during the Salem witch trials. I kept the status at 0 because I jumped around to see how the story would turn out.

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    Status: Current

    Updated: This novel killed me at the cycle after meeting the time god, and tbh got me to drop it... however as far as I'm concerned the story ends after the medieval kingdom chaps, which was basically when this review was written, so I'll stand by it and keep the 5* rating, since there are always people who will rate it poorly just because.  


    This novel slaps!  Seriously, it's a good read!  People crying about NTR when there was really only one instance that even kinda happened, and it wasn't crushing at all?  Pussies the lot of them.

    Lex is a f**king beast!  The Romance feels real, though I can imagine the main heroine is Jasmine, who I expect will get a happy end, which our MC will bring about eventually near the end.

    So far, Earth, Xianxia world, and Medieval Fantasy world have been visited, and Lex has proven without a doubt he's not "Captain Cuck" in the least.

    I expect great things in the future with this novel.  It's been relatively tame thus far, and full of s*x and action and all the good things you'd want to read in an adult-themed Isekai.

    But it ain't for kids and pussies.  If you rate less than 5* you're either a kid or a pu**y, and that's a fact!

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    Status: c51

    The main character can seem like a cuck.


      In the very beginning of the story, he ejaculates to some NTR type of things. however, in his defense, he was a virgin that happened to know the porn star in a movie so his visual stimulus was high while he just got out of a coma with a backed up sac of nut saved.  The man doesn't stand up for himself, but will kill a motherf**ker for others. And he does! Again and again. I hate how the MC has below average penis size because its always mentioned in context with huge d*cks f**king the woman he loves. But it a form of endearment the man f**ks puss like the heavyweight champ thanks to commitmentto pleasure and cultivation. but the thought of his duck being a hotdogs down a hallway still urks me. His woman able to take horse d*cks (literal) because she was a dumbass and she stole his virginit without even returning the loved hes had for her all that time was a Heartbreakers for me. But Alex loves? And he loves hard. He's all in and he lets everyone know it.... albeit he does it too late.


    The man gets knocked down again, and again, and again but he keeps coming back.

    Hes a glutton for punishment that protects everyone he holds dear. Whether they wronged him or not.

    Hes respectable and a man of culture.

    The biggest downfall of this man.... is his women. He never talks to them about what he's comfortable with or what he dislikes as such they continue to have not as fulfilling relationships.

    Lex may have been cucked, but he isn't anybodies bitch. 

    This book will make you feel a lot of things, but atbthe end of the day all you wanna feel is the success of the main character who keeps trying to bloom in the world full of sh*t.

    I recommend only read if you have a strong constitution.

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    Status: c76

    Story:  the plot itself is very interesting and different from everything I have already read, almost everything interesting on scribblehub a  lot on Royal Road and  others less knowns free sites. The protagonist is capable off returning to Earth, although not willingly, and he has his main lover there, the female MC. The plot regarding the two protagonists is a tragedy, becauuse... She is a stupid whore pornostar, the unrealistic one, the one that has s*x with HUNDREDS of man, a horse and more terrible things. She has some plausible reason to do it and the protagonist has to try to live with this fact and the way he and she are treated in public (it only happended once for a haward but it was a Major scene.) At the star of the novel and at the initial phases of their love the author does and excellent job at transmitting the anguish and desperation that the protagonist proves by seeing the scenes of her "film's". But, I must say, in the last chapters he sees hers last films the author depitcs the scenes with too many details and informations that change the brilliant despair given to just horror and disgust. Way too excessive. 

    The fights are very plain and simple,   the s*x scenes, there are quite the number of them, are... plain and simple if described at all.  The way he gains powers is a mix from clichés and interesting training, but not even that much. 

    Should it be read? 

    The plot is interesting but is not that much interesting, there are better novels with better descriptions, fights, complexities of characters ecc. 

    The fight and the s*x scene are plain, if not boring (for the NTR, maybe the first film is almost well done, those are descripted   with the wrong details or like the last ones that are written in a way that just brings you despair for the MC, disgust and... just skip them )  

    So in the end: it's a good 3 star story  because it has an interesting plot, nothing else. If you like me have read almost all the good 4- (5)   stars stories of Scribble hub or you are waiting for their periodic releases then this one could keep you busy in the meantime.

    Oh,   5 STARS for the frequency of the story 

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 159– Patetic.


    Before you read this get ready for one of the biggest cuckold MC, rapes, MC slave, FMC? naive and stubborn... and a lot of NTR.



    PS: for me it was a lot NTR but in reality it is only two women that MC loves that are f**ked, one raped and the other almost raped (Semi-NTR?) and you don't think about that much once it gets common in the story.

    If you don't mind that I can tell you that it's fun to read, I would certainly recommend it.



    Review-Ch 146

    Ntr every two chapters, don't expect a smart MC but if a hard and hard one I mean he likes to get his women f**ked hard, read this if you want to just read a story that is based only on Ntr every 3 chapters, rapes everywhere and that all the people who are with MC die or be raped.

    All the above becomes common from 60-80 chapters and from 140 emoie to show you how Jasmine suffered, how she f**ks with each actor, how they take advantage of her and all that sh*t, if you get to the 146 surely you will suck 6 eggs if they are raping any character or not, anyway... I recommend it as a first novel because if you get used to this novel you can read other Ntr without getting f**ked your f**king head, my warmest regards.


    150-Call it Enlightenment

    Here... we will see that you have to overcome people and continue with your life, I do not want to say much but they must read up to here, it will be a hard trip full of blows and hate but if you reach the 150 there are chances that you will say, "He in the end has done it, this was worth it" maybe some do not like what happened but the 150 is undoubtedly the best chapter of the novel.



    159-Just don't read this unless you like a pathetic and authentic Netorase lover MC.

    Well, the lighting went through the abyss, from 151 onwards Lexn becomes a pervert who likes to see how his women are f**ked, there are small vibes that Lex becomes gay and it seems that none of his girls are really not willing to be f**ked by others.

    simplemente read this if you have nothing to do and want to sleep with a headache after reading so many stupid compacted in only 160 chapters.


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    Status: up to ch87 and 135

    Normally, I am an easy going guy. I don't normally speak out or leave comments, since I don't have anything nice to say, I try to keep it to myself. This story is honestly the worst piece of NTR trash I've ever read. It's so horrible and infuriatingly disgusting that I have to leave a review.

    I DO NOT recommend that ANYONE reads this story. I gave it a LOT of chances to improve and to show me that it won't keep repeating the same mistakes and utter trash. I was sorely disappointed.

    If you want a LOT of underage s*x, excessive rape scenes, mutilations, senseless death, excessive gore, cuckholding, NTR, s*xual mutilations, necrophilia, beastiality (with actual beasts), and more deviant acts and behaviors than any normally sane person would want to see or hear about, then this utter tripe is for you.

    I also DO NOT RECOMMEND that you read any of his other stories, as they also contain similar disgusting scenes and NTR shoved down your throat. ALL of his stories should have the proper tags and they don't.

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 157 – chronos

    Lex, the MC, is an absolute cuck.

    Time and time again after one of his hoes goes and cheats on him he takes them back with no reprimand, yet jazmin complains about him having relationships with other women when he already died, yet she claimed to have s*x with 1000 men and a horse.

    Overall I would highly suggest that you would not read this story unless you are willing to witness the MC get cucked many times over.

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    1 Likes · Like

    I gave a low review on this because it needs trigger warnings. A LOT more trigger warnings. There’s torture, NTR, castration, and all kinds of very s*xually deviant behavior. And that’s only a few chapters in. Basically if you don’t want to dip your mind in a gutter don’t read this. Half of this was not presented in the tags so I guess I would say misrepresentation on the story content is my major complaint.

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    Status: C78

    I have very mixed feelings about this story. 

    For those reading this review, know that this story, though as of this review isn't marked as such, does have NTR/NTR-like elements, and it's a core, and frustrating, component of the of the story. 

    If you set aside those bits, it's an interesting read. 

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