Chapter 1 – First Mission
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"This your first time kid? You don't have to be nervous. Just trust your training and everything will be alright" Captain Jackson said to Alex "Lex" Marshall as they sat next to each other on the plane, flying high in the air and heading to the field to be dropped into a battle field.  

"Yeah... thank you sir" Lex replied. He had just been assigned to this team headed by Captain Jackson and sat next to him. 

As the plane drone endlessly on, the Captain showed a picture to Lex.

"See here is my family. This is my wife Martha, and my two daughters Amy and Betty" he said, showing the pictures of his blonde wife and two teenage daughters

"They're beautiful sir" Lex replied

"How about you? Do you have anyone you're returning to?" Captain Jackson asked

"My parents died in a car accident several years ago. But I have a girl I hope to return to and get married after my tour. Her name is Jasmine" Lex said, taking out a photo of a beautiful brunette.

"Wow, she's quite a beauty" Captain Jackson said

"Pheweee" another teammate who was sitting on the other side of him named Leslie said as he grabbed the photo from Lex

"Hey!" Lex yelled

"Don't be so protective. Let me have a good look at her. Man... she's quite the looker" Leslie said

Collin, who sat next to him nodded. "She must be a model or something" Collin added

"Yes she is. She's been in several local magazine shoots and TV advertisements" Lex said proudly. 

"Well, you better hang on to her boy. That's one that is a keeper" Leslie said

The lights suddenly switched off and a red light turned on in the plane. 

"Alright, lock and load boys. Prepare for the jump" Captain Jackson suddenly said, changing the mood immediately. 

Lex kept his picture of Jasmine safely in his chest pocket, and double checked his parachute and rifle. 

Just then, the assistant pilot opened the side hatch. 

"Ok! We're above the target. Go go go!" he yelled over the loud sound of the wind and waved his hands forwards

One by one, the marines jumped out of the plane. 

Lex jumped out directly after Leslie and Captain Jackson was the last one out of the plane. 

The sky was dark as Lex dropped from the sky, adjusting his eyes from the red lights to darkness with only the slight light over the horizon to indicate how high they were. 

*Whoop* *Whoop*

One by one, Lex could hear his team mate's parachute's open and he pulled his string too, as his parachute opened as well. 

*Bra tat tat tat tat*

Suddenly, from the ground, multiple machine gun fire started shooting at them in the air. 

"Shit, we're sitting ducks" Lex thought to himself. 

His teammates started returning fire from the air and Lex also opened fire. 

"Aagh!" Lex yelled as bullets hit him in the right leg and abdomen, but he continued firing. 

As he was closing the ground, he could see multiple enemy fighters shooting and running towards him. 

They would be too close to miss him, and he was still slowly dropping from the air. 

Taking the initiative, he cut the strings on his parachute, dropping over 3o feet to the ground and rolling to safety behind some rocks!

"Fuck. I think I broke a few more bones in the fall" Lex thought as he opened fire. 

Besides being shot in the left shoulder and right leg, he had broken his left ankle and multiple ribs from the fall. 

"Damn it, sorry Jasmine, I love you" Lex said to himself as he charged forwards at enemy soldiers who were both firing at him as well as his teammates who were only now landing from the sky. 

Lex's bullets mowed down three enemies while taking a few more bullets on the chest. 

Fortunately, he was protected by his bullet proof vest, but his ribs cracked even more. 

He threw a grenade at a crowded cluster of enemies, killing another 4 but a bullet managed to shoot his helmet off, narrowly grazing his head, leaving a shallow graze across the side of his head above his right ear. 

By now his other teammates had landed and had joined the battle. It didn't take them long to overcome the lesser equipped enemy and finished the battle. 

"Holy shit Lex. You were awesome!" Collin came running to him. 

His adrenaline was still pumping, so Lex didn't feel any pain. 

However, he looked like a fiend from hell, with his head and every part of his body bleeding from wounds. 

"Medic! Quickly patch him up" Captain Jackson said 

"Calm down soldier. Breathe deeply. Lets lie you down here" the medic named Darren said as he helped Lex to sit on the ground. 

"Once the adrenaline runs out, you will be feeling all these injuries. So I would like you to relax and let me patch you up as soon as possible" Darren said

Lex nodded as he calmed his breathing. He closed his eyes and thought of Jasmine kissing him on the final day before he was sent overseas. 

Her lips were soft, and she was gorgeous wearing that sun dress for the picnic that day. 

As they kissed, his hands reached for her breasts. They were soft and felt wonderful 

"Ah ah! Wait till our wedding night" Jasmine said as she pushed his hands away from her breasts. 

"But I may never come back you know.." Lex said

"You will come back for me. I know you will. Now put that thing away" she said, pointing to his rock hard erection stretching his jeans. 

"Other girls give their boyfriends blowjobs you know" Lex said

"I am not other girls. You know you want a pure chaste girl on your wedding night. And on that day, you can make me a woman" she smiled

"How am I going to keep my erection down after you make me imagine that? What about a handjob?" Lex complained

"Oh you..." Jasmine said as she giggled and ran off with Lex chasing after her, managing to pull her to the ground and both of them tumbled around in the grass, kissing and hugging. 

It was a wonderful day in the park.

"Aaaaagh" Lex suddenly gritted his teeth as his adrenaline wore off. Darren the medical officer was pulling the bandage on his right leg tight. 

"How is he?" Captain Jackson asked

"He's all patched up. But he's feeling his injuries now. But it won't be easy to move him" Darren said

"We have no choice. We need every pair of arms we have. Bruce, Justin, Marlon and Wayne have bit the dust. Our team is on half strength, and we still need to complete our mission" Captain Jackson said

"I can still walk" Lex said weakly. 

"I know you are trying to be brave. And in usual circumstances, I will command you to stand down. But we are in enemy territory now, and we do need to move ASAP" Captain Jackson said

"Sir... Yes Sir" Lex saluted, all bandaged up.