Chapter 152 – Heather’s Investigations.
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Lex opened his eyes. He discovered that he was in a car. 

He was in Heather's car!

She stopped the car and turned off the sirens.

Lex got out, realizing that this place looked a little familiar. 

"Captain Bluise" a officer greeted

"What do we have here" Heather asked

"A homicide ma'am. We found..." the officer started

"Stop! You know I've been assigned to the special task of looking for the thousands of missing people. Although a homicide is important, currently, I have too many people missing to take other types of cases!" Heather said

"Disappearances? Didn't the celestials promise there would no longer be towers? But then again, there was no tower in sight. This might be another system" Lex thought.

Lex tried to move away from Heather. 

"No ma'am. You see.... we received a report of a guy... this guy.. Anthony Manson" he showed her a picture of a skinny bearded hipster " who disappeared right as he walked out his door" he said

Just then, Lex appeared right next to her. 

"Oh? That's how they all disappear" Heather nodded

"So we came to investigate. There's a video of it, as the teenagers opposite the street were taking selfies and caught him disappearing on the video." the officer said

"Go on" Heather asked

"That's when we went to check out his apartment. His girlfriend Anna Wineburg was reported missing two weeks ago by her employer.. um...Eric Dorcel" the officer said, looking at his notes. 

"Anna Wineburg. I remember her. We investigated her too, but there was no evidence either way" Heather nodded 

"Well... we found her... in the freezer" the officer said

Lex froze! Anna? Dead? Didn't he just leave her? That bastard boyfriend!

"What? How?" Heather asked

"I can't speculate ma'am. There was a bruise on her head, blunt force trauma. But there might be more. Her body was chopped up to pieces. This guy seemed to have anger issues as he mutilated her vagina with some sort of sharp object. I don't know if it was done before or after her death, but a post mortem will be able to tell us" the officer said

Heather sighed. 

"A murder, and the prime suspect disappeared in the most public unsolved mystery of the day. Just my luck" Heather said.

 Since this was mostly a homicide case, Heather decided to let the homicide squad take over, and only collected footage of Tony's disappearance. 

Heather got in her car again. This was another unsolvable file to place on her large stack on her table. People were disappearing publicly all over the world. And as she was communicating with police agencies all over, they all had the same problem. They had no idea how or why, and besides eye witnesses and videos, there was nothing they could do to progress the investigations. 

Suddenly, she got a call on the police radio, calling on her to check out another possible disappearance. Heather drove to the address given. 

She arrived at a large Hollywood mansion, and there were police cars everywhere, with officers keeping the paparazzi away. 

She got out as cameras flashed

"Why are there so many cars at Jasmine Lockhart's house?"

"Is it true she committed suicide?" 

"Jasmine?" Lex gasped and looked, seeing that indeed this was her house in Hollywood. 

He ran towards the house, but found himself hopelessly next to Heather again. 

".. investigating a Doctor Niles Armstrong that went missing. When his wife reported that he was called urgently to Jasmine Lockhart's house. That was the last time she saw him" the officer said. 

"So what happened?" Heather asked

"Come with me ma'am. We haven't moved the body yet" the officer said

They walked through the large mansion, to the master bedroom. 

She had several awards on her shelves, and gifts from famous actors. She had gone on to act in more Hollywood blockbusters, producing more XXX versions as well. 

On her walls were framed many "private" photos as well, with her posing with the famous actors, with their cocks in her mouth or pussy, or just in her hands, posing for the camera. 

But after Insatiable 3, her star started to wane. She was called a one trick pony, only known for using her body. 

And no matter how gorgeous her body was, everyone had seen it already, and everyone who was anyone had fucked her in Hollywood too. 

Unlike his timeline where she refused to date anyone, in this timeline, she dated and even had short relationships with the actors. But they eventually broke up with her knowing she would be fucking the next actor in the next movie. 

They entered the bathroom, and found Jasmine, dead in her tub with her wrists cut. The water was all red with her blood and it looked like she passed away only a few hours ago as her body wasn't bloated yet.

A mobile phone was found on the floor. 

Heather picked it up. It was unlocked and she could see what Jasmine was looking at. They were texts to someone called Lex. But there was no response at all. 

They checked the CCTV footage, and indeed the doctor had come to her house. However, when he checked on her, she was dead. 

Heather saw him panic, calling someone as he looked around looking for something. 

He turned to get out of the bathroom when he suddenly vanished!

"Oy. Two missing people linked with a dead body. This is not my day" Heather said. 

Lex stood around with tears in his eyes. 


A day later, Heather was reading two reports on her death.

Although they were not directly her cases, she somehow felt Anna Wineburg and Jasmine Lockhart were familiar to her.

In her mind, she kept getting flashbacks of...  fucking them with her dick?

"How is that possible?" Heather wondered as he opened the first folder

Anna Wineburg, 22 years old. Nude model. Reasonably famous for posing on Eric Dorcel's site Dorcel Arts in erotic photos and videos.

She also modelled regularly at the local university for the art class and the photography class. 

She died from blunt force trauma. A knife was found at the apartment that was used to cut her to pieces, and another smaller but broken knife was found in the trash. This was the weapon used to stab and mutilate her pussy and the broken part of the knife was found deep inside it.

Neighbors had heard them fighting a few weeks ago, after Tony saw the latest Dorcel Art photos of her fucking Tyrone. He had gone ballastic knowing that Anna had fucked a black guy, which started the fight.

That matches the time the coroner said she was killed

"He'll get at least life for this..if we find him" Heather guessed

She put down the file and looked at the second file.

Jasmine Lockhart, 24 years old. Famous actress in many of the latest blockbuster movies, who shot to stardom in the Insatiable movies.

Died from suicide. The doctor's report showed that she had multiple venereal diseases, and her medical reports showed she suffered from depression.

She had found out that her sexual organs inside her had been removed during the filming of Insatiable 3 when the scenes required her to stuff multiple large objects in her. It was then that the director told her the reason she would be able to do that. That her uterus was removed during Insatiable 1.

She sued the company, but lost the case when the doctor testified that it was done to save her life. Furthermore, it can't be proven that there was intent to ruin her womb with Tyrone's dick, and she willingly fucked him. The uncut video footage showed this.

The official doctors reports didn't go any further than that.

Her own curiosity got her to find out who the "Lex" was that she messaged

He was her ex-boyfriend Alex Marshall, a marine that died on his first mission in the middle east in an undisclosed country.

"Lost love. No wonder she went wild like that" Heather said

She started stroking the old picture of Lex that she printed out for her search.

Why did he seem so familiar?

Lex sat next to her in despair. 

So this was what would happen without him

"I'm sorry Jas.. I'm sorry Anna.." he groaned in tears