#018 Bodyfrom experiment and the sea.
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When the situation calmed down, the little bird returned to his place on Leo's shoulder. The little bird returning to his shoulder always meant that there were no more enemies around so Leo relaxed and began to look around to see if there was anything he could use. Unfortunately the goblins only had their almost ruined weapons and their loin clothes. 

Since he found nothing of interest he continued his journey but after a few meters he stopped.

By now I have 12 Mass that I am currently not using. Maybe I can change my body into a more travel friendly form. 

His first thought was a horse, but because  of his limited Mass, he turned himself into more of a pony than a horse. After he took an hour to learn how to walk on four legs, he noticed that the form of a horse isn't as good for a terrain filled with trees. 

Well... it's actually understandable. Horses are more adapted to prairie and grassland. As for a forrest.... maybe a wolf. 

With the picture of a wolf as foundation, Leo's body began to shift. The long legs of his pony form shortened and the plump horse body became more slender and soon you could see a typical wolf head and tail grow from the body. 

After he tried to walk and run, he found that in his present from, he could travel with at least four times the speed he walked previously and easily evade trees compared to his horse form (Pony).

Well in terms of travel speed, this from is far superior to a humanoid form. In terms of fighting potential I have no idea how to properly use a wolfs body to fight. I also can't use my claws in this form because I dont ha.... wait I can just make myself able to use them.

With an idea in mind Leo began to reshape the wolf head. The wolfs ears began to shrink and on both the left and right side of its head, a claw showed itself. From the outside it looked like the tusks of a boar. 

Nice! Now I can bite like that stupid centipede or can skewer something like a boar. But let's hide them in my body like before. The surprise effect and the intimidation when they suddenly appear has been useful to say the least.

Hiding his claws and growing his ears back took ten seconds and surprised Leo with a notification.

Material manipulation reached Level 6


Now I can change my body even faster!  I can't even imagine what it will look like when I hit Level 10 with Material manipulation. 
In his new from, Leo continued his journey. The little bird had no shoulder to sit on but Leo shifted some dirt on his back and created a little hole for the little bird. With his new travel speed, he had to shield the little bird from the incoming wind for it to comfortable travel with him.
While they traveled, Leo kept looking for a place for the little bird to for the night. Since he couldn't find a cave, he decided to rest near a clearing he came across. He chose a tree that stood a little bit to the side and climbed the tree in his humanoid form.  
Night came and went. Early in the morning, Leo noticed the little bird woke up. He descended from the tree and continued travelling toward the sea. 
A little before noon, Leo noticed that the trees became less and less dense. Soon he could see blue sky before him and below the sky was his destination. The sea. Water as far as one could see. When he got closer, he began to hear the sound of waves roling onto the land. 
The little bird gave a happy chirp and flew circles over his head. Leo didn't even notice when it took off.
Well I have been to the sea a couple of times on vacation.... but visiting the sea in another world has its own charm. I can't see any ships so I guess I should wait.
Anika told him to follow a ship when he reached the sea so he sat down and waited. The little bird flew circles over his head. After he waited for a few hours, the little bird landed on Leo's head and gave him a few pecks. When it had Leo's attention it flew in forest direction.
Looks like he got hungry. Lets hunt a rabbit or something.
Leo accompanied the little bird on a little hunt. They caught a Horned rabbit with a slightly darker fur compared to the ones he hunted in the grasslands. 
I guess you can find these everywhere like mice on earth. They adapted their fur colour to the forest. Maybe I can find some with white fur in a snowy landscape. Lets head back to the sea so I don't miss any ships.
Leo sat down again when he reached the sea and the little bird was happily devouring his meal. Night fell and no ship came. The little bird sat down on Leo back and fell asleep.
Well let's continue tomorrow. Maybe we can reach the port city tomorrow too.