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"I'll take good care of you," he said as he picks the young boy up from the bed and make him sit at the edge of it. It's raining heavily outside and the sounds of thunder with the sight of lightning goes side by side, taking turns, as if they're working closely and intimately together. The young boy is afraid of the thunder and the lightning. He once saw a lightning hit a tree only a few metres away from him and it traumatized him. He feels safe in the comfort of the older man.


"Can you sing me a song? Make the rain stops?" He asked the older man a favor. He wants to kill his fear for the night.


The older man only smiles at him, alighted at the childish request of the young boy, feeling a stirring in his pants. "You are so cute, Lucca," he complimented. "I can't make the rain stop. But I can make you feel good," he promised.


The young boy's eyes lighten up in delight. "Really?" He asked.


He nods at the young boy, pretending to be attentive when all that he cares about right now is the erection he has in his pants. "Yes," he insisted. "This will be our little secret." He knows he can no longer hold himself back no matter how much the voices in his head scream out to him telling him that this is wrong. His hands crawl up to the part in between the thighs of the young boy, massaging it and feeling the boy's treasure mounting.


"Papa, what are you doing?" The young boy asked, feeling guilty at the funny feelings he has in his guts. Oddly though, it feels good to him yet, it feels wrong too but he doesn't know what to do because the man is his father after all. So, this can't be wrong, right? At least, that's what he thought.


The older man smiles at him softly. "Making you feel good, Lucca," he answered. "Now make Papa feels good too," he ordered. The boy noticed it, that hint of evil in his father's eyes but he loves his father. He trusts him. His father loves him too, right? This is a normal thing for a father and son to be doing, right? He answered those questions with a 'yes'. Unfortunately, he will only know of the ugly truths in years to come.


But he will no longer be afraid of the rain and the darkness. Or of the thunder and the lightning. He will see things in a new perspective. The tree that was burnt down by the lightning got pass the burning and start anew. It was like rebirthing. And Lucca was reincarnated that night. He lost his old skin and gain a new one, much like a snake. And he will thank his father for it. The one who should be more afraid now is his father, not him.