4. Act Three. Confrontation.
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That’s it! Lucca loses his cool. He no longer cares. He stands up from his seat in anger and pulls Caleb up by his collar, ready to punch him on his face. But he halted, realizing what he was about to do. Caleb was grinning all the while, he’s not even resisting. Lucca is stunned by that reaction. Is he a fucking masochist or what? He thought. He had lost his cool. This boy had made him lose his cool, his act. It was only of luck that his father wasn’t around. If not, every tiny little plan he has will go to waste. He lets go of Caleb immediately, gathering his thoughts and motives. His head is beginning to throb in pain a little. He places one of his palms on his forehead, pressing on it, trying to calm the headache. Like that’ll work… but…


“Hey, you okay?” Lucca heard someone asking him the question but at the moment, he couldn’t decipher the voice. He closes his eyes from the pain in his head. It’s like there are dozens of tiny daggers stabbing on his brain. He sees a vision of someone else behind his closed eyes. It is a woman with the color of hair and eyes that matches his own. It’s almost like looking at a female version of himself. Only older. She was smiling. It wasn’t a nice smile.


He suddenly feels someone touches his cheek. The touch is so cold that he jolts in surprise and reflexes by picking up the butter knife of the table and started slashing whatever it is in front of him. His eyes were wide open but he can’t see anything. That is until he feels a splatter of a liquid on his face and he sees red. He didn’t even remember when he had his eyes opened. The boy in front of him had his wrist being cut by Lucca. He didn’t scream in pain though. He only looks shocked. And Lucca is shocked too. “Fuck,” Lucca muttered. “I-I’m sorry,” Lucca apologized, surprising himself in the process for apologizing. The boy only smiles at him. it is a dismissal smile. It’s like he doesn’t mind the cut. Like it’s a normal thing to have happened. Like he doesn’t care. That makes Lucca shudders even more. “Caleb, I’m sorry,” he apologized again.


Caleb’s smile grows wider. But this time, it’s a sympathetic smile instead. It’s incomprehensible to Lucca. As crazy as he thinks he is himself, he is beginning to think that Caleb might be even crazier. Or something else altogether. “I’ll forgive you if you’ll treat my wound,” Caleb spoke after a moment of silence. “But the first aid kit is in my room,” he indicated and flashes a flirty smile on his face. It’s astonishing to Lucca of how much Caleb can swift from one smile to another that quick.


“Does it hurt?” Lucca asked. Because if it is, Caleb is not showing any hint of pain on his face.


“I’ve been through worst,” Caleb quickly replied. This time, he smiles a cold smile as if he’s trying to dismiss further questions such as that. And he immediately walks away with his wounded wrist lifted up a little. Stunned and almost hypnotized, Lucca follows him.


They reach the door to Caleb’s room and as he’s about to twist the knob to his door, he turns to look at Lucca with a cold gaze mixed with a flirty smile. “You sure you wanna come in?” He asked for Lucca’s confirmation.


Lucca only looks up to the boy who’s supposedly younger than he is but looks much matured in comparison. Caleb’s brunette hair flutters a little by the wind coming from an open window in the corner of the corridor. His dark eyes cold but a tiny spark of hope shines in it. It’s the saddest pair of eyes he had ever seen. And he recognizes it for the first time. He recognizes the kind of sadness it portrays. “Caleb, what do you want from me?” Lucca immediately asked as he feels the urge to know.


Caleb smiles in answer. It is a sinister smile this time. “Lucca, say… do you wanna help me kill my bitch of a mother?”