23. Truth is Stranger than Fiction
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The pool of blood is growing bigger and bigger underneath Jessica's body. Edmund, drenched in blood stares at it silently for a while with no expression on his face. “Bring me my tools,” he suddenly instructed to the man who was standing by the side of the warehouse’s entrance. “Y-yes, sir!” The man said, almost sounding like he had to clear his throat to even spoke out those words of comply. Edmund is wiping his hands off of the blood with a piece of cloth he took out from his pocket as Caleb finally mustered up the courage and strength to speak, determined, since based from what he had seen, he is in no position to survive this. But at least, he might can still bargain for Edmund to spare Lucca. There's no going back beyond this point. “You can kill me but leave him be,” Caleb pleaded.


“What's the point of killing you, Caleb? You can only wish you're dead by the time I'm through with you,” Edmund simply said as calm as ever despite of his previous murderous outbreak. By the time he appears to be done wiping his hands off of the blood, he lifts up Caleb's chin so that their faces are only inches apart. The evil excitement is clearly showcased in Edmund's eyes. “You see. I have this idea in my mind that from here onwards, I'll tie Lucca up to the bed back at the estate. I'll let you have a perfect view of me fucking him. Every single day, I'll cut a piece out of you and let my precious Lucca watch what is being done to you. No. I'm not gonna kill you. I want you to lose everything and not being able to do anything about it. That sounds more fun, isn't it?” He then smiles evilly to what he said next; “Caleb dear, death is the easiest way out. It's mercy. And I am most definitely not merciful on you.” Edmund laughs aloud all of a sudden which sounded like he's both having fun and in pain. The man from before had re-entered the warehouse by then and brought a bag of tools belonging to Edmund. “Burn the rod,” Edmund instructed him. He seems to have done this before since he asks no question and just comply to the words of his boss. He dips a metal rod that he had taken out of the bag into a fire nearby which had been burning for a while now as one of the source of light in the warehouse. The metal rod has a flat surface to it at the end. Meanwhile, Edmund takes his tools out of the bag one by one.


To the sight of the suggestive tools, Lucca started to cry even more behind his sealed lips. Mostly to fear, his helplessness and also uncertainty of where he might end up at. “Oh it looks like my precious son has something to say,” Edmund said and quickly went over to Lucca. He pulls the seal off of Lucca's mouths roughly. Lucca feels the stings over his lips from the pull but he can't care less of the petty pain for now. “Papa…papa…spare him, please…” He started to beg. He couldn't bear to see of what would be happening to Caleb.


Without his realization, what he had said had made his papa angrier. “Both of you, how romantic,” he spat sarcastically. “Don’t make me cut off your tongue, Lucca. You’ll still look pretty without your tongue. That’s all that matters. Your face! I’ll show to you, Caleb, how much my son, my flesh and blood, belongs to me and will always be mine,” he informed as he plays with his knife in his hands and slowly walks over to Caleb. “If you could spread your legs for me, that would've been nice, Lucca,” he said. “Either that, or you'll be swimming in his blood,” he warned, pointing his finger over to the other person and Lucca knows he has no choice. “No…” Caleb begged, perhaps to both Edmund and Lucca. But either way, his fate is already sealed.


“If I do, W-will you spare him?” Lucca asked, hopeful, yet ashamed and damaged at the same time. Edmund laughs as an answer to Lucca's question. “Actually, Lucca, I won’t. It doesn’t matter. I’ll have you anyway. Consensual or not. You are mine from the start. Your fault, though. You look so much like your mother! Oh and yeah, please scream as loud as you can. It'll be nicer the louder you scream. But first…” as soon as he ended his words, Edmund uses the knife he had been playing in his hands to cut off the rest of Caleb’s ear, finishing what he started back at the camp site. He laughs to the sound of Caleb screaming in pain below him and Lucca screaming a plead for him to stop behind him. He enjoys hearing them. He is too immersed in the act of inflicting pain. The screams only turn him on even more. He had made sure that the cut is slow and steady so that the pain will be experienced by Caleb for a longer period of time and it should be even more tormenting that way.


All the while, deep within him, Lucca calls and even begs for Luke to appear to help him be strong, to help him in any way at all but it was to no avail. Luke didn’t want to appear. Lucca curses at him for backing out at the times he needed him the most. Edmund licks some blood off of his hands and wipe it clean ignoring the screaming boy behind him. Caleb wriggles and rakes his chair, trying to hold in the unbearable pain. He almost feels like passing out from the intense pain and maybe that’s a better choice. He then would not have to watch what Edmund will do to Lucca. But that would mean he’s a coward, is it? He should’ve protected Lucca. Maybe he deserves it. Maybe he deserves to suffer. Maybe he can be stronger as he suffers, he is unsure. All he can think of right now is the pain and perhaps the tiniest ray of hope for them to escape this hell. Alive.


Edmund then picks up the metal rod. The flat end of the rod was red and gold in color in which it had stolen from the color of the fire. Edmund instructs his men to hold Caleb's head in place as he then scorched the rod to the part of the bloodied skin from where Caleb's ear used to be. Caleb screamed louder in pain. The smell of burning flesh fills the room. Caleb couldn't bear it anymore. He closes his eyes and the world becomes black to him.


But he is quickly awakened to a shot of needle to his arms. “Hey, stay awake, Caleb, I want you to watch this,” Edmund said to Caleb. He had given him an adrenaline shot to ensure that he is awake. With a small laugh, Edmund instructs his other men to push Lucca face-down to the mattress. They are also instructed to pull down Lucca's pants revealing his lower half completely. As soon as he saw that Lucca is in place, Edmund walks over to Lucca and slowly caresses the creamy skin of Lucca's ass.  “Mine...” he whispered possessively. He then pulls down his pants too and right there, in front of every eyes in the room, he immediately thrusts his dick into Lucca. Lucca screams to the pain of his skin being stretched apart as if it's being torn by a knife. He screams a beg and cries for the humiliation he felt but he was completely ignored by his father. Caleb was screaming too, watching the unwelcoming scene in front of him. His face is forced to look ahead by Edmund's men. They did as what was told despite that it's clearly written on their faces how disgusted and uncomfortable they are to what was happening. Edmund, on the other hand, is completely uncaring of his surroundings. He only laughs manically as he thrusts his dick in and out of Lucca’s sore and dry asshole. The scene goes on for a moment that seems to last an eternity of humiliation and pain. Until the adrenaline effects on Caleb had worn out and he passed out again in the end. He is physically, mentally, and emotionally broken, he wishes he was dead. Lucca stops screaming. He went dead silent and only slight heart-wrenching sobs can be heard coming out lowly from his mouth. He dissociates, imagining it was someone else, imagining that this is all just a bad dream and he'll wake up soon in the tent right next to Caleb, right where he belonged.


When Edmund is done, his expression softens down tenfold and he kissed Lucca on his forehead. “I’m so sorry, Lucca. This would not have happened if you had just given in to me and if you have not run away with him, I would never humiliate you like this. But I have to. You understand, right? Papa have no choice,” he kisses Lucca's face, forehead, and hair softly and lovingly. His change of character is too abrupt. From a psychotic jealous murderer to a loving and caring father. “You look so much like her, like your mother,” he whispered. He paused and kiss Lucca's forehead one last time before he whispered to his ears; “Our mother.” That very last sentence made Lucca’s heart dropped. He is chilled down to the bone by the confusion of the ugly truth.


And he is reminded of the painting he saw at the exhibition. Of his grandmother who held him in her hands. Their faces matched with one another. They look alike. All except their eye colors. Hers was pale blue and his is emerald green. It’s no wonder why Lucca had always been confused when Papa kept on saying that he looks like his mama when in fact, mama Patricia’s hair and eye color differed too much from his. All along, she wasn't the one who he was talking about. The one he was talking about was Olivia, his grandmother. And based on what he had revealed, it appears that Olivia is also Lucca's mother. They shared the same mother. Lucca wails in confusion upon the realization. That he is a product of sin. He is cursed.