26. LUCCA CODRIN: The Devil’s Will
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The first sense that got to me was pain, and then coldness, and then dread and pure shock. I was lying on the tarred road. It was dark. It took a while to adjust my eyesight with the help of one headlight that's still functioning from one of the vehicles that had collided and the small faint light of the moon in the sky above.


I was holding... a knife. I quickly let go of it and I look around. Papa is lying by my side. He is crippled and maimed. He is dead but his dead eyes were wide open as if to tell that before his death, they were opened wide in horror. There are stab wounds on him. My head feels dizzy. I feel sick. We are quite a distant from the vehicle. How did we get here? I turn to the other side, trying to lift my weak body up when I saw another person lying on my other side.


"Caleb!" I shouted and crawl my way towards him painfully. He is not moving. He is also bloodied but no stab wounds on him, thank God! "Caleb!" I called again. And this time, my voice broke down in tears. Crying, I hold him close to me. I almost wail in utter frustration but I stopped myself because I can still feel his heart beating. He's alive... and I'm thankful.


At that moment, I know I needed to do something. I need to get help or pray for anyone to drive down this God forsaken road! If I don't do something, I fear Caleb won't be alive for long. I should look for a phone or something. I must get up and muster up whatever strength I have left and bear this fucking pain to find a God damn phone!


As if hearing my prayers, with God's will or be it even the Devil's will, I saw a pair of headlights coming towards us. I'm flushed with instant relief. Boy, could I be more wrong?