V1C1 – Akito Harada and First Contact
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NOTICE: This story has been rebooted see https://www.scribblehub.com/series/512842/

In the bustling Class 1-B's sultry room, sat an aloof student of average stature and build. He has a seat in the back near the windows which he stares through distractedly while basking in the wafting sun. The incoming light rays shimmer off of the student's cold black hair and eyes, accentuating the details of his face. His legs are crossed and his arms are strewn across his desk effortlessly. That weary high schooler is the currently 1st-year me, Akito Harada. It's also currently halfway through the second term of 1st-year.

The last bell rang out and the school day finished promptly. Ending the cinematic scene abruptly, 

"Yo, Harada. You think you did well on the test this time around?"

"Ah, yeah I think I did. I studied hard for it after all."

"As expected, you're a diligent student as always Harada. Anyways, the other guys and I are going to the game center now. You in?"

"Hmm, I think I'll pass this time."

"Eh...well no helping it. Come with us next time ok?"

Without taking a response, the boy talking to me left and signaled to some others. I watched indifferently as they shuffled out the class door. Breathing out a small sigh, I leaned back in my chair and mindlessly stared into empty space.

"What am I doing..."

A few minutes after the group left, I got up from my seat and exited the mostly empty classroom. The dimly lit hall gave off a hint of mysteriousness as the shadows made through the windows piled upon each other. After briskly walking a few meters, I saw a blue twinkle in my peripheral. Turning confusedly at the mysterious light, I see the room of our class neighbors. I peek into Class 1-A's room, from where the shine came from, but no one was inside. I guess it was probably just my imagination.

After resuming and exiting the school gate I was attacked by the beating sun that permeated with heat. Holding up a hand to shade my eyes, I reorientate myself and begin on my journey home. I want AC~

Distant voices and my footsteps were the only sounds audible on the lonely path I walked down. I breathed another sigh and pulled out my phone to check the time. It's the early afternoon, well, I'd be home later if I was in any clubs but I'm not.

I eventually arrived at a small apartment and unlocked the door. After taking off my shoes, I slipped in fully and closed the door gently against the lukewarm sky. After removing my blazer and loosening my tie, I absentmindedly turn on the television with a nearby remote. This is my usual habit since it gives me good background noise as I work or do house chores.

"...monsters have appeared and are attacking all over the world! These unearthly beasts that wreak havoc are being called [Curses]."

Multiple pictures of grotesque black masses were then plastered on the screen.

"If you run into one of the [Curses] please evacuate. They are dangerous and firearms are seemingly ineffective."

I had been staring blankly at my television screen for a while now, for obvious reasons. 

"W-What is this? Monsters?"

Suddenly, my smartphone began beeping the emergency alarm violently. 


I hastily pulled it out of my pocket and adjusted it so I could read the screen. 

[Curses detected in your area. Please evacuate immediately or stay indoors.]

Dumbfounded, I rushed to open the door and took a bold step outside. What I saw next was a scene out of fiction. Large cracks ran down the tepid sky haphazardly and [Curses] poured out from them. It was unbelievable, that the world's common sense had been flipped on its head in mere moments. Tokyo became a sea of [Curses] in the event we call, [First Contact]. 

I immediately ran back into my small apartment and slammed the door shut. What the hell is happening!? I begin loading up forums and news pages on my phone furiously. 

"[Curses] suddenly appeared from cracks in the sky all over the world and began attacking people and destroying buildings..."

This is troubling, to say the least. [Curses] on the outside are seemingly wicked monsters with twisted black forms that have taken numerous lives already. The [Curses] also sometimes resemble real animals like bears, wolves, and boars though the reason they do is still not known. Scientists have already begun hypothesizing on what they could be, but everything about this situation rejects modern science. 

"Let's just...stay home."

And so, my hikikomori seikatsu began.

I slump onto the bed which is next to my desk and across from the television. My desk has on it a computer and numerous papers for schoolwork sprawled out. Near the television is the area for my clothing drawers and across from that is the bathroom. On the walls are various anime posters and light novels are piled precariously on the floor. As you can tell, it's pretty cramped and messy but that doesn't particularly bother me. 

I live by myself, which probably isn't the greatest idea considering my age. Well, it's a long story, so while I wait out the apocalypse outside, how about I describe to you what exactly happened...I grew up with a very loving family, my mom, dad, and little sister until the later end of my middle school years. What happened after that you ask? Well, it was a car accident and that's all there is to it. They were instant deaths, upon collision with a truck. After the accident, it was said that I and our house property was to be handed over to our relatives. I had never really interacted with them before so I was uneasy about it, but in the end, I convinced myself it would be a good new opportunity. I was mistaken.

My new guardian was a scumbag who sold the family's house for money and left Japan entirely, abandoning me. He's still technically my legal guardian but he definitely isn't coming back for a fact. Everything was taken from me, my house filled with warm memories and the comfortable life I was so used to. Well, before he left he did find this apartment, which is honestly crumby and cheap, for me to live in because I'd be on the streets otherwise. He gave me the money to live frugally for a year and said that I was to make my own money after burning through it all. Surprisingly, I was going to get through it all pretty soon but the world was tossed into chaos by the [Curses] so I was free from that burden. At any point of time in this story, I was able to go to school luckily.

At any rate, I now live alone without any real guardians and no way to make money. I didn't want to be handed to another one of my relatives either...

So, I must become self-sufficient, which is impossible since no one will employ this young me. That is what I thought until I beheld the glory of the internet! At first, I didn't think that paying for internet, cable, or electricity was necessary until I realized it. I had always liked to immerse myself in anime, games, and novels even before I came to this apartment. Though I was restricted by money now, it still became and was an escape for me to stray away from my life's problems. How does this relate to me finding a way to make money? Well, I became an artist and monetized my abilities. I bought a cheap tablet for digital art since I was interested in all the drawn media I consumed at a young age and practiced frequently since elementary school. Just recently though, I found out that I could monetize my skills on the internet by taking requests. I grew in popularity quickly and eventually drew some light novel covers for pretty popular series earning me a lot for a high school student (I used a fake name of course).

So, I have a source of money albeit not the most consistent. But, the joy of working in an industry I really like makes it worth it all. The industry has halted though since [First Contact]. Since that time, I haven't opened my door or windows and just observed the world situation from the news. It's seemingly getting better with many places starting to prepare for reopening. Additionally, the landlord didn't come to collect rent nor did I leave for basic necessities like food. I did however perform indoor exercises to relieve some of my stress and stay fit.

To recap, I lost my family near the later end of middle school and was abandoned by my relative. I became self-sufficient and now live alone while commuting to high school every day. Then, [First Contact] happened and I shut myself in, surviving off of the food and water I had. 

Anyways, since it's been a few weeks, so I should...probably go outside for more resources right?