Chapter – 7 Worthless Darkness
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"God and the Devil King are gone, both of our war generals have been annihilated." – Archangel Michael said.

"We have a complication. Once again, it's not even our three powers, but these forces are equally if not more destructive are the Red and the White Dragon Emperors, and since we are on the subject, I suppose we must also include the Scarlet Sword Dragon Princess, so I would like to hear their thoughts." – Azazel said as he looked at Vali Lucifer, Hyoudou Issei, and Erza Scarlet.

"What I want, is to fight someone, who is as strong as me." – Vali said.

"Yes, but you can still find a lot of opponents without having a war." – Azazel said to Vali.

"I suppose." – Vali said as his eyes focused upon Alexian, 'Alexian Belial is Ariadew's younger brother, and someone Ariadew trusts to be able to deal with Katerea Leviathan… I would like to see what he is capable of.'

"And what about you Dragon Princess? What was your name again? Erza Scarlet?" – Azazel then questioned Erza.

Erza thought a little about Azazel's question, then said, "As long as Sona, Alexian, the rest of the peerages, and our families are not touched, I am good, with whatever you people plan. Although I would love to cross swords with some good sword users in the world, I am not a war fanatic… As a dragon, myself, I don't really have any problem with peace… To be quite honest, I would much rather sit in a cozy place and eat my favorite strawberry cakes and watch other members of the peerage have fun, than go on a battlefield. That said, I will not hesitate should that become necessary."

"Hmm, point taken, the strawberry cakes are more essential than war, I would keep that in mind. And I must say, you are much easier to get along with than your mother is." – Azazel said.

"As long as you don't anger her, she is a nice person or rather a nice dragon I would say." – Alexian said in defense of Irene.

"Maybe you are right." – Azazel nodded, then turned to Issei and questioned, "What about you Red Dragon Emperor?"

"Peace is number one… yeah peace it is for me please!"

"Ugh… both of you are nightmares…" – Rias said with a heavy sigh.

Even Alexian was a bit speechless, "Perversion is not uncommon among devils… but he truly surpasses all limits of it… I bet his set of sins are in the order: Lust >>>>> Greed > Wrath > Envy >>>>> Pride >>>>> Gluttony = Sloth = 0."

"Hmm? Naturally, I take full responsibility… so to atone, I will satisfy you in a way only I can." – Azazel said.

"How…" – Issei asked.

"Calm down Issei…" – Rias walked closer to Issei and was about to say something when suddenly the senses of a few of the people present in the summit went on alert.

"Sona…" – Alexian shouted and hurriedly went next to her, thankfully he was just in time to not let the effect of whatever that happened to affect her.

"Thank you, Lord Belial… I am alright." – Sona said and looked around.

"Few of them are frozen… in time?" – Alexian muttered, as he looked at Himejima Akeno and Asia Argento who have been frozen in time…

Azazel said, "It appears so, fortunately, those of us with superior powers weren't affected."

Vali said, "Thank our dragons, they protected us… the heavenly bunch over there was shielded by their holy swords… and the Ojou-sama seems to be protected by high tier Sacred Gear… I wonder what it is?"

Asuka said to Vali, "So eager to find out?"

Alex questioned Natsuki,  "Natsuki, mind checking in the situation?"

"Mm-hmm." – Natsuki nodded and got to work.


Suddenly a large explosion came from the outside.

After a few seconds of focusing and analyzing, she replied, "Some intruders are present in the Occult Research Club buildings It seems that the other Bishop and the Rook of Rias Gremory's Peerage have been caught by them."

Issei questioned, "You mean Gasper?"

Azazel nodded, "He must have been coerced into creating Balance Breaker Conditions for them."

Sirzechs said, "He has the power to stop time, I think it is safe to say it is him."

Rias said, "Minamiya-sensei, can you teleport us there?"

Natsuki shook her head, "Both time and space are frozen, they have taken my presence here into account."

Michael said, "Our guards are disappearing… They are using Teleportation Circle to enter inside… That can only mean someone is connected to the gate within this barrier."

"Their preparations seem to be well thought out, it can only mean that someone among has given them quite a lot of information to the enemy." – Alexian said.

"Means there is a traitor among us, huh?" – Sona said.

Grayfia said, "And unfortunately our magical transport troops have been completely sealed off from us."

"It won't be long now, as soon as Gasper is rescued by Rias and Issei we can begin our counter-attack." – Sirzechs said.

At this moment an orange Magic Circle appeared in the Conference Room.

Grayfia said, "We have a visitor."

Sirzechs said, "I know this magic but how…?"

From the Magic Circle appeared Katerea Leviathan, "Well if it isn't the unworthy Devil King Sirzechs and the little miss Serafall…"

"Oh no… she is the last person we want here right now…" – Serafall exclaimed as she looked in the direction of Alexian with a bit of worry.

POV Change.

"Natsuki… try to disrupt the magic circle so as to decrease the number of incoming enemies…" – Alex said to Natsuki who started to analyze the Magic Circle, in order to clear it off.

At this point, an orange magic circle appeared in the room, and out came Katerea Leviathan.

Looking at her different people had different thoughts.

Natsuki thought, 'Finally here? I had to act so long to make it seem that I am unable to resolve this issue…'

Meanwhile, Alex's entire thought process was mixed up, 'Katerea? Katerea Leviathan… She is here… Katerea Katerea What is she doing here? KATEREA Why is she here? Katerea Leviathan She is one of those three. Katerea you BITCH How dare she touch my sister. SheishereIamgoingtokillher I am going to kill her Iamgoingtokillher I am going to destroy every last bit of her NO! Iamnotgoingtokillher Thatwouldbetooeasyonher IamgoingtotortureherthankillherNOIamgoingtorepayherforwhatshedidto sister IamgoingtotortureherthantorturehermoreandmoreandmoreandMoreaNdMOREANDMORE…' was all Alexian could think, his eyes had turned from wicked green to pure black… And a spiraling demonic mark appeared on the right side of his forehead.

"Lord Belial…!" – Sona exclaimed upon noticing the changes in Alexian.

"Alex snap out of it!" – Erza also shouted.

Natsuki stopped both of them, "Erza-chan, Sona-chan, don't interfere with him, it may not look like it, but he is in total control of his powers, only his emotions are too jumbled up to respond to any of us…"

Sona said worriedly, "But Minamiya Sensei…"

After listening to Natsuki, Erza nodded, "Alright Sona, we must have faith in Alex. If Minamiya-sensei is saying that he is alright, then we have to trust her words."

Natsuki nodded, then said to Seilah, "Seilah, use 'Per Second Enhancement' on Alex, also be ready to use 'Limiter Release'. We will see how he plays out against Katerea Leviathan in his current form, and should the situation turn to south be ready to use Limiter Release on Alex, there is no need to worry about any damage, the regeneration granted to him because of drinking the 'Fountain of Youth' will keep his body intact."

"Alright, Seilah will help in fulfilling master's revenge." – Seilah nodded and used her Curse Magic Per Second Enhancement on Alexian which started to increase his strength with each passing second.

"Iamgoingtotakerevengeforwhatshedidtosistercleria…" Alex muttered in low whispers as he took his first step forward, then the second step, the third step, the fourth step, fifth step…


POV Change

Suddenly an explosion occurred which destroyed the whole building… but nobody was harmed as Azazel, Sirzechs, and Michael put up a defensive barrier together.

Katerea mocked, "Adorable, the three great powers have put up a defensive barrier together… giggle… Adorable and Pathetic!"

"Oh you will, will you? Sounds like fun!" – Azazel said and started to walk forward.

"Katerea… you have no intention to back down?" – Sirzechs questioned.

"Not at all Sirzechs." – Katerea said, "Don't get me wrong, you were a good Devil King, but you won't have that or any other title much longer, unfortu—BOOM---….!" – Katerea couldn't complete her sentence as she suddenly felt her insides turn, and a whole lot of pain could be felt originating from her stomach- "Cough-cough… what are you?!" – her entire clothing was torn to shreds and she was blasted into a crater on the ground which shook the entire area inside the barrier.

Alexian slowly walked towards the crater, step by step… darkness seeping through his skin and rising above shredding his upper clothes.

This scene shocked everyone, whether it was Sirzechs, Serafall, Grayfia, Michael, Azazel, or the leftover members of Rias, and Sona's peerage.

Azazel asked Sirzechs, "Hey, I was going to be testing something here looks like that won't be happening here… but what's up with him?"

"The child seems to be emitting an enormous amount of Demonic Energy…" – Michael also stated as he looked at the crater where Alexian stood a moment ago.

Sirzechs was silent, and muttered in realization, "Of course, how could I have forgotten, such a thing is inevitable if they were to ever cross path..."

"Forgotten what?" – Azazel asked.

Sirzechs said, "Remember the incident of Karakura Town?"

Both Michael and Azazel frowned, "Who could forget that incident? The entire town disappeared! And all that was left behind was a giant black deep hole that went down hundreds of meters. If I remember correctly, it was Diehauser Belial of the House of Belial who was responsible for that incident, is that correct?"

Serafall said, "Zechy-chan, I think we should now reveal the details of that incident..."

Sirzechs nodded and said to Michael and Azazel "Since we are here to establish peace between the three factions, as such I too feel that this information needs to be brought to light. But I hope this information will stay with us leaders only, the common public is not aware of this."

Both Azazel and Michael nodded with a serious expression, by now they have a pretty good idea where this is going.

Sirzechs said, "The destruction of Karakura town was not caused by Deihauser Belial… However, Diehauser did take the blame for it to protect the real culprit. The person responsible is Alexian Belial, this child… who lost control over his emotions in wrath and grief…"

"And the reason he has lost control is Katerea Leviathan?" – Azazel questioned, not really demanding any answer.

Serafall nodded, "Katerea is one of the people responsible… as for more details we can discuss that later on… but right now…"

Serafall did not get to finish her words when everything shook…

Katerea Leviathan who was punched in the gut by Alexian collided with the ground.

"That is some power…" – Azazel whistled with an impressed expression as he looked at the devil clad in darkness floating above the large pit Katerea Collapsed into.

Grayfia murmured in amazement, "Lord Alexian Belial can already use Worthless Darkness?"

Azazel said with a thoughtful expression, "It doesn't seem so strange if we consider his identity as Ariadew Asmodeus's younger brother."