Chapter 111: Tea
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After 3 hours, Piusz put down the last glass full with pills. Today he needed to hand in 500 4th level wind type energy pills. He already reached the 5th level with his cultivation and slowed down to form his golden core. With refining, he could make his energy stronger and purer.

He cleaned the room and went out. He saw Belinda still sitting on the same place and reading. He hesitated a little to interrupt her or not.

Belinda felt that someone was looking at her and looked up. „... Are you done?”

„Yes.” Piusz nodded. He saw some notes on the desk and read them. „Ah, I almost forget! You can’t borrow some books here. Give them to me and I register them under my name.”

These little libraries were different than the big one next to the cafeteria. Here some of the books were equipped with a special array and normal students couldn’t take them out from the room. Only the teachers could give permission, but it was rare. Mostly helpers or students with good performance would get it.

Because most of the time, there wasn’t anyone who registered the borrowed books, they became used to leave notes with their name and the books’ titles.

Belinda put the books on the table and felt confused. „But I borrowed some books about talismans...”

„If they only contain common knowledge you can take them away, but if one of the books is special...” Piusz suddenly froze. „Ah, you are a registered helper! You can borrow anything!”

Belinda’s eyes lit up. „Wait! Do you mean I can borrow any kind of book? Can I go into any library?”

„Yes... Didn’t Horác told you?”

Her face darkened. „He somehow skipped some vital parts...”

Piusz smiled. „Being a helper gives the students a lot of rights. If they do anything wrong, their teacher would be fully responsible. Even if they have astonishing talent, you can’t know, if you can trust in them. That’s why most of the time, the teachers let them became a helper only in name... When Horác ran out and registered you during the beginning of your first year, the teachers were astonished. But knowing Horác, the poison master, no one dare to do any bad things behind his back, so they calmed down.”

Belinda sighed. It was a big misunderstanding! She was sure, even Horác didn’t know about these things. He never paid any attention if it wasn’t related to poisons. Somehow Belinda felt that even if she did bad things, Horác would only laugh and didn’t mind it. He was the best example of being selfish. Even he himself didn’t care if what he did was right or wrong. He only cared about his principle. What was his bottom line... Belinda didn’t know and she hoped she would never find it out.

Piusz took away Belinda’s card and registered her. From now on she could borrow any book, she just needed to leave a note as the others did.

They went down, but they didn’t leave the building. They went over to a door with the ‘storage’ plate on it.

„As your cultivation growing you will need stronger equipment, so the old ones are sold by the students. The teachers usually buy them and place them here. Reselling them to the new students isn’t that profitable, but it’s cheaper than buying new ones in the market. Sorrowfully most of the students think that buying new is better and they didn’t notice, those ’cheaper’ ones are the same as the ones here...”

Belinda nodded. Even in her world, cheating with the goods was a common case. With their technology it was easy to cheat the buyers to believe, their goods were completely new. The worse was that when they dared to say it was used, yet they sold it for the original price...

They went into the room and Belinda looked around. She saw a lot of things she couldn’t even imagine how to use. She watched the price tags and was happy. Most of them were under 100 points. She spent a lot of points nowadays, so she was a little afraid if she could afford these things or not. After being calmed down, she hopefully looked toward her little teacher.

As she hoped, Piusz was skillful and he easily collected the necessary tools. He calculated the price and turned to her. „We need to find a teacher and pay for them.”

They left the room and looked around. In one of the classrooms, they ran into a teacher. He was in the middle of chopping up an herb. He quickly sold them those tools and send them away.

Piusz helplessly looked back at the closed door. „He usually a nice person, but it seems he is in the middle of some kind of research. We interrupted him, so...”

„I know.” Belinda nodded. „Horác the same too. When I visit him, I sat in the corner for hours.”

„Every time?”

„No. You need to look at his face and you can see how deeply he is in that research. Sometimes he just playing around...”

Piusz was shocked. „Playing around? With poisons?!”

„Yes. You know his favorite hobby to make new kind of poisonous teas. Sometimes if I interrupt him while he is mixing one of the old ones and end up changing the ingredients, it can end up as a new type. If it’s delicious, he’ll praise me and help with anything. If not, then I need to suffer...”

„Suffer? Will he hit you?”

„No.” Belinda laughed. „If I am lucky, then he gives me an almost impossible to complete task. If not...” her face darkened. „... then I need to drink one of his precious tea... and I even need to thank him for sharing it with me...”

Piusz’s chin fell. „... You... How can you endure it? Why don’t you just leave him alone those times?”

„It’s easy to say.” she sighed. „Even if I leave him alone, he will give me some kind of tea. There’s no way to escape...”