Chapter 121: Evening tale 1
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On the airship, there was a big room with floor to ceiling windows. There, you could see almost everything around the ship.

Belinda was lying in front of it. She watched the clouds and caressed her stomach. Horác cooking was too good. Even the most expensive dish in the cafeteria could only partly reach this taste.

She felt the energy slowly circulating in her body and strengthening her. She closed her eyes and sighed. Under the sunlight, she felt as lazy as a cat.

The wolfar sat next to her and looked outside. It was his first time flying and everything was too miraculous to him. He didn’t care where they went. He was just happy, he didn’t need to stay with those 2 crazy men.

Belinda didn’t know when she fell asleep or how long she slept. She just felt that someone was looking at her and she opened her eyes.

It was Bertold. He sat next to her and lazily supported his head with one of his arms. Though he looked at her, he was deep in thought.

„... Morning.” Belinda greeted him when she saw he come back to his senses.


Belinda sat up and looked outside. She watched the setting sun blankly. It was really the evening.

„How do you feel?”

Belinda clenched her fist. „Full of energy!”

Bertold nodded and didn’t say more.

Belinda hesitated a little, but her curiosity won and she asked. „Do you know when his cooking changed so dramatically?”

„As far as I know, it was always like this.”

„Impossible!” Even if in the memories Belinda was just a soul and couldn’t taste it, but the other kids’ reactions weren’t that strong. They even skipped the meals, fearing it was poisoned.

„Oh, you mean his vegetable dishes? Those recipes he can’t change.” They needed to help the new students to remove the impurities from their bodies. They couldn’t give them anything carelessly. „Even so those dishes are better than the ones in the cafeteria. I’m sure, all the kids regret they didn’t eat enough when they had the chance.”

Belinda nodded. She felt the same way too. She wished Médea ate more before she died.

The sky darkened and the stars slowly appeared. There wasn’t any light in the room or any cloud on the sky. It was an extremely beautiful night view.

Belinda lay back on her back and watched the starts. She never thought they would have a peaceful night after they came out.

„Hey, Bertold!” she looked at him with shining eyes. „Can you tell me a story?”

„A story?” Bertold was surprised. He didn’t think Belinda would ask something like this. He thought about it and nodded. „Then I tell you a story about a prince...”

A long time ago, there was a sad king. He was a strong cultivator with a lot of faithful followers and friends. In his castle, he had more than 300 beautiful wives. He had everything that others envied, yet his biggest wish couldn’t be fulfilled. Even after 1000 years, none of his wives gave birth...

The king was desperate. He didn’t have any siblings. After his death, his bloodline would disappear. He didn’t want that! He sent out his men to find doctors and different medicines. He tried out every means but none of them worked.

One day, when the king was close to a mental breakdown, the hermit prophet appeared in front of him. „Dead king! Please leave the castle and go on a journey! The one, who can fulfill your wish is waiting for you!” his words echoed in the castle but no one else saw him.

The king was excited and left right away. He didn’t care about his kingdom, he wanted a child!

5 years later he came back with a child in his hands, but his feelings were complicated. He never thought the mother he was looking for, was a mortal. While walking through a forest, he saw her being attacked by wolves and saved her life. That time the king was close to lost all of his hope and told her to give birth to his child. The woman was grateful and accepted his demand, but died after giving birth. Later, when the king remembered about this incident, he blindly believed that that day he saved his son’s life, not the woman’s...

The prince was only a month old, but the king already started to select his future wives. He wanted to be sure his grandson would be born after some decades...

The long waited little prince was loved by everyone. But later, it turned into fear, because the king protected him too strongly. If the prince cut his finger, a servant was beheaded. If the prince was sad, a servant’s cultivation was destroyed...

Even if the prince was young, he realized something wasn’t right. He saw that his emotions could hurt others and slowly learned to hide them. No one noticed the problem until the prince became completely emotionless.

The king bought everything he could think about to make his son smile. Yet nothing worked. Later, he made an announcement. If someone could make his son laugh, then he would fulfill their wish.

Travelers from far away visited the palace. They told stories and brought interesting things. Every day the whole city was full of laughs, yet the prince’s face didn’t show the slightest change.

This continued until the prince became 10 years old. It was time for him to go to the academy. They tested his root and talent. Gladly, he inherited his father’s single fire root, and in the previous years, he showed his talent in martial arts.

The king was relieved when he heard this. He was afraid because of his mortal mother, the prince wouldn’t be able to inherit a good root. He knew he did some mistakes when he raised his son, but he was his only relative. He knew that even if he could restart he would do the same.

The king prepared the strongest protection relic and gave it to the prince. They send him away with the hope, he could meet with a friend who can open his heart and made him smile again...