Chapter 07: Memories – The academy
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After breakfast, they ran back to the lobby. They sat on the floor in the next 4 hours.

When they felt the airship vibration, they knew they landed.

They excitedly jumped up and waited for Horác to open the door. There weren’t any windows, so they couldn’t see what was outside.

Horác slowly walked to the door and watched the children playfully.

He slowly opened the door. „Welcome to the academy!”

When they rushed out, they saw a little house under 2 big pinewood. There wasn’t anything else. It was just a forest. The children froze and turned back to Horác confusedly.

Belinda became really tired of his attitude.

„Any of you know the academy’s name?” he watched the kids and saw them shaking their heads.

„It’s called… Nowhere Academy!” he smiled happily. „Why is it called that? Because N-O O-N-E knows where it is!”

The children’s chins fell.

When he saw them become gawping fishes, he laughed happily.

„Okay!” he clapped. „Let’s take it seriously!”

  You are the one, who is playing all alone!

When all the children left the airship, he turned it into a little stone. After taking it away, he walked to the house.

„The academy was built thousands of years before. The founder used lost knowledge to hide it with arrays. He created some transportation arrays that you can use to reach it if you have the permit. These arrays were scattered on the continent. During wars and natural disasters sorrowfully, almost all of them were destroyed.”

„Although the knowledge to draw transportation arrays still exist, but no one was able to connect it with the academy. For fear to completely lose that place, the remained arrays highly protected. This house and the 2 trees are parts of the protection seals.”

He walked to the building and started to open the seals. He took out a blue stone with some golden symbol on it and touched the door with it.

„Some people say that the academy is in a different dimension, or maybe it’s the founder’s personal space, that he left behind when he became a god.” he laughed and started to speak to himself. „Some really believe that cultivators can become gods and leave for a higher realm. How stupid!”

„After your awakening, you will understand, it’s not the academy, but the place that is really precious!” he turned around. „Later you will have the chance to go to closed worlds to search for treasures. At that time you will understand why they say the academy is the same.”

  You will see, you will know… Just say it or not! When you become such a chatterbox?! Every day you wake up with different personalities?!

The door slowly opened and they went in. The whole building was a single big room. The floor was painted and graved with symbols. The whole building was part of the array.

„Don’t stop, let everyone come in! I will close the door and who stay outside will be left behind!”

The children ran in with their luggage. They stood in the middle and waited to see the array activation.

Horác calmly closed the door.

„This array needs a lot of energy to activate. Because it collects the energy itself, we can’t help it, so we only can activate it once a week.” he took out a chair and sat down.

Then the kids sat on the floor or on their chests. They became used to it. During the journey, they saw Horác’s lazy personality enough.

Before they thought that having a relic with space was a really awesome thing. But seeing Horác showed off with it again and again, and happily spoke about how much it cost for him, they just wanted to destroy it. In their eyes, personal space was the most annoying thing in the world.

So now watching Horác to took out some cookies and he was drinking his tea, they just wanted to beat him up.

„Just take your time. We need to wait for a second team. They will be here in the afternoon. Because you guys leave too much leftover from your food, we will skip lunch.”

He took out a book and started to read, he didn’t care for anything else.

The children sat with blank faces. It’s not that they didn’t want to eat, they didn’t dare. Before there were some of them who suddenly turned green, had diarrhea, lost consciousness, became a balloon, or fell on the floor with a pale face, so they became too scared to eat Horác’s cooking. Not to mention, they were sick to eat the same thing every time.

Médea wasn’t better too. Her sick appearance became worse.

After 3 hours, the door was opened again. A man around the same age as Horác walked in. He watched the scared children sitting on the floor, and then looked at the man, who ate cookies, with disdainful eyes.

„You are playing with the kids again. How much time do you want to be punished to finally stop?”

„Hehe. It was enough.” Horác yawned. „Come in, come in. Let’s finish this stupid mission finally.”

He walked in with his team. His children were energetic and happy. They had the appearance, who had an enjoyable journey.

The sitting children watched Horác hatefully. They really got the worst.

The man heard some kids’ stomach rumble and looked up angrily.

„Again, you didn’t cook for them?!”

„Hey, Timur! I did my best! They are the ones, who didn’t eat! Really, I needed to spend a lot of time to cook, instead of enjoying my time with poisons…” he said regrettably.

„You can ask for a helper from the academy!”

„Of course, then all of you will laugh at me! Saying I can’t even do this little thing!”

„If you are not such a bastard no one will say anything!”

„So you say that I need to lie down and let everyone step on me?!”

They started a word-fencing, but couldn’t reach anywhere. The man grabbed his hair, then gave up first. He took a big breath to calm down, then turned to the kids.

„Come in everyone, stand in the middle of the array. Be sure to take your luggage!”

He went back to close the door, while the children took their place.

Then Horác and Timur stood on the 2 opposite sides and take out another stone.

The array slowly lit up with a green light and Belinda was forced to close her eyes.