Chapter 06: Memories – Journey
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The children waited patiently in the room.

After a quarter of an hour, Horác came back.

„We’ll still travel for 11 days before going to the academy. Originally I’m responsible for visiting Zödfely country’s 5 big cities, but now I need to visit 3 cities in your country too. I arranged your room on a different floor, so be good. I don’t want any conflict.”

„Now we still need to go to 4 cities. I hope you can get familiar with the other children from your Rózasy country on the way because they will be your classmates in the future.”

Some children were happy to know they would be together, but the nobles were angry.

„I don’t want to be with the countrymen!” one of them said suddenly.

„What do you think, who you are?” Horác looked at the kid.


Horác didn’t paid more attention to him and continued. „All of you know, this continent has 8 countries. They have different cultures, habits, and beliefs. Couse of wars there is even hatred between them. So to evade some conflict we can’t mix the children. So we created 8 classes. All of you learned the main language at the school, so we can communicate. For centuries, the teachers researched that children can easily become homesick. To help them, they need a community with people from the same place and the change to use their native language.” then he smiled. „Not to mention, some people think that they are the best, their country the best and don’t intend to use another language. So this arrangement was created for your well-being.”

They listened to the instruction silently.

„I don’t know what you were told at home or the school, but forget it!” he watched them with sharp eyes. „The moment you stepped on this airship, you left behind your surname! You don’t belong to a country, but the academy!”

The children were shocked.

„You chose to become an immortal. An immortal can’t be tied with names or nations! I know, changing your way of thinking is not easy, but after your awakening, you will understand. You are not the same as before!”

The children were too young to understand these things, but Horác wanted them to start to think about it. He really hated those ‘full of themselves’ kids.

„When you enter the academy, you will see, it’s completely different than what you heard before. Those mortals gossips we let them go out. It’s not to mislead them, but there were misuses with some knowledge and caused big disasters. We want to evade those situations.”

  It sounds like an organization instead of an academy…

Belinda felt a headache coming.

Horác gave some minutes to the confused children to digest the information.

„Don’t be too confused, you are still young, but you will understand it. Now let’s go, I show you your rooms and the other places.”

The airship has 10 floors. The first one had a lobby, a kitchen, a dining room, a library, and a playroom. There weren’t too many things there.

„Breakfast at 6 AM, lunch at 10 PM, and dinner at 6 PM. There’s no crew. I will cook, so I hope you will like it.” he told happily.

The other floors were full of rooms. There was only 1 bathroom on the floor.

Médea went into her room. It was really simple with a bed and table. There wasn’t even a wardrobe.

She dragged in her luggage and sat next to the window. Watched the clouds so close, she was happy.

She spent most of her times there and enjoyed the view.

Belinda happily watched her. She finally was able to calm down.

After 2 days, they reached the next city.

It was almost lunchtime, so Horác rushed back to cook. He didn’t have time to arrange the new kids.

Every time Horác only cooked vegetable-dish. He took it out in a big pot, and let the children pick.

Some kids almost cried when they saw the same food every time. They missed meat, but they didn’t dare to say it.

The new children were shocked to see the food.

 „I don’t want to eat this shit! Give me something else!” a spoiled boy cried out.

„Then don’t eat.”

„How you dare! I’m the son of the Sansone family!”

„Yes, yes.” Horác said lazily, while picked out the dirt from under his nails. „Everyone can choose to eat it or not. I can choose too. Cook or not!”

The boy shut up. He finally realized, the man in front of him was an immortal.

„It’s not a 5-star hotel. There’s no crew.” He leaned closer to the kid and gently tap on the table with his index-finder. „This is my airship, and who are you again?”

The boy was frightened and became pale.

„I won’t force any of you to follow my rules or eat what I cook, but the kitchen is my sacred place, you can’t go in. If you brought food you can eat it. Or if you have the materials and tools, you can cook in your room. Just be sure, don’t cause any damage to my ship or I throw you out!” he waved and left.

At the door, he stopped and turned back. „Oh, I think I forget to tell you. At the academy my subject is P-O-I-S-O-N. I love to play with them.” He left and his laughter was heard. „Bon appetite!”

All the children stopped eating and watched their food. Thinking back, if they did anything to make Horác angry.

  You kidding me! With that gentle personality, he’s a silent killer?!

After this incident, the airship became quiet. The children didn’t leave their room if it wasn’t necessary.

When new kids came, they were happy and excited. They were confused, why the others were low spirited, but they didn’t need a day to understand it and became the same.

All the children desperately counted the days.

When the day finally came, all of them woke up early. They packed their luggages and dragged down them to the lobby. They sat on the floor and waited patiently.

Some hours later Horác came down and watched them with a funny face.

„I didn’t think you guys were so excited to leave. But don’t you forget something? I’m a teacher at the academy.”

He turned and went towards the kitchen. „Breakfast is almost ready. In the academy, it will be a busy day. Who knows when you will have the change to eat something, so use this opportunity!”

The children unwillingly stood up and went after him.