Chapter 08: Memories – Soul Awakening 1
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When Belinda opened her eyes again, she was at a square with high pillars around it. In front of her, there was a big building that resembles a church.

The 2 teachers lead the children in.

In the big hall, there were another 3 teachers with kids. Every teacher was responsible to visit a country.

Belinda watched around. The building was similar to those gothic castles she saw in books. She really liked them, but never thought she would see one in reality.

They waited here for almost 2 hours when another 2 teachers arrived.

Belinda saw all the children were all in high spirit, the journey didn’t leave any trace on them. She felt she wanted to cry.

  Really, all the teachers seem normal, why we get this bastard?

They called the kids to stand closer to the podium.

Another 5 men came in, and a white-haired old man led them.

The man walked slowly and stood in the middle of the podium. The teachers went up and bowed to him with respect, then stood behind him with the others.

„Welcome to the Nowhere Academy! My name is Haizer Gyenes, the principal. During your journey, the teachers already told you about the academy. I’m sure you have a lot of questions, but sorry you need to wait with them. Please be patient! Right now we need to do a more important thing.”

The children felt a little disappointed. They were already confused and they just had more and more questions.

„Today we come here to help you with your Soul awakening ceremony.” he walked away to let a teacher take over his place.

Horác jumped out excitedly. Suddenly all the teachers stared at him. He felt the burning eyes on his back but didn’t care.

„Hello, everyone! I will tell you what it is! I’m sure you guys not that stupid to not know what a soul.” he said mockingly.

The children were shocked.

Only his team members took it easily as if they were watching a clown jumping around. They were too used to him.

„Hehe, you did a good job! Your kids already think about you like shit!” one of the teachers said happily.

„Hmm, it seems there are some good talents!”

„A bastard still a bastard!”

The teachers started to whisper their thoughts, didn’t let out a chance to mock Horác.

„Okay, okay! Back to the topic!” Horác waved his hand at the teachers’ direction to make them shut up.

„So as all of you know, your soul existence not related to your body. Your body born, then die, but not your soul! When your soul reborn in another body, you will lose all of your memories and start anew. No one knows who they were in their previous life.” He started to point at the children. „Maybe before you were a woman, who was good at dancing. Maybe you were a swordsman. Maybe a vendor, an actor, a singer… Maybe a hero, who saved a princess. Maybe a rouge, who raped children and killed them…”

The principal coughed. „Horác you go too far from the topic.”

„What far? There’s any possibility. I want them to understand, isn’t all of them good things. Let them have high expectations, then let the reality break them down is the worst!” he looked at him coldly, then turned back.

„The academy made an array that can awaken those past life memories. But don’t be too excited! Sometimes there’s no effect. Mostly it’s some memory pieces, or you just will get a hobby, what you didn’t do before. The luckiest one can get some special skills, like swordplay, archery, or some cultivation method. But there are times when it’s cooking, cleaning, singing, etc. You can get bad habits too, like drinking, smoking, picking your nose. Maybe you become an aggressive person and fight with anyone who stands in your way.” he happily spoke.

The children were frozen from shock. They tried to digest this information.

The teachers were extremely angry. Horác went too far this time!

„You really can’t do anything properly!” Timur dragged him down from the podium.

„Hey, I know you missed me! Don’t be mean, darlin~ ” Horác threw himself happily in his embrace.

The whole hall fell into silence.

  He really doesn’t have any bottom line?!

Belinda’s chin fell.

The youngest teacher walked out hesitantly, then coughed.

„I’m sorry for the interlude. I know all of you shocked, but teacher Horác doesn’t a bad person. He just doesn’t know how to express himself. You will become used to his speaking style.” he smiled friendly.

  That’s not the problem! What’s with that speech?! What the hell he means?! Not to mention, all of you know him, yet let him speak, what the hell you guys thinking?!

Belinda cried angrily. She really hated it, why she was just a soul and couldn’t hit that man!

„The academy uses the Soul awakening array hoping that some of you can get useful memories. It’s true, it’s not working every time, and some people can get bad memories. You need to know, thousands of years before humanity have high technology, yet the knowledge lost. Even we, immortals lost the knowledge to ascent to a higher realm and become gods. Maybe to you, it seems meaningless, but for us, even a little chance to get back something is worth it.”

Seeing the children calmed down, he continued. „I’m sure, you don’t just wish to become an immortal, but want to be strong! The books in the library, almost half of it were written by students like you! After their Soul awakening, they wrote down and left behind their knowledge to help others! I only wish that those who can get benefit from it will leave behind their knowledge. You can stay anonym. In the library, there’s an appointed place where you can leave your notes. One of us will check it, you don’t need to search to see if that knowledge already exists here. Please help us, and let’s become stronger together!”

The children clapped and excitedly nodded. They were ready to try their chance.

  Really, even if they sold them they will happily accept it! I’m afraid, this awakening not that simple as they treat it…

Belinda felt the cold running down on her spine. From a young age, she had a sixth sense. It wasn’t a strong one, but enough to make her feel if there’s any danger around her.