Chapter 09: Memories – Soul Awakening 2
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The young man raised his hand to make the children pay attention to him.

„The awakening arrays we already drew in the rooms. These rooms will be given randomly. All the rooms have a number, they written on cards and were taken in a box. Because we have an old rule we made it this way. The students who graduated in this year have the chance to stay, but they need to become your mentors.”

The other teachers took out a table and placed a box on it.

„Please stand in a line, and draw your number. The first number is the floor, and the last 2 are the room number. There are more rooms than how many of you are here, so please don’t be impatient. Even the last one will have the chance to choose.”

The children’s eyes shined. Having a senior student as a mentor is a big help. They hoped the one they got would be a nice person.

„The mentors will draw their number later. Right now, they gather in another hall, so you can’t meet with them. We do it this way to make sure, those who have a senior from their family or city between them can’t cheat.”

Belinda stood there confused. Spending these years in the memories, she forgot a lot of things.

  Aah! Blacky!! He’s Médea’s mentor!... No! Wait!... It was me, who… Then I’m Médea’s past life self?! That’s not right! I’m not her! She isn’t me! I’m 100% sure, I’m a completely different person!!

She was bewildered. Then just blankly stared at the children, who tried to get a better position in the line.

The teacher went there to stop them to thrust and made them stand in the line properly.

Médea was standing in the second half.

Some children just grabbed out a card, some started to search in the box to get one from the bottom.

Slowly all of them drew theirs and stood on the side. They excitedly read, again and again, the numbers.

„Now we will go to the building, where you will live in the next 10 years. Every year have their own building, and the boys and girls live together. Tomorrow you will meet with your mentor, and they will tell you everything that you want to know.”

They walked out. On the way, they saw a lot of different buildings. After 5 minutes, they stood in front of a 4 storied building.

The young man stood in front of the entrance and waited until all the children arrived.

„Don’t forget, the first number the floor’s, the last 2 the room’s number! These cards are working as keys, so you can’t go into the wrong room! In the middle of the room, you will see an array on the floor. Take your luggage on the side and sit in the middle without damaging it. Wait patiently! We will start the arrays after making sure all of you on your place!”

The children ran in impatiently. They couldn’t wait to see what kind of memories they would awaken.

Médea slowly went in after the crowd. Her room was on the second floor. She hardly dragged up her chest on the stairway. Her room number was 84. It was on the other side of the corridor.

Belinda was surprised. The building didn’t seem to be so big from the outside. There were 100 rooms on the floor. There’re around 350 students and they prepared 400 rooms.

When Médea opened the door, Belinda saw a little familiar room.

She finally realized, 10 years have passed. She would finally wake up.

She watched Médea. That face, those clothes… Her memories become blurred during the time, but now it’s come out suddenly. It’s really that, she woke up in her body.

Her feelings were complicated. She didn’t understand, how it’s ended up like this.

  There were so many ups and downs in her life. I hoped to see how her life become better, yet…

Médea sat in the array, but her breathing was flustered. She took some big breaths and tried to calm down. She was a little excited to see, what kind of life the academy could give to her.

Belinda wanted to stop her. Drag her out from the array and say, it’s okay, you didn’t need to do this. But this was just memories, she couldn’t do anything.

When the array lit up, Médea grabbed her chest and fell back.

  Heart attack?! And what was that voice?

Belinda heard a woman voice, so familiar, yet she didn’t know where to hear it.

She didn’t have time to think about it too much. Slowly everything disappeared around her.

She stood in an empty fogged place and saw a little frightened child glaring at her.

She tried to go closed, but the kid jumped back with vigilance.

  See, our soul may be similar, but not one. I’m not her…

She smiled sadly.

„I’m sorry, I can’t help to change your fate. But I can promise that I will find out, why you died. I will live this life and do my best to make up for your sorrows. You can leave in peace. From now on no one will hurt you.”

Médea hesitantly tried to say something, but no sounds came out from her lips.

„It’s okay. I lost my real body, and getting this second chance is a good thing. I wish you a happy new life! Have parents who love you wholeheartedly! Born to a place, where you can stay an innocent child!”

She didn’t know if her wish could help her in any way, but she hoped this child could have a better life.

Médea smiled at her.

Belinda was shocked. It was the first time for her to see her smiling so happily.

Médea waved at her, then turned around and slowly disappeared.

  Yes. You will have a better life!

Belinda smiled, then fell into the darkness.