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It's been a week and I have to say, Saitama's training is pretty effective. My body has gotten lighter  and less stiff. I guess the flexibility training helped, though there was no way I'm becoming bald. I won't allow it.

I'm not sure if it was early enough to say I'm warlord level since i haven't been able to test my skill out. Maybe I can fight Crocodile but I think he's probably the weakest Warlord of them all, there wasn't a point to fight him or create another butterfly effect. 

"Well then Vivi, this is where we part ways." I said.

"Eh? You're not coming with me to Alabasta?" asked Vivi.

"What? You're going to miss me?" I asked.

Vivi turned a bit red, hold on. 

"Nevermind, I have my own stuff to do. I'd rather not get caught up in the princess of Alabasta's mess, it's too troublesome. I'll stay in Alabasta for a while, I need to find something." I replied.

"Alright, I'll lead the way." replied.

We started walking while I was thinking if Ace was still here searching for Blackbeard, there's a few chances that he's here but I'm not sure.

We arrived at the city and we split our ways, that sounds like what happened in the Fast and Furious 7 movie. 

Vivi was strong enough to defend herself, she knows the basics of martial arts, and swordsmanship but that's probably it. Her physical attributes gotten higher, that's for sure. 

I walked through the streets of the city and there were several talks around but I was only focused on one of them.

"I heard there's a warlord here." 

That confirms my suspicious, Crocodile was here. Though unless he runs into me, I won't interact with him at all.

I was walking around town when I noticed people had started avoiding me, even receiving a few stares, and that confirms another suspicion. My bounty has reached different countries and Crocodile would definitely recognize me.


Speak of the devil, I was just talking about him.

A wave of sand went towards the back of my head but I dodged it by side stepping. 

I turned around and there he was, a cigar in his mouth, and a hook on his left arm.

"You're the Maiden of the Sea aren't ya?" asked Crocodile.

"Yes but my real name's Suzuki D. Vierra." I replied.

"Tsch, another one of those D members." said Crocodile.

"I don't care what you have with members of the D, but what's your business with me?" I asked.

There's no way he's going to ask me to work with him or maybe take my bounty right?

"There's quite a big bounty on ya head, I came to take it." replied Crocodile.

No way, there's no point though.

"Why? I never did anything to you." I said.

"Baroque Works." said Crocodile.

Oh, I forgot about that.

"Sorry about that, what can I say? They were the ones who tried to capture me and turn me in to the world government." I said.

"It doesn't matter." said Crocodile.

Another wave of sand came at me but it was bigger, just before it attacked me. i jumped away and it left the area dried up, I'd better not get hit with that. 

"Quit dodging little girl." said Crocodile.

An invisible tick appeared on my forehead, how dare he call me a little girl? If I recall, there was a demon slayer fanfiction I read, it was a move called Frozen Love, moving faster than one can see and release an horizontal attack. 

No harm in trying it out, plus I wanted to get away as fast as possible. 

Applying haki to my feet, coating my katana with haki, I rushed at him. In an instant, I appeared before him and slashed across his chest, that was going to give him a scar.

His eyes went wide, he was probably shocked that I was going to cut him. 

I sprinted away since I didn't want to cause a scene, when I reached somewhere far enough, I felt someone following me.

"You can come out now." I said.

"Haha! You got me." said the figure jumping down from the building. 

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I'm Portgas D. Ace of the Whitebeard Pirates." said Ace.

It seems Ace is here after all, interesting.

"Well, what business do you have to follow me this far?" I asked.

"I came to ask a few questions, hope you wouldn't mind." said Ace.

"Sure, you're part of the D members." I replied.

"Do you know anything about Blackbeard?" asked Ace.

"His whereabouts? Nope. I know his name but I know nothing about him." I said.

Sorry Ace, I can't tell you. It's for Luffy's development. 

"I see. My last question, wanna join the WhiteBeard Pirates?" asked Ace.

That was surprising, I would've never expected.

"If you can beat me in a fight, sure. If you can't, I won't join." I replied.

"Fine by me." said Ace.

A wall of fire started coming down at me, I see we're taking this quite seriously. 

I unsheathed my katana and coated it with haki, slicing the wall of fire in half.  A fist of fire suddenly appeared in my vision, he does have some tricks. Mid air, I brought the katana down and sliced the fire with a slash of haki coming out of the blade. It was aimed towards Ace, he dodged in time, but a cut appeared on his cheeks. 

"That's dangerous." said Ace.

"I know, I guess I won." I said.

"Well, I guess you can leave now." replied Ace.

"Seriously? You're quite boring you know?" I asked.

"Haha! I just lost a battle, what can I say?" asked Ace.

"You and I both know you were holding back." I said,

"So were you." replied Ace.

"Fair enough, what're you going to do now?" I asked.

"Probably search for BlackBeard, I have to make him repay for breaking a rule." said Ace.

"I see, by the way. Are you Loofy's brother?" I ask.

"Yep, what gave that away?" asked Ace.

"The hat." I replied.

"I guess, you've met him?" asked Ace.

"Yeah, he's probably going to arrive sooner or later. You should wait for him." I said.

"Well, I do want to see how's my little brother's doing." said Ace.

"What a nice big brother, well I'm going to explore more of Alabasta. I'll see you again one day." I said.

With that, I had beaten Crocodile and Ace. 

Beating one of my favorite One Piece characters does feel pretty good. Relax Vierra, you're turning into a sadist.

Now then, I wonder what more of Alabasta has in store for me.