A Vampire’s Valentines’ Dreamin. [1/2]
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A vampire who dreams of Valentine. This chapter is by no means part of the actual story and had happened far into an alternate history.
Valentines' Dreamin.


Once again, it is the 14th of February. Although in this world, it carries no meaning but in the modern world… it carries a horrific and terrible meaning to me: the day when the couples take over the world and a remembrance of a certain priest in the modern world. I was always miserable on this day because of one thing.


I was single the entire time in the modern world. I didn't have my cute daughters nor did I have people I cared for but that didn't mean I wasn't affected by the horrendous sight of couples kissing each other in the streets after being given flowers and everything!


Just the plain thought of remembering the scene where I stepped between a couple's proposal on Valentine's Day without knowing about it because I had earbuds with active noise cancellation makes me super embarrassed. I can't remember the number of times where I just wanted to smash the flowers that were being thrown around.




Ayaka slammed the door open with her two adorable younger twin sisters, Ruby and Aquamarine. The two were confused over Ayaka's sudden enthusiasm and so was I. It was rare for Ayaka to be this enthusiastic at all.


"What's wrong, dear?"


I stood up from my office table and walked towards them before Ayaka showed me some flowers and a letter with sparkling eyes as she shouted: "A girl in my class gave me flowers and a letter today, she said that she liked me! I accepted it and became friends with her!"




My heart clenched onto itself upon hearing the ridiculousness of what she had said. Did she just… friendzone someone without knowing about it?! I can't imagine how horrible the girl must have felt from that… it surprised me though that Ayaka gets confessions from girls and not from boys, she is tomboyish which may be that.


"How did she react?"


"Hmm… she looked happy with her cheeks completely red that it made me think she was a tomato for a second. Also, she seems to have been crying… I think she was super happy!"


I felt like crying in that girl's stead right now. I wonder if I should send Iona or Felice to send some compensation money to the girl before they sue us for emotional damages in the future. Having them sign a contract to not sue for emotional damages should also be mandatory… though I can't imagine how many more girls she will friendzone once she grows.


As far as I was told, Ayaka's mana and practically her bloodline inherit mine at this point which means… She will grow up as a beauty like me… I am not joking… I am beautiful, alright?! Thinking about how her beauty will bring more suitors makes me horrible. Should I arrange an arranged marriage instead, but which person I know even has someone comparable to Ayaka?! And also… Arranged marriage sounds terrible!




"Ah, yes. She must have been happy… very happy. You are a very good girl, Ayaka… very good girl!"




As if. You murdered a girl's heart without knowing about it. As someone who once was friend-zoned before, the sound of a heart breaking is clear as day to me! I never expected my daughter to be someone who would eventually friendzone someone… a playgirl with a harem of girls would be better than a heart destroyer! 




Two loud growls echoed in the room, originating from none other than Ruby and Aquamarine who both yawned at the same time. I was so preoccupied with Ayaka that I forgot the two were there.


"Are you two hungry, how about we grab lunch at our usual café?"






Ruby and Aquamarine both reacted with sparkles. Both of them drooled as they launched themselves into my arms while staring at me with cute eyes that no one can reject at all. I wonder if these two will become like their elder sister and start friendzoning people like crazy. The two are crazy gorgeous at their age, imagine how the two would appear a few years from now as teenagers.




"Alright, let's go for some cake, pizza, and snacks. Ayaka, do you want to come or will you eat those flowers instead?"


"You can eat the flowers, Mama?"


"Those flowers that your 'friend' gave are called Amor Dulcis which can be found in the borders of Antansia town and are edible, they are rumored to taste sweet but most people prefer to keep it alive since it holds another special meanin…"


As I was explaining, she soon ate one flower and looked happy. I could hear someone's heart cracking from far away. The meaning of keeping the flower alive is: "Forever is the sweetness of our love" according to the books I've read. Amor Dulcis is not a flower that can be found in the modern world though, it resembles a rose but with cherry petals and people tend to send it to the people they love who also keep it alive for as long as they are together.


“Did you say anything, Mama…?”


She tilted her head as she continued to eat the flowers. I was devastated but soon recovered while flicking myself in the forehead as to remind myself to never mention anything that could do more emotional damages. I don’t want the kingdom to be bankrupt from a single girl’s emotional damage lawsuit…. No, that might be an entire kingdom’s emotional damage if she keeps this up. I might have to consider getting her a teacher for this.


“Not at all… let’s go to the café, shall we?”


I held in all the dark thoughts inside my head and smiled as bright as I could. The three looked excited as we soon started to take a move towards the café… but I never would have thought that I would meet three other idiots in the café.


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