Chapter 102
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Big Eater

Now then, first let’s confirm whether the Lv of Ball Rabbit increase or not.

[T.N: Not so sure about the second line]

Race:Palmtop Ball Rabbit


Lv :5/5(MAX)

HP :5/7

MP :0/6






Characteristic Skill:


Resistance Skill:

〖Hunger Resistance:Lv4〗

Normal Skill:


〖Feigning Death:Lv1〗〖Wild Whip Dance:Lv1〗

t.i.tle Skill:

〖Idol of the Desert:Lv1〗〖Kin Eater:Lv1〗

〖Lv Up Parasite:Lv1〗

Oooh, it really goes up.
The level of the〖Light〗skill goes up too huh?

The〖Wild Whip Dance〗skill was added too.

Can you fight with this skill?

…well, even if I a.s.sume it’s all good, some strange t.i.tle skill had been added.

Does it give any penalty?
However if it helps, I’ll keep on raising its Lv.

The Ball Rabbit stretches its back, it drags its body and ears facing the scorpion.
As I’m wondering what it’s going to do, the Ball Rabbit widely open its mouth, biting the scorpion.

Since it moves a lot and used a skill, it seems like it became hungry. I had no time to stop it.
Although the tooth of the Ball Rabbit is unable to eat through the scorpion’s sh.e.l.l, it seems like it’s sucking the meat of the scorpion from the cut that I made with my claw.

Although I was dumbfounded for an instant, I quickly lifted the corpse of the scorpion with my  claws, and throws it far away.


The Ball Rabbit chased the scorpion with its eyes, its gaze dropped to the ground looking disappointed.

If you got poisoned you’ll die for sure with that kind of HP.

Since its been having a long experience of starvation, it seems like it doesn’t have any resistance when seeing food.
Its different from the Black Lizard’s bad eating habit that will eat anything.

Did it get poisoned?
Lets confirm it for the time being.

Race:Palmtop Ball Rabbit


Lv :5/5(MAX)

HP :5/7

MP :0/6

I told you you’ll get poisoned!


When the Ball Rabbit cried, it vomits the piece of meat along with its body fluids.
I pat the back of the Ball Rabbit while being careful not to stab it with my claws.

Well, it’s not a very strong poison…and it only ate a small amount, there shouldn’t be any problem if it managed to vomit out all of it.
You should resist it. That’s how I lived up till now, with spirit.

Once the poison settle down, in exchange of 2HP, the Ball Rabbit obtained〖Poison Resistance〗.

There’s only 3HP remaining.

I was made to think, that it slightly becomes easier for me once I learn healing magic…

The amount of MP needed is large if I want to stay human for a long time, so I need the recovery type. My target is decided.
A strange dragon that specialized in healing. I want to think like that.

Although I really want to evolve immediately, I suppress my desire for now.
It seems to be very tired, as it’s lying on the ground.

Since both HP and MP are almost empty, you should have evolved earlier.
Even though it’s already LvMAX, why didn’t you evolve?

With a “guu” sound, I heard its small belly rumbling.

Can’t be helped, should I feed this fellow something first?

Putting the Ball Rabbit on my head, I returns the the place with the cactus from a while ago.
It seems to be easy to eat after I cut the cactus and scatter it around the area.

Since before this there’s only my leftover,it shouldn’t have been able to fully eat.
I wouldn’t have know that its appet.i.te really doesn’t match the tiny figure.

Confirming my expectation, the Ball Rabbit eat the whole content of the cactus that I cut.

W-well, it can’t be helped.

With the ‘Kin Eater’ as well, it seems like it’s been living a hard life.

I heard that pigs has such a habit.

In the end, the Ball Rabbit eat all of the one that I cut.

Well, it should be satisfied with this.

The Ball Rabbit drags its body and ears and stops beside me.

“Pefu’! Pefu’!”

….though it seems to be asking something from me, could it be that you still want to eat?
Will more cactus really fit such a small body?

Should I really let it eat more?
Should I let it stops here? Will you be able to walk by yourself?

Although it had the t.i.tle skill〖Idol of the Desert, I don’t know if there’s any idol who eats cactus and scatters it everywhere.
Its at the level where the blog is going to get flamed.

While I’m feeling uneasy in various ways,I cut the cactus in pieces.

It’s amazing, with how much this fellow can obviously eat. It’s like the whole body is made out of a belly. Does it know s.p.a.ce magic?

So once again, will the Ball rabbit keep on eating, or will it try again?
[T.N: Not sure about this line]