Chapter 108
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Chapter 108
Chapter 108

108. Meat of a camel
The three-headed camel turns around, turning his back to me. 

He seems to think that he can still run away. 

Piercing the camel I quickly make a shallow incision along its back using my〖paralysis claw〗. 
Three heads, almost at the same time screamed. 

While trembling it’s feet, the camel collapsed on to the ground. 
【Normal skill ·〖Paralysis Claw〗 Lv increased from 3 to 4. ] 
I confirmed that the state 〖paralysis〗 has been added, and then I set the ball rabbit on to the ground. 
Ball Rabbit approached the three-headed camel while rubbing its ears aginst the ground. 

As soon as Ball Rabbit got close to camel, he climbed on to its neck and started biting the camel’s body. 
I thought that the damage would not be good enough go through because its is staggering larger, but it would be good if rabbit can deliver at least 1 damage to the camel. 

Cry of three-head’s of fallen camel echoes around. 
This scene is quite grotesque, . 

Rabbits are not usualy agressive like this one, but maybe my education is bad. 

Was it bad to force rabbit to battle, or make it remember the taste of meat? 

I don’t remember it getting any strange t.i.tle skill. 
The state of the camel changes from 〖curse · paralysis〗to〖curse · paralysis (small)〗. 

I need to kill it soon. 
When I tried to withdraw the Ball Rabbit, one of the head’s of camel, made a strange cough. 

No way, is this from the effect of 〖curse〗 from〖plague breath〗? 
I ordered a ball rabbit to withdraw, and used 〖scorching breath〗on camel.  The body of the three-head camel becomes surrounded by crimson flames. 
[Experience value got 32. ] 

[t.i.tle skills〖Walking Egg: Lv–〗additional experience value of 32 was obtained] 
Without holding back, I was spray my flames with full power. Only leaving a little chard residue behind. 
“Pefuu ……” 
After looking at the remains of the three-headed camel, the ball rabbit looked downwards with a sad expression. 
I might have been a little too relaxed knowing that the abnormal condition 〖curse〗 causes a sickness . 

I wonder if this is〖curse〗is infectious of not infecting, but it probably is. 
Just watching the head of the camel begin coughing, I realized at that time I was forced to change my plan. 

When you see that situation, you can think of it more as a sickness or something, rather than a curse. 
Are you okay? 

You didn’t catch anything right? 

Or rather, did the raw meat of camel taste awful. 

That was not bad, was it? 
I check the status of the Ball Rabbit. 

Race: Small Ball Rabbit

state : normal 

Lv: 10/12 

HP: 39/39 

MP: 0/28 

attack force: 16 

defense: 22 

magic force: 30 

quickness: 24 

rank: E- 
characteristic skills: 

〖concealment: Lv1〗 〖food reproduction: Lv3 〗
resistant skills: 

〖starvation tolerance: Lv4〗 〖poison-resistant: Lv1〗

〖overeating tolerance: Lv1〗
normal skills: 

〖dig: Lv2〗 〖light: Lv2〗 〖Feigning Death: Lv1〗

〖wild whip dancing: Lv3〗 〖Swallow: Lv1〗 〖Internal

Storage s.p.a.ce: Lv1〗

〖Charm: Lv1〗 〖Thousand cuts eater: Lvl 2〗 喰い千切る(T.N.  I think it is based on the concept of a thousand cuts can fall a man even little ones just as much as a big cut so it is a consequence of his alway biting the bigger monsters a bunch even though they do no damage but surprisingly it does damage after a while)

〖Rest: Lv1〗
t.i.tle skills: 

〖Idol of the desert: Lv2〗 〖Kin eater: Lv1〗 〖 Lv up Parasite: Lv2 〗

〖Big Eater: Lv3〗

——————————————- – 
… For the time being, it’s okay. 

Now it is better to pay a bit more attention when doing experiments with 〖plague breath〗. 

No, I wont do this again. 
This little child is learning. 

The memory of the ridiculous things that I had to do evole, even though, It took a lot of hardships. 

If the ball rabbit can use 〖rest〗it will make exploring the desert quite a bit easier. 
On the contrary to me who is relieved, the ball rabbit inflates its cheeks and appears to be disturbed as it taps the ground with its long ears.
It seems that he wanted to eat the meat of a camel. 
I wonder if it’s worried … Well, it is because of my carelessness. 
The ball rabbit try eating the ashy remains of the camel, but only then spits out charcoal while squealing “Picot”. 

No, it is impossible. You can’t eat it. I think burying it was still better idea. 
When I was watching ball rabbit I started while laughing, but than it turn around and stared at me. 

It’s so funny, did you see your expression? Are you mad because I just made camel char? 
I lightly tapped my cheek with the palm of my hand. [T.N. He says hand but is it a paw or claw and when he refers to his nails is it nails or claws?]

I do not think that it will appear in the expression, but because of scales there maybe is a little wrinkle. 

I wonder if he can understand it from the shape of my eyes. 
I caress the head of the ball rabbit while paying close attention to my claws. 

ball rabbit says, “Because it is devastated to such a thing! Even after saying that even though it diverted his face from me, he was narrowing his eyes with a pleasant feeling within ten seconds. 
When I stroke my ear, I relax with a sound “Pheu”. 

It may be itchy because it rubbed the ground well. 

It is likely to be full of sand, but I’ll sweep the dirt lightly for the time being. 
When I looked down on the face of the ball rabbit when I finished dropping the dirt on my ear, he felt asleep fast as he closed my eyes. 

This guy, is frightening regardless of meals. 

He seems easy to fall in a bad mood for the time being. 
Trying to not wake him up, I carefully put the rabbit on my head. 

Fighting the leopard and the camel, Ball Rabbit is also getting tired. 
Today, I moved quite well. 

I am the one who walked, but he’s getting tired even if he’s riding on me. 

I was careful, but I had no choice but to shake it all the time. 
I will walk to where there is a cactus and decide to take a day off again today. 
Ball Rabbit that was placed on the head, cried quietly. 

I do not feel like he’s moving at all. 
Even though I try to talk to you, there is no reaction at all. 

How deep is your sleep?