Disciples of Sun Guang Peak
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The disciple try-outs this time round was remarkably exciting. Various skills flashed here and there, causing a fire to stir in the hearts of the audience. It was as if every person trying out for a place was performing their hearts out to impress their future peak lords and martial brothers and sisters.

It was during the try-outs that romance also blossomed in the hearts of many onlookers. A charming girl from Xian-Nu Peak leaned over and nudged her friend.

“Say, Li-Li, don’t you think our Madam Peak Lord’s sons look great today? Just look at them!” she simpered. “They’re young, but they’ll definitely grow into heartthrobs someday. I’ve never seen our little martial sisters look so excited before…”

The girl, Li-Li, who was sitting beside her, only smiled to herself. She knew that those younger martial sisters had already matched those two with other boys from the crowd…

Just like it began, the disciple try-outs ended with a crash of a gong. As predicted, Xin Niu and Tian Cheng had helped each other out, resulting in very unfavourable results in terms of betting. Neither of them had been the first to grab a flag despite their outstanding skills. The peak lords were all disappointed, but nothing could be done about it.

As for Xian Ye and Xian Yang, they were the crowd’s MVPs. Both of them were extremely outstanding and showed a lot of skills. They cheerfully and adorably pummelled many people who were also eyeing their peak’s flag into a pulp. Everyone watching was both scared and delighted by their antics.

As the events wrapped up, both contenders and crowd moved from their respective positions and began to mingle together in the grand hall as the grandmaster announced each disciple and officiated them as disciples of their respective peaks. The twins ran up to Sun Wu and bowed to him joyfully.

“It won’t be long before you’re our shifu!” they chirped excitedly. Then, turning to Sun Quan, they pulled at his sleeves.

“Da-Niang, Da-Niang, what will you be making today to celebrate?” they asked.

“Brats, you haven’t even been confirmed as peak disciples yet,” Sun Ying rolled his eyes as he casually came over to knock them upside their heads. He grinned at them and thumped their backs. “It’s as good as given, though; it has to be herbal chicken tonight. Good work!”

“Cut your nonsense,” Sun Quan crossed his arms. “I’m not cooking tonight.”

“What!?” the twins shouted, appalled.

“We’re going out to eat,” explained Sun Wu kindly. “Today your master actually won a lot of money on a bet. We’re celebrating for real.”

“I love how you added ‘actually’ to your statement,” Sun Quan smiled a smile that wasn’t a smile. “This means you know you’ve been in the wrong all this while, right?”

“Ah… aha, ahahahahaha,” laughed Sun Wu helplessly, feeling scared as he watched his disciple’s red lips curl up ever so slightly. “Ah, Sun Quan ah, Quan-Quan ah, please… don’t be like that…”

The boys looked at each other and grinned. In a while, this peak, although it wasn’t very crowded or famous yet, was going to be their new immediate martial family. It was something they hadn’t really expected either, growing up in the idyllic and fairy-like Xian-Nu Peak. But throughout their days living under one roof, practicing and weeding in their fields, they’d gone through quite a number of things together and bonded over every small joy and mishap – there was no other peak they wanted to cultivate in more.

Stepping away from Sun Wu, Sun Quan smiled down at the two boys and put one hand on each of their heads proudly as the grandmaster slammed his wooden block down.

“Officiating Sun Ye and Sun Yang as disciples of Sun Guang Peak!”


Hi everyone, thank you for reading this far! Just like all the main arcs, our story ends with a happy officiating statement!

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