Twins: 3 Months
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Ender’s Birthday

Today is Ender's birthday, as he was up in the morning, responding to his family and friends’ happy birthday wishes.


Since he wanted it only to be him, Nevan, and the twins. His family and friends are sending their gifts for him to the house. So, most likely, in a few hours, he will have many packages at the door. 


Nevan walked from the bathroom, getting on the bed behind Ender. He wrapped his arms around Ender's waist, kissing the back of Ender's neck while muttering, "Happy birthday." 


Ender moved his back more into Nevan's arms, putting his phone down as he leaned his head back, giving Nevan better access. 


Nevan kissed his Adam's apple before moving to Ender’s chin. Then, he grabbed Ender's neck, pulling it back some more. 


"Don't break my neck, Nevan," Ender said. 


Nevan answered by pulling Ender's head a bit up, kissing his lips. Ender kissed him back, slightly opening his mouth so that Nevan could slip his tongue inside. 


But Nevan moved his head back, causing Ender to stick his tongue out. Nevan jokingly sucked his tongue; his lip piercing poked the underside of it. 


Ender hit his chest, making Nevan let go of his tongue. "Nevan, stop playing," Ender complained, glaring at Nevan. 


Nevan only laughed before giving Ender a proper French kiss as their tongues touched against each other. 


Nevan explored Ender's mouth as Ender moaned. He swallowed the moan while letting Ender go. Ender turned around, not breaking the kiss once as he sat in Nevan's lap. 


Nevan's hands moved to Ender's back as they slowly made their way down, grabbing Ender's bottom. He squeezed the round cheeks before pushing Ender's lower body closer as he ground them together. 


Ender moaned as Nevan groaned. 


Moving his hips on his own, Ender ran his hand through Nevan's hair, gripping it. Nevan's hands slightly moved up, grabbing the band of the pajama pants. 


He was getting ready to stick his hands inside Ender's pants when the sound of crying entered the room. Ender pulled his head back, getting up and off of Nevan. 


He did not say any words as he left the room, walking to the twin's room. A stinky smell hit him as soon as he stepped inside. 


"Did you two poop at the same time?" He asked them as they continued to cry. 


They did move their heads in the crib when they heard Ender's voice. 


Since they had a bit more space in the room, Ender and Nevan added a changing station near the dresser. It was big enough for the twins to share it. 


Ender picked up Vera as Nevan walked into the bedroom. The smell instantly hit him, "They both pooped?" He asked


Ender nodded, "Yep, can you get Emil?" 


Ender walked to the changing station, setting Vera down. Nevan hummed, picking up Emil and bringing him over, setting him down near Vera. 


Ender and Nevan started changing Vera and Emil, throwing out the dirty diapers when they finished. The twins were no longer crying as they started making "oh" and "ah" sounds. 


Ender moved to the dresser, picking out what the twins should wear for today. He did not mind leaving Vera in the semi-high spot since Nevan was right next to the twins. 


Nevan pulled out two rattles, shaking them in front of the twins. Vera and Emil grew excited and tried to reach for the toys. Nevan gave the rattles to them as the twins started to shake them slowly. 


Looking through the clothes, Ender saw a cute kitty onesie and thought of something. "Hey, Nevan, do we still have those animal onesies from Kori's party two years ago?" 


Two years ago, Kori had a onesie party, and Ender kept his onesie with Nevan since he spent the night at his home after the party. He never took it back since he was too lazy to get it. 


"Let me check," Nevan said as he tried to remember if he did and if he brought it here. 


Ender closed the dresser for a second, walking back over to watch the twins as Nevan walked out of the room. 


"Do you want to do tummy time real quick?" Ender asked the twins. 


"Ah." They both spoke, shaking the rattles in the air. 


Ender took that as a yes as he picked them both up. He grabbed their blankets from the cribs and sat down on the rug. He moved the twins to his lap, doing it slowly as he did not want to drop them. 


Emil and Vera hit him with their rattles as they tried to shake them. Ender ignored the hits as he finally got the twins in his lap. 


He laid the blankets down as good as possible and put the twin's on them as they laid on their tummies. 


Vera let go of her toy as she started stretching her legs and arms. She moved them around like she wanted to start crawling. 


Emil lifted his head, still holding onto his rattle, as he stretched his legs. He dropped his head shortly after and started lying down like he was ready to sleep. 


Ender sighed at Emil, "Emil, you are too much like papa." 


Nevan walked back into the room with two onesies in his hands. One was a wolf, while the other was a bunny. 


Funny thing, even though it should be the other way around, Ender's onesie is the wolf while the bunny belongs to Nevan. 


"We have them." 


Ender stood up, going back to the dresser as Nevan sat next to the twins. 


Pulling out a kitty and panda onesie for the twins, Ender shook them in front of Nevan with a broad smile, "we are wearing onesies all day for my birthday." 


Nevan smiled back, chuckling at Ender's excited mood, "Okay." 


Ender wore his wolf onesie, while Nevan had on his bunny one. They still fit them pretty well. 


Vera was a panda, while Emil had on the kitty onesie. 


Ender set up his camera, taking a few pictures of them together in the onesies. He picked the best one and sent it to his family and friends. 


Ender: Today for my birthday, the family is wearing onesies! [pic.jpg]. 


Grabbing his phone, Yan unlocked it and saw the picture Ender sent. He could not help but think how cute the photo was. Kori, lying next to him on the bed, looked over at what Yan was smiling at. Nan laid on Yan's stomach while his legs fell on Kori's. He also grew curious when he saw Kori peeking at his dad's phone. 


Kori saw the picture and message Ender sent and wondered if that is what the new message on his phone was. His phone rested on the nightstand as he tried to lessen his time on it to spend it with Yan and Nan. 


"We should put some onesies on and send something back," Kori spoke. 


Nan moved up, putting his head over the phone to look at the picture. His hair covered Yan's face. But Yan did not say anything about the hair as he turned his head to look at Kori, "We can." 


"NanNan wants to be a beaw!" 


They got out of bed and dressed in onesies. They were all bears since Nan wanted to match with them. Nan sat in Yan's lap while Kori wrapped his arms around Yan. Yan took a picture of them and sent a message back. 


Yan: Jumping onto the onesie train for En's birthday! [pic.jpg]


A guy leaned over Liam's desk, grabbing Liam's tie as he undid it. Liam ignored the man, looking at the group messages as he thought how cute the pictures were. Should I join in? Liam wondered. 


He pushed a button on his desk, beeping for the secretary. 




"I would like a onesie. Be quick on getting it." Liam spoke. 


"……is there any certain kind you want?" The secretary sounded unsure but did not question anything dealing with their boss.


"Get whichever is the quickest." He let go of the button, not caring to say anything more. 


The man, who undid his tie, threw it over Liam's head and towards the ground as he quickly went to the buttons. But he stopped once he got the first button off, and Liam still did not do anything. 


"Are you not going to stop me?" The man asked. 


Liam finally looked at the man with indifferent eyes, "Should I? You tend to do things on your own, no matter what I say. But continue if you want Kay to get rid of you." 


The person nervously laughed, letting go of the button as his phone started to ring. He pulled out his phone, looking at the caller as his face turned pale. Kay was calling him. 


He answered, "Kay," 


Kay cut him off, "Where are you? For someone who is supposed to be my right-hand man, you sure love running off somewhere." 


The man looked at Liam, who pulled out a package and started reading it. "Uh, I was hungry and went to eat, but I'm coming back now." 


"Buy me a onesie on your way back," Kay ordered before hanging up. 


The man pocketed his phone, asking, "You didn't sell me out, did you?" 


Liam did not answer him, ignoring him. The man sighed as he started walking out of the office, "See you tomorrow." 


When he opened the door, the secretary walked in, breathing hard as sweat fell down her forehead, underarms, and back. 


She walked to the desk, putting the onesie down, "I got it, sir." 


Liam hummed, "Go clean yourself up." 


The secretary quickly left to fix herself. 


The man, messing with Liam earlier, was already gone while the door laid closed as Liam started to change. 


The onesie he had was a dragon one. He put it on without a problem, sitting back in his seat as he picked up his phone. 


Liam took a selfie as his face showed no expression. Then, he sent it to the group chat. 


Liam: I am a dragon. [pic.jpg] 


Minutes later, the man appeared at one of Kay's bases with a onesie in his hand. He walked in, seeing Kay sitting on a chair in front of a person tied to the other. The person's body had bruises and cut marks all over them. 


It was hard to tell who the person was since their face swelled up from the hits. 


Kay saw the onesie, getting up from the seat as she told one of her goons to take over. She took the onesie from the man's hand. "I can finally join in." 


She left to find a bathroom, changing her clothes as she wore a deer onesie. She poses for the picture, forgetting that there was blood on her face from beating the tied-up man. 


Kay quickly sent the picture to the group chat without checking the photo since she is a bit busy.


Kay: ^_^ [pic.jpg] 


George, Thana, Ender's parents, Tia, and Fe also joined in, taking pictures of themselves wearing a onesie and sending them to the group chat. 


Ender looked at all the pictures he received, showing them to Nevan and the twins (he didn't show Kay's pic to the twins) as he laughed. His smile could not leave his face.


"Your family is so silly," Ender told the twins as he loved all the pics he received. 


I want to make a disclaimer; the rest of the chapters is kind of like a kidsfic. They are like the daily life (?) of Nevan and Ender with the twins as they get to their first birthday, filled with complete fluff (and some smut built-in with Ender and Nevan). If that is not for you, then drop the story if you want. I would have stopped the story once the babies were born, but I wanted to show the twins going up to their first birthday. So enjoy, if you are fine with that, and drop the story if that is too boring for you. (I apologize if I sound rude, I’m working/typing on little sleep.)