Twins: 6 Months
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Emil and Vera’s Day:


The morning arrived as Vera was the first to wake up. She rubbed her eyes before flipping over to her stomach. 


She looked at the other crib, which showed Emil still sleeping. “Ah, ah!” Vera yelled, trying to wake Emil up. But Emil still laid asleep. 


Vera tried again, raising her fist, but silence still met her. She frowned, making noises of displeasure like she was cursing Emil for sleeping. 


Vera decided to move closer towards the end. She struggled as she tried to push her arms and legs to crawl. It took a while, but she managed to make her arms move her up. 


However, she barely moved an inch. 


Huffing, Vera decided to quit. She was hungry and wanted her parents. But, she wanted Emil to be up with her. Plus, her mouth ached as drool started dripping down her chin. 


There was a tooth showing on her bottom gums. 


“Oh, ah! Ah, eh!” Emil! Wake up! Vera screamed once more. 


Emil woke up in a crappy mood as he turned over on his stomach, looking at Vera. He glared at his sister, although his face looked more constipated instead. 


“Eh! Ah, ah.” Shut up! I want sleep. Emil fussed. 


He put his head down, closing his eyes so that he could go back to sleep. 


Vera frowned, grabbing the bars as she used them to put herself in a sitting position. She took one glance at Emil, who went back to sleep and did the next best thing: crying. 


Emil woke up from the loud crying. He was annoyed. 


Ender and Nevan entered the room as Vera stopped crying. She glanced at Emil, feeling satisfied, while Emil sent his sister many curses. 


“Are you two hungry? Let’s get you two some food.” Ender, their papa, told them. 


Nevan picked up Emil while Ender took Vera. Emil accepted his fate, for now, since he was hungry. But next time, he won’t let Vera win.


Nevan and Ender put the twins in their high chairs and made them some baby cereal. They put a bib on them and feed them as Vera tried to hold her spoon by herself but ended up making a small mess. 


Ender cleaned the mess with no problem. “Ah.” Sorry. Vera apologized. 


Ender held the spoon, rubbing her head, “Let’s try this again. And this time, let papa help you.” 


Vera smiled, opening her mouth as Ender started to feed her again. 


On the side of her, Emil dozed off while Nevan fed him. He has done it before, many times. At first, Nevan grew nervous that he might end up choking Emil. But Emil proved he was eating. 


It is just that Emil loves sleeping. 


Nevan looked at Emil with an amused expression, “Emil, you will get a nap after you finish your food.” 


Emil instantly opened his eyes wide when he heard the word ‘nap,’ immediately recognizing it. 


He opened his mouth a bit wider for Nevan, participating better. 


Vera loves playtime, while Emil would rather sit around instead of playing. 


Nevan sat on the edge of the couch, holding Vera’s arms as he had her in a standing position. Vera bounced as she looked around, trying to spot what to play with. 


Ender sat on the same couch, laying on his back as he pushed his knees up with his legs more towards him. He had Emil lying on his chest while he read a book to him. 


Emil likes relaxing and listening to a story more than playing. 


After a few more seconds of letting Vera bounce, Nevan picked her up. He sat Vera on the corner of the couch and started a game of peek-a-boo with her. 


Nevan would cover his eyes, saying, “I disappeared.” 


Vera would stare, not saying anything as she looked at the hands covering her dad’s face. Then Nevan would remove his hands, saying, “I’m back!” 


Vera babbled in excitement each time before she started copying Nevan. Then, when she would do it, Nevan would act like Vera disappeared, saying, “where did she go?” 


And when Vera would put her hands down, Nevan would let out a surprised gasp, saying, “There you are!” 


Vera could not help giggling each time. She loves playing peek-a-boo. 


Ender and Emil would tune them out as they were in their own world. Ender would find a kinder-level picture book and read it to Emil, who would always fall asleep. 


He found a story about two kids going on an adventure into their imaginary world. Ender would point at the pictures, making sure Emil paid attention to them. 


Emil would only make a soft noise in response as his eyes would grow sleepy. They would close each time, only to open again as he wanted to hear the rest of the story. 


As much as Emil loved sleeping, he enjoyed storytime all the same. 


But he could never keep his eyes open for long. Emil fell to sleep. 


Ender looked at him, smiling as he kissed the top of Emil’s head. Have a nice nap, love; Ender would speak those words in his mind to Emil.


And almost like Emil heard him, Emil’s tiny hand would tightly hold onto Ender’s shirt. 

When nighttime enters, Emil, like usual, is ready for sleep while Vera takes a bit longer. 


Ender or Nevan would rock Vera in the rocking chair, trying to get her to fall asleep. And not wanting to be left out, Emil would keep himself up so that someone could also rock him to sleep. 


Out of Nevan and Ender, whoever is free, would rock him as they moved in a small circle. 


The room would be silent, with no one talking, as Ender and Nevan tried to put the babies to sleep. 


Vera would look up at the parent rocking her, taking them all in like how someone would count sheep. Emil would fight hard to keep his eyes open; he wanted to sleep, at night, when Vera did. 


Seconds would pass as Emil felt himself failing when Vera would close her eyes. Emil cheered in his head before quickly closing his eyes to sleep. 


“Good night loves.” Ender and Nevan would tell them as they kissed their heads and laid them in their cribs. 


Good night. The twins would reply in their heads before entering a deep slumber.


6 months, they are half-way to one! (And they do see the doctor off-screen. They are healthy babies.)