Twins: Happy Birthday, Vera and Emil!
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Happy Birthday, Vera and Emil!


Today is the day that Vera and Emil turns one year old. Ender had Vera choose between a dress and a button-up shirt with pants. Vera picked the dress; she liked how blue and pretty it was. 


Emil had on a regular cream shirt with slacks and suspenders. Ender tried to give Emil a button-up shirt, but Emil kept pulling the buttons because he did not like the shirt. 


Then he fixed their hair. Vera had her hair in two buns, while Emil's hair was in a ponytail. He has been letting their hair grow, which has stopped at their shoulders.


Ender wonders if he should let their hair keep growing or cut it. 


After getting them ready, Ender pulled out shoes, putting them on the twins' feet for the first time because he wanted them to show others that they could walk (even if it is just a few steps at the moment). 


Nevan walked into the room with ribbons that had the number one on them in his hand. He went towards the twins, bending down as he pinned the ribbons on them. Nevan made sure the sharp part did not poke them. 


Emil and Vera touched the ribbons on them, liking the texture. 


Ender smiled at them, taking a picture as he thought about how adorable they were. "Are you two ready to go outside?" 


The backyard already had their family and friends there. They had the gifts in the living room, filling up the area, before putting some outside that the twins can open in front of everyone. 


Anyway, everyone was waiting for Emil and Vera to make their entrance. 


"Ya." Emil and Vera simultaneously spoke. 


Nevan picked up Emil while Ender grabbed Vera. "Then, let's go see everyone," Nevan responded. 


They walked to the backyard, stopping by the door. Nevan and Ender put Emil and Vera down. The twins looked at them, not wanting to go outside without them. 


Ender bent down, patting both of their backs, "It is okay, loves, walkout; we will be right behind you." 


Nevan nodded, adding more reassurance for the twins. 


After staring for a second longer, the twins faced the front and walked outside to their family. Ender's mother and father were in front of everyone else. They had cameras out, recording a video of the twins walking out. 


"Aw, so cute, so cute!" The mother cooed as she recorded them. 


Emil and Vera can take more steps than before, but they still couldn’t hold it well enough as they almost fell. Ender and Nevan were behind them, so they caught the twins and picked them up before they fell to the ground. 


"Happy birthday, Emil and Vera!" Everyone yelled. 


The twins waved to everyone, thanking them. Ender and Nevan took the twins around so that they had the chance to talk to everyone there. 


They first went to Ender's parents. "Hey, mom and dad, can you send the pictures and videos you take to me later?" Ender asked once they got near. 


"Sure, son." His father answered before grabbing his grandson and daughter's hand, "You two are getting so big and adorable. I am going to have to fight people off of my grandbabies when they get older." 


"Gaa, ya," Vera responded with a smile, trying to thank her grandfather. 


"So, cute. You two should leave the twins with me more." The mother spoke, taking up-close pictures of Emil and Vera. 


Emil and Vera did not have a problem with it because their grandmother did this all the time. "We will, mother-in-law," Nevan responded. 


After a few more minutes of talking, they went to Kay and Liam. "Ah, here comes the little bosses. Happy birthday, cuties!" 


Liam patted both of their heads, "Happy birthday. The older you two get, the more I can read my projects to you." 


Ender sighed at his older brother and sister. "I love you two, but you two will be the last choice babysitters." 


"I can see that," Kay responded, not minding. 


"I see," Liam spoke, although he did look at Nevan to see if he agrees with Ender. 


Nevan nodded his head. 


Emil grabbed Liam's finger, trying to reassure his uncle. He enjoyed his uncle reading his projects to them, even though he barely understood what his uncle said. 


After a few more minutes, they moved to George and Hana. "Happy birthday Emil and Vera! Do any of you want a piggyback ride?" George excitedly shouted. 


"No!" Hana, Ender, Nevan, and even Emil simultaneously said while Vera yelled, "Ye!" 


Hana patted Vera's head, making sure not to mess up her hair, "No, Vera. Piggyback rides are dangerous for you right now." 


Vera frowned, not liking that she could not have a piggyback ride. But, she did not complain. 


Ender kissed her head, "It is okay, Vera, give it another year, maybe." 


"Ah, let me not forget: happy birthday, Vera and Emil," Hana told the twins. 


Ender and Nevan then walked over to Thana, Yan, Kori, and Nan. 


"Happy birthday." They all greeted Emil and Vera. 


Ender put Emil and Vera down so that they could play with Nan. They all sat down in the middle of them as Nan patted both of them, "You two are getting so big. You will be like NanNan soon and go to school." Nan told them. 


Emil sighed at the word 'school,' not liking it unless there were many books there. And Vera raised her fist at the word, thinking how it sounded like a new adventure. Vera loved adventures. 


Ender chuckled at them, "They seem to have such 'grown-up' conversations." 


Yan nodded, "You should hear them when we have them. They love talking about their problems or reading together." 


"It is cute," Kori commented. 


"Maybe I should get some books for them to read." Thana thought out loud. 


"You should get some books for Emil; he loves them. Vera would most likely want some active stuff or toys to play with." Nevan told her. 


"Now, I want to go out and buy more presents," Thana responded. 


Ender shook his head, "No more presents, please. We already have so much for them." 


Everyone laughed at Ender's dreaded expression when he thought about more presents for the twins. Being in a big, wealthy family that loves to spoil people has its faults at times. 


And finally, they ended at Tia and Fe. Fe had to hold down Tia, who wanted to take the twins from Ender and Nevan. 


"Happy birthday, Emil and Vera," Fe spoke, keeping hold of Tia. She struggled to free herself before giving up after a minute or so. 


Emil and Vera babbled, saying thank you to Fe. 


"Ah! Me too! Happy birthday, my adorable niece and nephew!" Tia screamed, wanting to hold the twins so bad. 


"You can get them later." Ender sighed. He did not want to give them Tia, but she said she would try to be less crazy. 


"Yay!" Tia excitedly shouted, finally calming down. 


After seeing everyone, it was time for the cake to come out. Nevan and Ender moved to the front with Vera and Emil in their arms. 


They stood behind a vast cake with a photo of Vera and Emil on it, as the words in the middle said, Happy first birthday, Vera and Emil!


There was also a big, lit candle on the cake for Emil and Vera to blow. 


Everyone started singing happy birthday, even Ender and Nevan joining in. Ender's parents recorded it all, as Emil and Vera looked like they wanted to join in the singing too.


Once they finished singing, Emil and Vera blew out the candle as everyone cheered. 


Ender and Nevan kissed their now toddlers. 


"Happy birthday, Vera and Emil; we love you and are excited for the years to come with you." Nevan and Ender told them. 


The twins smiled, kissing Ender and Nevan back on their cheeks. "Oo eh, Pa and Da." I love you, papa and daddy. Emil and Vera told them. 

The End!

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